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Jedidiah Sep 2015
I was walking down the sidewalks one day
with a euphoric smile on my face.
I look up
I look down
I look left and right.


And I wondered-
Where are all the people who
reached to the stars
letting their minds loose to
the far ends of the galaxies

Where are all the people who
sang with their hearts
letting their body dance to
the songs of their inner-self

Where are all the people who
sailed the seas of life
conquering storm after storm to
get to the land of hope


Because all I see ---

Are people who
have their heads hung low
with their hands reaching
towards the ground

all I see

are people who have lost
the muchness in their eyes
their eyes open,
but not seeing.

Here they are.

not looking
not reaching
not dancing
not sailing

Not Living!

These people
Walking on the sidewalks
With their pace picking up speed

faster and faster
as if they were running.

I say,
Slow down!

Stop not seeing
Life for what it is!
full of wonders and wanderers!

Stop not looking
For hope, and for joy!
Because if we keep looking
Only then would we discover.

Stop not reaching
For greater heights!
Because there are still more stars
to hold.

Stop not dancing
for if you listen closely
you would hear the sounds of life
making music for what it is.

Stop not sailing
Because across the vast ocean of life
There maybe storms, and tsunamis
but at the end might we find the land of treasures

Stop not Living!
because there is nothing more unfortunate
than to see a man who lives life in death.
Wrote this awhile back for my fellow commuters. There is more to this than I was able to write, but I hope (Whoever is reading this) this poem will give you guys a different kind of perspective.
Jedidiah Sep 2015
I am a sailor lost at sea
Setting sail to the land of the free
I know not well where the winds will take me
But days, months, & years I will conquer
To be the sailor I am to be.

I am a sailor lost at sea
With my bow set straight to the dawn of light
Though my hull is struck by raging thunders
& churning waters
I will not yield!
I will not yield!

Oh, I am a sailor lost at sea!
Young a bloke I am
Much I have to learn from the winds that have taken me
I look up to the mast of my boat
To see the winds ripping through my sails
Oh how glorious it is to sail the waters below like the waters above
Surely I will not yield!

Oh, I am a sailor lost at sea!
I have seen the stars move about the vast ocean skies
With their light gently touching your eyes
Oh! how I am glad to be a sailor lost at sea
With these winds guiding me to be the
Sailor I am to be!

Oh, I am a glad sailor lost at sea!
Glory to you who guides me
For I can not see
Yet have shown me the sailor I am to be!
Jedidiah Jul 2015
My, oh my
Do I find myself facing a faceless giant
swinging his gigantic arms
bringing about his colossal hands together
creating a thunderous clap
His skin thicker than the crusts of the earth
with a voice that booms from the corners of the skies

My, Oh my
Do I find myself stunned with fear
as it puts its foot down
shaking the ground beneath the soles of my feet
How do I slay a giant such as he?

He strikes me through my heart
melting the inners of my mind
shattering the bones beneath my skin
eating away whats left of me.


I've got no sword left in my hand
my armor has crumbled
turned into dust
my spirit barely alive!


A soldier in shame!
A warrior who has lost
all who he is!

My, Oh my
Do I find myself crying in silence
with no tears left to shed
with rage that boils inside
of my chest
thinking that maybe
this is it for me.

My, Oh my
Do these shadows fall
upon me.
Opening up scars that have healed
Sinking me deeper and deeper
down the cracks of the earthly soils
swallowing me
as I try to find myself
beneath the ocean of pain.

My, Oh my
Do I find myself bleeding
hurting, and
screaming in silence

My, Oh my!
this giant gloats about
as he strikes me down
as he strips away every bit of my courage, and strength

Oh, he gloats, and gloats
and gloats


But My, Oh my!
My, Oh my!
Do I still find myself getting back up
every time I'm struck down
beaten up
buried beneath the ground

My, Oh my!
Do I say to you my giant,
"You strike me down a thousand times; I get back up
a thousand and one times!"
Kinda like David and Goliath. kinda. Basically a summary of how I've been feeling haha xD
Jedidiah Apr 2015
Remember the day I first said hi
then you said hello?
And we traveled into the future
both you and I
Riding life together

Remember the day
when you and I
Were side by side
and it felt like the world couldn't stop us?

Remember the day
when you cried in front of me
whether it was a sad day
or a joyful hour?

Remember the day
when I was having a bad day
you said "I'm Here for you."
you were.

Remember those days
when I see you
My day is made
that hasn't changed

Remember those days
when the people

*I remember.
When you feel so abandoned and betrayed. left behind. Insignificant to the significant people in your life.

So much *******. So much lies.
Jedidiah Feb 2015
Cheers to Life

Cheers to the people I met, and to the people who stayed, and to the people who left, and to the people who will leave.

Cheers to those who caused my life heartaches, and cheers to those who stood beside me in those heartaches.

Cheers to those who made me laugh, and to those who made me mad.

Cheers to the difficulties of life that has made me stronger than who I was yesterday.

Cheers to those memories that end in bliss, and cheers to those memories that leave a bitter taste.

But cheers--- Cheers anyway!

Cheers to the girl that is deeply embedded in my heart. (I'll never forget. I seriously never will.)
Cheers to the brother I never had. (You are awesome, and a brother will always be a brother.)
Cheers to the friends who help you keep warm in the cold days, and nights. (Much cheers. Much Cheers to you!)
Cheers to the choices, and mistakes that will be made. (May it cause me to become stronger than who I am today.)

Cheers to life!
Cheers to new adventures!
Cheers to new heartaches!


Cheers to God----
For everything.
I'm not ready to grow up haha xD If time would stop that would be great.

Cheers to those who greeted me today. I love you :))
Jedidiah Jan 2015
How can a man stand still,
  Yet still lose his breath?

Today, she stood in front of me

There I was

Yehp. that's how it felt. xD
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