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GfS Nov 2020
And yet
the carbon
that could've been
instead made
GfS Mar 2018
You're the girl
that eats too much
too little
Yet reminds me all the same
to not do so
like all the food
is forbidden to my mouth
as it is welcomed in yours
and yet all your meals
the smallest and tallest
you un-finish just the same

You're the girl
that sings songs
with different lyrics
like each one from
the same writer
even your favorite song
would have different lyrics
every time
even your favorite singer
would be surprised to hear
different words to their rhymes

You're the girl
whose own forgetfulness
digs her own grave
bringing the fate of the sea
and the future of her children at stake
making you more dangerous
that at times make me shake
as you stare blankly into space

You're the girl
who hides all too much
yet claims to have shown me everything
and with most instances
of the past brought up
is forsaken and replaced
by an unforgiving face

Yes, you are the girl
that my mother warned me about
from my lips to my soul
stolen by your kiss
and with every embrace comes
a commonly unwelcomed warmth;
every emotion brings me closer to insane

you are also the girl
my mother never told me about
the unreasonably kind
and unusually gentle
and with every smile
comes sincerity
despite whatever darkness
hides behind it

You are the girl
who cared more than
I never thought could be
and loved the monster
I never thought
was inside me

You are the girl
who embraced all the warmth
I could give; all that I have
looked at me and smiled
like what I have is more than enough
even though what I have
will never be enough

You are the girl
who forgets all the songs and lyrics you loved
but you remembered me;
thought of me
more than I never could do for myself

You are the girl
who stole my lips and my soul
but you stole my broken heart
that I never thought was still there
and stuck all the pieces with every kiss
with no trace of a shattered piece

You are the girl
that looked beyond
whatever future I had left
and looked a plans A-Z
with every possible alphabet
while I stare at you
thinking of how long
will I still be able to

You're the girl
my mother should've told me about
You're the girl
that should've been all this time
You're the girl
I never though would be but did
You're the girl
You are THE girl
GfS Jan 2018
I had a dream once
where the light
finally took me
and the pain stopped,
eternal bliss and euphoria
stepped up and gunned
me down to never ending joy
as if for once,
the universe cooperated
but you looked at me
with a pained look
in your eyes
more than I have ever seen
and it hurt me
to see you scream in agony
as your tears fell
clattering on my deathbed
wishing I could be there
to wipe your tears of
your lashes

but I lay there helplessly
only to regret
not holding you more
than I should have
before the light took me
GfS Nov 2017
You stare at me
like there is
happiness in pain,
teardrops in laughter
and dancing
under the rain
Like there was once
joy with me
but all that
we’re left with
are just
GfS Aug 2017
I wonder
if the cells in your body
have the slightest idea
that they are part
of something
or even the slightest clue
GfS Aug 2017
Why fear nightmares
when there is
the false beautiful reality
that we call
**a dream
When you wake up from a nightmare,
there is solace cause it is just a nightmare
when you wake up from a dream
there is despair in wishing it was true
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