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Nov 2020 · 728
Poor Little Heart
Marietta Ginete Nov 2020
A heart so full had emptied out.
It gave everything it could for you.
You wouldn't meet at the halfway route.
Honestly, it was all you had to do.
you aren't even trying.
Nov 2020 · 650
The Relationship
Marietta Ginete Nov 2020
This everlasting torture.
The continuous push and pull.
It's such a beautiful horror,
with butterflies, a handful.
you make me so happy but at the same time, you infuriate and disappoint me.
with all the wondrous butterflies, what else is there?
but hey, it has been a while.
Jun 2020 · 405
Phase One: Love
Marietta Ginete Jun 2020
He finally said he loved me.
I write this out with a smile on my face.
I feel as if I'd explode with glee,
he makes me feel like I'm in outer space.

I float as if I'm top of cloud nine,
I don't care what's to come.
All I know is that he is finally mine,
and he's as sweet as bubble gum.
Love, Hurt, Repeat. The forever lasting process.
Mar 2020 · 273
My Hobbies
Marietta Ginete Mar 2020
Lately, I’ve found myself singing.
The songs coincidentally correlate to you.
Lately, I’ve found myself writing.
All the things I could not state to you.
i’ve been reviving my old hobbies
Mar 2020 · 407
The Game
Marietta Ginete Mar 2020
Chess? Monopoly? Uno?
What kind of game am I to you?
The instructions, you do not know.
Yet you enjoy doing what you do.
how are you all dealing with quarantine? i’m still here getting played.
Mar 2020 · 280
3 am
Marietta Ginete Mar 2020
It’s at 3 am
when I imagine you.
Your hands, the way you move them
around my body, roaming through.
Your voice makes me go weak,
my legs trembling at each word.
I have been like this for a week.
The way you’ve got me is absurd.
i literally have no comment for this
Mar 2020 · 396
w o r d p l a y
Marietta Ginete Mar 2020
Words are fun,
like playing in the sun.
They run and burn out,
as if there was never a doubt.
the way we relentlessly let our words go.
Jan 2020 · 450
Spilled Coffee
Marietta Ginete Jan 2020
The mesmerizing aroma
is like the bubbles in soda.
The feeling of satisfaction,
giving into the attraction.
Was willing to give it a chance,
but It tipped over at first glance.
January feels like it's been forever. But someone made it worthwhile.
Jan 2020 · 316
Marietta Ginete Jan 2020
Like lemonade, my insides are melting.
Sweet and sour, love made on demand.
Wasn’t long ‘til I started sweating.
You had me in the palm of your hand.
I’ve possibly spilled, I’m sorry for the mess.
Dec 2019 · 443
Marietta Ginete Dec 2019
My, once, steady heartbeat
had forgotten how to calm down.
‘Cause a feeling this sweet
makes me feel like I’d drown.
again, the familiar feeling returns.
Dec 2019 · 389
Marietta Ginete Dec 2019
My mind’s a canvas, it is blank.
With words, my heart sank.
My mind is full of thoughts.
My desk is full of shots.

I made a poem book for you.
But the words won’t come through.
So alas, it is still a blank.
Empty like the shots I just drank.
heartbreak szn coming thru
Dec 2019 · 131
Marietta Ginete Dec 2019
We breathe for no apparent reason.
We’re scared to live but we do so.
Try to get by whatever season,
Do everything until you know.
I wrote this on an instinct, I don’t feel so inspired.
Dec 2019 · 617
The Intensity of the Air
Marietta Ginete Dec 2019
It’s like hands around my throat,
or plastic around my head.
It’s suffocating with the words I wrote,
and the ones I had never said.
the tension in the air is unbearable.
Marietta Ginete Oct 2019
The stupefying rhythm,
and soothing cool melody.
It always makes me go numb
and you're the best remedy.
As long as you're there.
Sep 2019 · 897
No Stopovers.
Marietta Ginete Sep 2019
The concept of being deceivingly perfect.
For you were the someone who I wanted to stay.
I‘d constantly remind myself not to expect
cause you were a race car in a speeding highway.

