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Omega Sep 2014
As we just finished a part of our lives
And started to sort our plans
Seeing the future glistening in our eyes
Ready to take the first step in broad lands

" I wanna be a doctor " " I wanna be a dentist "
" I wanna be a researcher " " I wanna be a scientist "
But life isn't wrapped within your fist
Sometimes, It decides to arrange some fences for you
If you can't overcome , then forget all dreams that you pursue
You beat one and fail in another
Then you begin to think, "Bad luck " is all you gather
Once you look around; searching for someone to take your hand
All you find; are punches that taste bland !
Offensive words destroy your plans
This is the worst disaster with people standing as fans ...

You feel stunned and all dreams fall apart
" Hey look around and seek a fresh start "
That's worse than having an arrow in the heart !

So keep going in your way
Don't care about what people say
No more places for weakness to stay
There is a long journey after the end of that frustration play ....
This poem describes the state of a student who just finished high school and start to plan for their future careers . However, they have confronted to a lot of impediments that hinder them from achieving their dreams .
  Sep 2014 Omega
Majd Al Deen
Rings, Rings
Echoes in the silent library
Stings, Stings
Shaking with no boundary

"Hello, Hello"
"Can anyone answer me?"
Fellow, Fellow
Could you mute or flee?

Who is it? Who is it?
I am really busy
Studying a bit, Studying a bit
I am feeling dizzy

"Friend, Friend"
"How are you ?"
"Mend,  mend"
"You say...studying a few?!"

"Fend, fend "
"For oneself"
"Send , send"
The pressure away from yourself

"Live, Live"
"Every second with happiness"
"Give, give"
Away every second of sadness

"Life, Life"
"Is really short"
"Thrive, thrive"
And build your fort

"Up, Up"
"And don't give up"

Oh ...

"Sorry, sorry"
"I have to go"
"Don't worry, don't worry"
"I'll call again .. you know!"

Wait, Wait *
Who are you???


The number you are trying to call is unavailable
Please try to call later
Something I wrote after two weeks in college , there is A LOT of pressure on me because I am studying so sorry guys if I am not posting a lot :\.... Love you all and don't forget to SMILE :D
Omega Sep 2014
From unkown we reached here
To unkown we will go
Living just to watch and hear
Till it's become like a kind of law !

Successful in narrating our history to our children
What history could do if we kept our heads buried in the sand ?!
Registering events " where and when "
" with you we'll thrive " , how to be a climber without hands ?!

" For the future , work today "
But it's like telling a blinder :
" walk alone along the way ! "

Years passed and days come
Yet, we underestimate the significance of time
We weren't born to live as dumps
But to work our minds to reach the prime !
Omega Aug 2014
This poem is written by Majd Al Deen and I ...
I wish you consider it as well as enjoy it


Every time I look around
And ponder the things we obtain
listening to the winds sound
coming from beyond the terrain

Filling my soul from inside
Brushing all the stress and pain
Opening my eyes on a side
That we are all a brain

Not only does an ***** feed on blood supplies
But It's how you stay sane
It's where your personality lies
It's where the great thoughts ingrain

We search for miracles
And we have one; our heads maintain
Nerve cells with the shape of verticals
Are that only what brains contain ?

Our souls lie within
We try not to let them drain
Our dreams, our memories are all in
They are like an unlimited chain

We love, we live, we write our story with a pen
On a marvelous paper called a brain
Our blood is our ink
And it keeps circultaing all over again

You receive,  it responds
That is why we feel pain
But emotions are like ponds
Happiness, passion and the excitement we gain

In the most difficult predicaments
You tend to use your brain
With it you overcome impediments
Which makes your way plain !

10% is all what we use
But don't you ever complain
It's a gift that we shouldn't abuse
However, a gem you must retain
This poem is written by Majd Al Deen and I ...
I wish you consider it as well as enjoy it
Omega Aug 2014
Moving in the life
Is like jumping on edges of knives
enduring the pain to survive
Thinking of hope as a way to thrive
Parents daily strive
Just to keep their children alive
In the ground they dig, in the sea they dive
Ready to offer their children their entire life
Just to see them rise
Regardless the effort, regardless the price
Their efforts can't be rewarded by any prize
They deserve more than a palace in the paradise

Think about things they sacrifice
You'll find them angels in faces you recognize
They see in you , an ambition that glorifies
And with your success , their success emphasize
They care about you more than what you realize

You've gotta be thankful, you've gotta be grateful
With their presence ,
you've gotta be boastful

☆☆♡ My parents ♡☆☆
I know that your efforts are indescribable
And my feelings to you are ineffable

Thank God for having both of you "Mom & Dad"
  Aug 2014 Omega
Majd Al Deen
((This poem is written by Omega and me))

He glanced high and high
At the moon up in the sky
Where only real friends say Hi
Where children never needed to cry
Where dreams only needed a try
Where all hopes lie

With wings they could fly
With hopes they jump up high
With strength they apply
With beauty of a butterfly
With peace everywhere they occupy

Each time they get closer, things amplify
Tangled problems start to simplify
Justice is applied, so no need to justify
Hearts are pure, no need to clarify
All things are perfect,  no need to qualify

People there never live as mystery
And never die as history
They live with a flourishing industry
Where the life has no boundary
That's the world of legendary

Money there has no quantity
People there have one identity
Their flag is humanity
Their emblem is " No to poverty "
Their perception is full of sanity
Their lives are full of charity
Their purpose is creativity
Their hearts are full of sensitivity
They've never beleived in impossibility

With their dreams magnify
They got high and high
But when it is time to say "goodbye"
They continued to fly and fly
Please note that this poem was written by two .. Omega and me... please check him out and his other awsome poems
Omega Aug 2014
It's a simple poem represented in a conversation between a stranger and an ordinary man .
The stranger went to the man's house ...

Ting, tong, ting, tong
Man : who's there ?
Str : sorry for interruption
One of the people is here !
Man : what do u need, sir ?
Str : I'm carrying you a message
an experience from the life I want to share
      --Tik, Tok
Man : here u are ..
Str : thanks
Man : so, tell me more ..
Str : oh! That planet out there ..
Looks beautiful from here !
Man : yes, it's marvellous
Based on what I hear
Filling of cozy atmosphere
Full of happiness and relaxation
Besides, it's a place where there is no fear
Str : hahahahaha , u made me laugh
What else did u hear ?
Man : Um.. I heard it's a place
where dreams can be real
And the people there, have machines
That drive them anywhere
Only what they have to do is
To say : drive me there !
Str : fine but ..
I was waiting a question like " where " ?
Where did I come from before getting to here ?
Man : Whoa whoa whoa , who r u ?
Str : just calm down !
I'm one of the people who lived in that planet, sir !
Your speech was rather meaningful !
But that planet there isn't that wonderful !
If u want to go there,
Don't spend a lot of time to think
All u need is just to abandon couple of things !
First , ur heart and humanity
And just about any thing makes u feel
To end up exactly like a beast
Vanging all the meal
Then, seek for things that appeal
Villas, cars , wives and fame !
--- giggling for few seconds ---
-----Remembering that shame ----
Do u know what thing I blame ?
Letting my conscience to be killed
to be like an animal needs to be tamed !
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