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katerina petrova Jul 2015
The sound of my inamorato
Loneliness cries screaming deep in your soul
The feeling may still strong
This hurting shall not last long
It will ultimately pass
No more sobs no more cries
Dandelion will make you wise
Every split second heals
Bringing you to the genuine peace
  May 2015 katerina petrova
Nicole Dawn
Before I met you,
My world was black and white.

When we met,
You showed me the in between,
The gray of life.

When we became friends,
You showed me that there is even more.
There are oranges, red, and greens.

Peace, happiness, and life

When I left,
You taught me more,
Although you were gone.

You taught me of
Blues, yellows, and purples.
Darker, colder colors

Sadness, bitterness, and anxiety

You taught me so much
About the colors of this world
katerina petrova May 2015
People change and leave
In the most terrible way
Believe me
They will come back
In the most innocent way
#human #useless #sad #life
katerina petrova May 2015
There was a flower in your garden,
She was so beautiful and delicate,
Moving graciously in the wind,
But you walked forcibly over her,
Because she was not appealing enough,
For you,
She is a wilted flower.
#depress #love #flower #hearbreak #frustration #crush #breakup #insecurity
katerina petrova Apr 2015
You fly
You blind
You poison
You ****
You are just dust in the wind
katerina petrova Apr 2015
How her ***** past could ruin her future
She cried cuz it gave so much pain to her
She tried to remain it hidden for ever
So that no one would see her differently
And she could smoothly return to normalcy
She was just a scary little bird
Everytime she tried to fly she got hurt
She told herself she could do it
But her past kept haunting in perpetuity
katerina petrova Apr 2015
She is an everlasting nightmare
How come people are getting so dumber?
So done being tested to the very limit
Those lumpish morons are bluffed with her plaster saint tone she made it
She is never the sweetest enchanting fairy gold angel like you think
The whole majesty is befouled and full of myth
She should be killed or i will spit

— The End —