I thought that I’d actually be getting somewhere.
We were going in full speed but never stopping.
With the familiar cool breeze running through my hair,
You were just speeding past while I was still walking.
It's been a while since I've last seen you. Can't wait to see you again next week.
Marietta Ginete Aug 2019
To the girl he is in love with,
Don't let your story be a myth.
He deserves a love beyond it,
for he is a man full of wit.
please don’t waste the guy I never had a chance with.
Jul 2019 · 335
Just A Friend.
Marietta Ginete Jul 2019
I will eventually learn
how the tables tend to turn.
And I will have to comprehend
that you should just be a friend.
A friend that gives me butterflies
just by looking into my eyes.
A friend I have once fallen for,
never expected something more.
Someday I will comprehend,
That you should only be a friend.
why am I so attached to you?
Jul 2019 · 440
Marietta Ginete Jul 2019
I would wait for you.
Even if the universe put oceans between us,
and we're separated by miles of the color blue,
whether it be because of the water or the sky,
a color that I once loved and knew,
a color that yet still brings pain and comfort,
the pain of what we once suffered,
but it will all be better soon
I will continue waiting for you.
I made this a while back, i finally felt like sharing it.
May 2019 · 330
n a m e
Marietta Ginete May 2019
Your name became my favorite sound.
It would always make my heart pound,
and even make my head spin around.
You’re different from the rest I’ve found.
how did you get me feeling this way?
Apr 2019 · 495
He Was Different
Marietta Ginete Apr 2019
His hands were so soft,
I never thought I’d be able to hold them.
His eyes were so sweet,
they were captivating like a bright gem.
His smile was so tired,
it was one of the fakest smiles ever.
He’s so out of reach,
but my time with him felt like forever.
He made me feel something I never felt before
Feb 2019 · 243
Let Me Hold Your Hand
Marietta Ginete Feb 2019
You have no idea how much I just want to hold your hand.
And it scares me that I might end up doing something unplanned.
Every second that passes it makes it harder to withstand.
Specially when you make me feel like I'm in some wonderland.
could your hand be my ticket to paradise?
Jan 2019 · 446
v o i c e
Marietta Ginete Jan 2019
Your voice is as calming as the ocean,
though it comes in waves.
There's so much emotion,
much more than it explains.
your voice feels like home
Jan 2019 · 1.2k
Writer's Block
Marietta Ginete Jan 2019
What is this feeling?
The feeling of being empty,
The feeling of lacking emotion,
The feeling of not being able to write.

It's weird not being able to express myself.
The emotions I once felt have left by itself.
The words in my head are stuck there
but at the same time they're nowhere.

I want to write about how I feel for you.
but what is there to write when I feel nothing anymore?
There's nothing else for me to do.
What else is there to write for?
I'm itching to write, I've really missed it.
Jan 2019 · 218
Marietta Ginete Jan 2019
In a crowd full of strangers, you're still the first I see.
With so much on my mind, you're still the first thought.
Somehow you always end up as first to me.
You are my most favorite soft spot.

I wouldn't consider you my first love,
but I can consider you as the best one.
I haven't been on here for a while, this is an old draft of mine.
Aug 2017 · 11.1k
Marietta Ginete Aug 2017
I dream of dancing with you.
Although, I'm not exactly good at it.
I dream about just us two,
Dancing and moving together, sounds fun, I'll admit.

I would love to dance,
as long as it's with you.
I'd give dancing a chance,
if you taught me how to.

I'm sorry if I step on your feet.
I'm not the best dancer.
I'll try to move with the beat,
I'll distract you from her.
Dancing never really was my thing.
Aug 2017 · 908
Never Ending Story
Marietta Ginete Aug 2017
You and I are forever a fantasy.
A fiction story that can never be.
A never ending story of you and me,
consisting of everything I want to see.

In my story, we were foolishly in love.
My heart was yours, and yours was mine.
Something that I've always dreamed of,
like to have our fingers intertwine.

