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piper May 2019
i used to get mad,
and cry,
about the little things in life.

but now,
I sit,
thinking how
i feel,

it's real,
if even a worn out soul like me,
can find peace and unity,
a bright light in this hole,
then you know,
it's real.

song lyrics, but i've can be a poem too.
piper Apr 2019
i know,
that you'll never love me.
dum spiro spero.

follow my instagram @yingyingchan or @yrteop.tsohg...i wrote this on my poetry instagram some time ago, and people liked it. so, here's to me hoping that you'll like it too.
piper Apr 2019
feels like,
I'm about to run out of time.
I'm literally chasing him, begging him,
to stay with me..

like just about almost everybody in my life,
he gets tired of me,
and wants to leave.

and so,
he does.

but little does he know,
him of all people,
I actually need most.

i miss him. everyday. but he's by my side, always.
piper Apr 2019
Waking up,
That sweet, sweet smell of music.
That beautiful sound of the toaster ding,
And the wonderful smell of sunlight,
Peeking through the careless curtain edges.
It's going to be a wonderful day.

That is,
If I get up.

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— The End —