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Flint Holcomb Jun 2019
as the sun goes down
the dark night creeps
and shadows consume all
leaving me helpless

even though i'm alone,
my heart beats still
and i shall fill your void
with the sound of seas

waves crash upon the shore
spraying me with droplets
and the world said
i will be alright
Flint Holcomb Jun 2019
my heart has learn'd
but not my mind
memories flood through,
causing pain and sorrow
that which was once joyous
is now a shadow in my brain
why is it that a thought
can bring me to my knees?
Flint Holcomb May 2019
I sometimes am afraid
To go outside
Because there is a high chance
Of being trampled by elephants

They roam the streets
Seemingly peaceful to the untrained eye
But these elephants can turn on a dime
And crush you underfoot

The only way to be safe around them
Is to wear an elephant mask
And crush the mask-less with them
Filling you with guilt

I sometimes am afraid
To go outside
Because there is a high chance
Of being trampled by elephants
Flint Holcomb Apr 2019
I thought I would be afraid to tell you
I don’t love you anymore.
At least, not in the way I used to.
But it came out easily,
Just like it did
When I told you I loved you
for the first time.
Flint Holcomb Apr 2019
A floral mat
Separates me from
The tile floor
I feel anxious despite the peace

The instructor speaks
My heart stops
Because I know
The chest binder can’t hold
Through another downward-facing dog
you shouldn’t really wear a binder when doing yoga but i would rather not exercise that do it without a binder
Flint Holcomb Apr 2019
The weight on my chest
Excessive flesh
A distinctive sign
Separating me
From the other men in the room
Flint Holcomb Oct 2018
This is a suicide note
From the person you thought I was.
From the girl, from the woman, and
From the person who used bathrooms without a ******.

“If you are reading this
Then I am dead.
It was inevitable.

I would have died either way.
The only variable was
Whether or not
He died too.”

— The End —