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cosima Dec 2017
I used to think I can never love someone as much as I had fell in love with music.

I can never explain well enough how music captivates every part of me, how it perfectly hugs and caresses the aching parts of my body, both physically and emotionally. How my heart skips a beat every time I put on my favorite song. How I feel alive with every beat of the drum. How my soul resonates with every strum of the guitar.

Ever since I can remember, It was one of my dream to watch my favorite band's concerts, to be able to personally see them, even if it's many feet away, and to be able to hear them perform their music live. For me it brings me a sense of being alive, that feeling of being able to appreciate where you are, what you have, and that you are simply alive.

I thought it wouldn't be possible, for me to appreciate anyone else as much as I appreciate a song, a melody. Until you showed up. I wasn't even looking, I have learned to be happy by myself and even promised to be someone who wouldn't require anyone to be in my life.

You proved me wrong.

Now, you are the song I wouldn't mind playing in repeat for a lifetime.

This is dedicated to you, my love.
cosima Oct 2015
I guess you'll never know that I
stole glances at you
while you were sleeping next to me

How I thought you looked nice
when you were viewed from the side,
only half of your face seen
and wondered what you looked like
if you were facing me

you'll never know that I thought
you had a nice forehead
that went well with your man bun

and how that small silver earring you have
on your right ear sealed it off

I wanted to talk to you but I don't know whether
I should say sorry
for falling asleep on your shoulders

or thank you
for sharing with me your warmth
in that cold bus

a poem I made based on a scenario in a bus ride going home.
  Sep 2015 cosima
raine cooper
fall in love with a boy
who makes the world spin a little slower,
but still holds onto your hands
as if life were his final dance
  Sep 2015 cosima
raine cooper
maybe yours would be hands that stay
or your eyes, stars that won't burn out
maybe your waves would keep reaching,
instead of relentlessly leaving the shore
but i have said goodbye to parts of myself
and i know they'll never come back
the parts that love
the pieces that trust
they lay here shattered and broken
and i can't let anything close
because i am made entirely of ruins
and i destroy all that i touch
cosima Sep 2015
how can i possibly
miss you
if we haven't
even met?

for the person I long for.
cosima Sep 2015
I do not fear looking down from
the 14th floor of a building,
nor riding a roller coaster.

I am not afraid of venturing into
the darkness,
nor facing a fierce animal.

Even the thought of death;
meeting the end of life;
do not scare me.

I have been trying to find out
what I am afraid of,
what my greatest fear is,
when I met you.

Then at that moment, I knew.
My greatest fear is

I wrote this for my boyfriend.
cosima Sep 2015
Sometimes she gets scared of how happy he is being alone. How he enjoys the times when he would just prefer to be with himself rather than be with people.

"Know what? You value the time you have for your self so much that you tend to shut people out sometimes."

"It's not that I shut people out, it's just that I think its better to not need other people in your life. You may want them earnestly, but never need them so you won't get disappointed. You won't get left behind."


"Does it count as selfishness?" He wonders.

"In a way, I think. It's like you're too scared to let someone into your life or feel the intensity of their presence embedding into your own. And, not everyone's going to leave you behind."

It scares her to think that he might not be capable of truly loving someone.

He leans closer.

"I guess I prefer wanting than needing. I'd rather someone choose me to be part of their life because they want me to be there. And it'll be the same for me. I'd be part of their life because I want to be, not because I am obligated to pacify their or my need until we eventually choke each other with our exiguousness. I know, it's pretty hard to explain, considering the line between the two is relatively thin, but I just don't really want them to be troubled by someone like me."

She looks at him, and their eyes meet.

"But I do. I wouldn't mind if the trouble was you."

two conflicting ideas that usually fight inside my mind.
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