In the end,
it will still be just a fantasy.
A never ending story of you and me
with endless possibilities that can never be.
a stupid story of mine.
Aug 2017 · 901
Because of Him
Marietta Ginete Aug 2017
Because of him I think of words that play with my heart.
He makes my fingers dance on a keyboard and it creates beautiful words that wish to be shared.
He is the reason why my hands want to create works of art.
He is why my heart feels so scared and unprepared.
I guess you could say that he was my inspiration.
Jul 2017 · 405
Marietta Ginete Jul 2017
Like the wind, she was cold.
All because she couldn't find a hand warm enough to hold.
She was convinced that the world hates her,
She believed that the world was so much colder.
She said she feels tired.
She said she's so done with the world and all it's liars.
She repeats everything she has said and done,
Without a word, nothing heard, she's gone.
she was scared.
Jun 2017 · 671
Marietta Ginete Jun 2017
With the sun, you shine.
With the moon, you glow.
You're the treasure I find
Yet you'll never know.
what you mean to me.
May 2017 · 1.6k
Marietta Ginete May 2017
Those who have lost their battles,
They'll be fine from now on.
They're up high in their castles,
For their life down here is gone.

Just keep flying up, Angels.
You'll be right where you belong.
Thank you for everything, Angels.
The trip won't be that long.
we've lost so many angels the past few months and I'm so sorry if one of your angels were one of them.
May 2017 · 344
Marietta Ginete May 2017
what caused my change?
my heartbreak.
It may sound quite strange
but it was the ache.

I used to wonder
If I would be able to love again.
It left me to ponder
If I would forever feel this pain.

In fact, I didn't.
I wanted to prove I was better.
If only you hadn't
made my heart shatter.

after a while, I finally stopped
I stopped groaning and crying.
but then again, my heart dropped
because I felt like dying.

this pain you gave me
will forever have its mark,
a mark you won't see
for it is trapped in the dark.
it's the pain that changes us all.
Apr 2017 · 1.3k
Marietta Ginete Apr 2017
She gave more than she should.
She gave all that she could,
But to him it was nothing,
When she gave her everything.
she gave everything she could give.
Apr 2017 · 213
Marietta Ginete Apr 2017
His eyes told a story
His mouth never could.
He said he was after the glory,
But there was a secret under that hood.
everybody has their own secrets.
Apr 2017 · 284
Marietta Ginete Apr 2017
I fell in love with your smile.
I fell in love with who you are.
I fell in love for a while.
'Til you fell into *another's arms.
yet i won't lie that it hurt so **** bad.
Apr 2017 · 547
Marietta Ginete Apr 2017
You were every word
I ever wrote,
Each line I ever heard,
but also that lump in my throat.

You were every road
I ever trailed,
The reason for the smile I always showed,
yet the test I would consistently fail.

You were every song
I ever listened to,
All day and night long,
It would always be you.
why is it always you?
Apr 2017 · 417
The Internet
Marietta Ginete Apr 2017
What a strange place this is.
Isn't it such a strange place?
To not know ones face,
but follow what one says.

You meet people,
without actually meeting them,
It makes you quite gleeful,
without knowing the outcome.

This place is pretty dangerous
for it's starting to take over
Apr 2017 · 337
Marietta Ginete Apr 2017
I consider them as my everything
but they don't know that.
They are the reason why I sing
wherever I'm at.

They have inspired me
to do better.
They are my reality
and my gold treasure.

They introduced me to this,
a world completely unfamiliar
but it was pretty bliss
to be somewhere quite peculiar.

We'll be heading our own ways soon
I'm not so prepared.
Without them I'm a song without a tune,
a machine that can't be repaired.

Yet I thank you,
for everything.
I did what I wanted to.
You are my favorite thing.
"they" are my friends.
- *kyle, mika, maya, kisha* -
Apr 2017 · 326
Marietta Ginete Apr 2017
People would ask me
" what made you who you are. "
I'd say my family and things that filled me with glee,
especially the people who I talked to almost every hour.

My Friends.
They helped me change for the better.
Those who will stay for the end
will be considered greater.

They helped me when most needed
and encouraged me so much
They cheered when I suceeded
and always stayed in touch.
Apr 2017 · 1.9k
Marietta Ginete Apr 2017
Why did you hurt me?
" I'm sorry I hurt you,
I won't do it again, I guarantee.
Believe me, what I say is true. "

Why did you lie to me?
" I'm sorry that I did,
this isn't how I wanted it to be.
I'm sorry for the secrets I hid. "

Why did you do it?
" I'm sorry, I didn't mean to.
Yet, I won't give up on you, I won't quit.
You know I'd never want to hurt you. "

Why do you keep lying?
" That was just one time
and I'm sorry that I lied. "
When has loving ever been a crime?

