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Flint Holcomb Jul 24
the scorching summer sun
makes the day almost unbearable
even the plants agree
the sun needs to *******

I guess its not the sun's fault
it's just doing its thing
but maybe it could tone it down a bit
since our sunscreen was washed away

it could be worse though;
the summer storms could roll through
flooding the countryside in a muddy wave
and leaving us trapped underwater

the floods didn't use to be common,
but now they happen every year
sometimes i jokingly wonder aloud
who forgot to turn off the hose

so I'll just sit in front of my fan
wishing we had ac
and longing for ice cream
that has already melted
Flint Holcomb Jul 24
your tears fall free
and mingle with mine
creating a stream of sorrow,
flooding the world around us

i sink beneath the waters
and our tears fill my lungs
all i can breathe is the sadness
brought forth by my own hand

but grief is not forever
and one day these tears will evaporate,
leaving condensation on my window
and eventually become a cool spring rain
This was for a challenge I did! I was given a line and I had to write a poem around it.

”but rather evaporation, condensation, and then the rain once more.”

-Shinji Moon | The Anatomy Of Being
Flint Holcomb Jul 24
the rain beats against the window;
a nice calming melody plays
i watch the morning sun
refract off the drops of water
and turn into a rainbow

oh, to be like the rain
and receive the sun's flame,
combined we would make
the most beautiful rainbow
and the world would see our love

but instead, i am like the earth
basking in the sun's light;
feeling their warmth
but unable to create something so beautiful
as the rainbow they make with the rain

so i will sit here beside the window,
watching the rain fall with a sigh
and when i have collected myself
i will go back to my cozy bed
and think about my plants
Flint Holcomb Jun 13
as the sun goes down
the dark night creeps
and shadows consume all
leaving me helpless

even though i'm alone,
my heart beats still
and i shall fill your void
with the sound of seas

waves crash upon the shore
spraying me with droplets
and the world said
i will be alright
Flint Holcomb Jun 13
my heart has learn'd
but not my mind
memories flood through,
causing pain and sorrow
that which was once joyous
is now a shadow in my brain
why is it that a thought
can bring me to my knees?
Flint Holcomb May 24
I sometimes am afraid
To go outside
Because there is a high chance
Of being trampled by elephants

They roam the streets
Seemingly peaceful to the untrained eye
But these elephants can turn on a dime
And crush you underfoot

The only way to be safe around them
Is to wear an elephant mask
And crush the mask-less with them
Filling you with guilt

I sometimes am afraid
To go outside
Because there is a high chance
Of being trampled by elephants
Flint Holcomb Apr 27
I thought I would be afraid to tell you
I don’t love you anymore.
At least, not in the way I used to.
But it came out easily,
Just like it did
When I told you I loved you
for the first time.
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