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my house spews upwards
in a flat anti-neighbourhood of
the screen blinks, blank;
but the active round will follow
we are, each, a house
grown up/ward,
alone and easily swayed
(alone, uneasily swaying,
tech support
              cannot prevent our fall.)
16h · 23
If forgetting encroaches,
Build a pallisade of memory,
Gathering within
all worth remembering.
This, He said, is my instruction:
Understand it as allegory
at the risk of your self-destruction.
1d · 32
my face is hollow
grated like jail, rusted and
overgrown with vines
blooming bloodflowers which burst
dripping endlessly inward
1d · 232
dont move, she said. he—
felt the cold loaded gun. they
d been betrayed:
2d · 48
follow her follow
her doubled in greenlit
rooms,   golden bridges
possess her    /    she is possessed
of death: falling—.  in love again.
2d · 70
blood dries, bones break; sweat
and tears like rainwater flow
into the sewer
2d · 54
woodcutter's sunlight
absent like truth at the gate
at raintime; strangers'
memories, flowing as mud
a samurai was killed, but—
3d · 64
Citizen Kane
Snow. Globe / Newspaper
:: tycoon revealed as nothing
but a boy, taken
from mother / Nature simple
as a sled burning: "Rosebud."
3d · 90
buy love buy happy
nest balanced on a cliff's edge
what's bought is sold too
4d · 288
Boiling Point
coffee cup broken
pieces strewn across the floor
sharp words were spoken
now we are silent;       no more
(s)weeping;    sad ceramic gore
4d · 63
i forgot my phone
i feel lost: because i lost
my identity
4d · 304
i am daylight burned
into your skin / buried deep
                   seeping out as sin
5d · 191
leaves accumulate
on the wet windshield / wipers
off: my car idles
by the local corner store
we had candy / you wanted
7d · 113
Urban Morning
city din under
-standing passengers passing
below the l train
Sep 7 · 251
Early Autumn
Norman Crane Sep 7
summer lingers on
september on and on and
gone /   chill of october dawn:
pink frost, dew, warm bed, me, you
          —till the alarm clock turns on.
Sep 7 · 140
Norman Crane Sep 7
birds coagulate;
thin, becoming avian mist:
                  dissipating wind
Aug 27 · 67
Norman Crane Aug 27
the lure of success
glitters under the spotlight,
you step—
                    trap door:
Aug 26 · 424
Norman Crane Aug 26
slow, wasteful minutes:
begone!—but why? they shape us
void time trims the self
Aug 25 · 89
Norman Crane Aug 25
lightning swings its axe
into the sky as thunder
rolls the sun away
Aug 25 · 85
Norman Crane Aug 25
the wind beats the stalks
bent, they do not break; they rise
grass lives; the wind dies
Aug 25 · 95
Norman Crane Aug 25
sorry, say the strong
to the weak ones they despise
empathy is lies
Aug 24 · 350
Norman Crane Aug 24
grass wet with cold dew
the dawn light bathes me anew
asleep beside you
Aug 24 · 255
Norman Crane Aug 24
the night cracks the sun
like an egg into a pan
over the ocean
Aug 23 · 305
Norman Crane Aug 23
we are lapses in
judgement, human and divine
accidents alive
Aug 22 · 111
Norman Crane Aug 22
steaming, pleasure drips
milked from the bloated udders
of faceless others
Aug 21 · 113
Norman Crane Aug 21
let the gravestone say:
he was buried like was born,
crying and alive.
Aug 21 · 403
Norman Crane Aug 21
the best has come and
gone—burned, never to return:
ashes in an urn.
Aug 20 · 618
The Fight
Norman Crane Aug 20
on the ropes: pummelled;
somehow, he stays on his feet:
the bell ends the round!
Aug 19 · 238
Cold Shoulders
Norman Crane Aug 19
like water to ice
passion freezes into nice
words / hard hearts / love cracks.
Aug 18 · 160
Norman Crane Aug 18
accepting nothing
think without disconcerting
the unity of—
Aug 18 · 202
Norman Crane Aug 18
but does He please you?
asked the snake. nightfall in the
garden of eden
Aug 17 · 196
Norman Crane Aug 17
we are astronauts,
among the stars seeking solace
in an infinite unknown.
we are suns.
we are daughters
of carbon—gravity-bound
to disposable celestial bodies
revolving against a cosmic background
we are space stations.
we are planets,
populated sparsely.
if to each other we matter,
we matter only darkly.
Aug 17 · 266
He and she
Norman Crane Aug 17
when already in his mind
he'd dusted himself off like a rooster
run down the hotel stairs
gotten on the train
to quickly
escape from her
to where the black pepper grows

she, snuggling up to
him with both eyes firmly closed
had already built with them
a house
smelling of dinner
and fresh children
to which he'd just come running
up the stairs