Why? tell me why?
I don't know why I still even try
to love you when you lie
I guess we'll never know why.
Apr 2017 · 631
Do I Miss You?
Marietta Ginete Apr 2017
I think about how
you used to hold my hand.
I think about it every here and now,
how things didn't go as planned.
Do I miss you?

I still have our picture in my wallet
and your shirt in my closet
I panicked when I lost it
like how I lost you bit by bit.
**Do I miss you?
i'm not sure if i miss you.
Apr 2017 · 275
Like It Used To
Marietta Ginete Apr 2017
That photo of us,
it doesn't make me smile
like it used to.

That video of us,
it doesn't make me laugh
like it used to.

we, ourselves,
we don't talk anymore

**like we used to.
we're not who we used to be anymore.
Apr 2017 · 214
Sobs and Laughter
Marietta Ginete Apr 2017
I don't know how
but some people seem to confuse these two
Apr 2017 · 241
A Reminder
Marietta Ginete Apr 2017
I want you to know
That I'll always love you.
I'll watch you grow
as you do the things you've wanted to.

Just because our thing has come to an end
it doesn't mean we've stopped caring
although we have our broken hearts to mend
to love again is something we'll be fearing.
just wanted you to know.
Apr 2017 · 542
Unrequited Love
Marietta Ginete Apr 2017
I loved him.
I tried to give him all I could but failed.
I tried to be the *light
in his world so dim
and I wanted to be the air he inhaled.

This love was one-sided.
Was I not good enough?
Was that why it was so unrequited?
Was that why you were acting so tough?

Didn't you love me?
Atleast at one point?
Why couldn't you see
that hopes tend to disappoint?

You didn't love me as much I loved you.
I tried to force my brain to believe that you did,
and I did believe that you loved me, too.
but that's just one of the many lies that you hid.
you never loved me the way I should have loved myself.
Apr 2017 · 291
To Leave or To Be Left
Marietta Ginete Apr 2017
have you ever had to decide
between leaving or getting left?
Well, I have tried
to choose which was the best.

I wanted to be left
but they wouldn't let me.
i wanted to be there for his whole quest
but they couldn't agree.

I had to leave.
I didn't want to but they made me.
You wore your heart on your sleeve
just so that I could leave guilt-free.

So tell me, did I make the right choice?
did i not use my voice?
Would you rather leave or be left,
and leave every word unexpressed?
I never meant to leave
Apr 2017 · 799
The Pessimistic Emotions
Marietta Ginete Apr 2017
Sadness, we all feel it once in a little while.
Betrayal, everybody does it in their own style.
Hurt, you can't help getting hurt in this world of ours.
Broken, you get even more broken by the hours.

Cravings, we all crave for a little something.
Insecure, sometimes we get insecure over everything.
Emptyness, when you feel nothing.
Worthlessness, when you don't feel like anything.

Alone, when you feel you have no one
Emotions are what make you feel so done.
what do you do when you don't feel anything?
Apr 2017 · 1.4k
The Hurt Begun
Marietta Ginete Apr 2017
I remember the times I was wasted on alcohol,
and you chose to help me stand up.
I remember we'd always drink tea in the fall,
and you'd make it in my favorite cup.

But then, one morning it was all gone.
You said you were feeling so done,
and you decided to leave by dawn.
That was when the hurt begun

I blamed myself constantly,
saying I never gave you enough.
I should've loved you cautiously.
I shouldn't have acted so *tough.
I should have given you my absolute all.
Apr 2017 · 565
No Regrets
Marietta Ginete Apr 2017
If you've ever fallen in love,
don't ever regret it.
It's nothing to be ashamed of.
It's okay that you were open hearted.
He made you happy,
even if it was for a slight moment.
we've all been there.
Apr 2017 · 538
Love Story
Marietta Ginete Apr 2017
We all have our own love stories
each in different categories.
Those that didn't turn out well,
those that fell
and those who never understood
why their partner was up to no good.

We all have our sad love stories too,
including the ones we never really knew.
We all have our hearts broken
all because of each word spoken
it's a love story, baby, just say yes.
Apr 2017 · 370
In The End
Marietta Ginete Apr 2017
To me, you were a mystery I wanted to solve.
To you, I was a soul you'd never be able to love.
Around us, the world didn't revolve.
But in the end, it's still you I dream of.
in fact, it'll always be you.
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