(in reality
he and she had slept
together for the first time
and lying
keep silent about this precisely
in two foreign
mutually unknown
My translation of Polish poet Józef Baran's "On i ona"
Aug 17 · 255
Urban Dawn
Norman Crane Aug 17
sweet birdsong consumes
the bitterness of cities
a summer morning
Aug 16 · 163
Norman Crane Aug 16
I told her: I know of such a place,
where the cats all come to die.
I asked her: do you want to see it?
She answered: no.
I told her: it's clean and it's important.
I told her: it's bright and it's first.
I asked her: do you want to see it?
She answered: no.
She said it in such a way
that I had to turn away from her.
Ever since then
I am slowly
approaching the exit.
My translation of Polish poet Marcin Świetlicki's "Swierszcze" ("Crickets")
Aug 16 · 299
Norman Crane Aug 16
birds switch direction
against the sky, the flock turns
black ink on grey clouds
Aug 16 · 195
Norman Crane Aug 16
chisel into rock
from no-form form: extracting
the sculpture within
Aug 15 · 112
Norman Crane Aug 15
crazy moth crashes
against the bright hot light bulb
until it's ashes
Aug 14 · 275
Norman Crane Aug 14
dozers clear the past
from a present, tense—into a
future imperfect
Aug 13 · 270
Norman Crane Aug 13
dumb wind blows away
all the words smart people say
progress is decay
Aug 12 · 133
Norman Crane Aug 12
cruel arithmetic
(the world) less (the world less you)
equals zero
Aug 12 · 237
Norman Crane Aug 12
I've mud on my face,
Dripping from my eyes,
The tears of the Earth,
Shed as the Earth dies.
I've fire on my cheeks,
Burning off my skin,
I've become the flames,
Of the Hell we're in.
Aug 11 · 49
Norman Crane Aug 11
Lithuania! My homeland! You are like vigour.
How invaluable you are, only he can figure,
Who has lost you. Today your beauty wholly I view
And seeing, describe it, because I long after you.

Holy ******, who guards Luminous Czestochowa
And shines in the Gate of Dawn! You, who watches over
Strongheld Novogrudok and its faithful populace!
As once you healed me, a child, so miraculous
(When into your care from my despondent mother bid
I lifted my already departed eyelid,
And soon could make my way on foot to your temple's door,
Having gone to offer thanks to God for a life restored),
So too you shall restore us to our homeland's womb.
Meanwhile, may you convey my soul from its longing's gloom
To those aforrested hills, those evergreen meadows,
Stretched wide across the space where the azure Neman flows;
To those vast fields, painted in varicoloured grain-dye,
A landscape gilded with wheat, silver-plated with rye,
Where the runch is amber, and the buckwheat white as snow,
Where like a maiden's blush the red clover overgrows,
And all's interwoven, as if by a ribbon, green
balk, within which a wild pear tree can sometimes be seen.
Here's my attempt at translating the Invocation from Adam Mickiewicz's Pan Tadeusz from Polish into English.
Aug 11 · 114
Sympathy IV
Norman Crane Aug 11
in exchange, you—
deal, he cried, shaking my hand
hope you guess my name
Aug 10 · 408
Norman Crane Aug 10
scientism, n.
belief that god is special
Aug 8 · 197
Norman Crane Aug 8
ants protest the rain
in vain / water flows / terrain
specked with ant remains
Aug 7 · 299
Norman Crane Aug 7
why do you have wings
if not to fly? /  for me to
pin you down by—
Aug 6 · 877
Norman Crane Aug 6
at this rate we die
beheaded by the second hand
nervous tick of hours
Aug 5 · 203
Norman Crane Aug 5
the sun belongs too
the night travels swift-like like
the heart beats:
Aug 4 · 1.3k
Warm Rain
Norman Crane Aug 4
wet lines slice the dry summer
storm rages; sun rests
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