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Alyssa Tara Oct 2015
I try to wear you once in a while,
     making sure if you fit the same
     as the last time i checked

But then again, whenever i notice
     the apparent worn off, tired seams
     from the fabric that was once our love,
     I go back again and sew them together,

Carefully threading the gaps back
     where they once were sewn tightly shut,
     left with no space for inadequacy,
     hardly any place for scarcity of love.

My misguided, solitary efforts then proved
     a love with tenuous and delicate clothing
     that has misplaced its capacity
     to wear out storms and excessive usage.

Back there is where i find
     that not everything burnt out
     could rekindle its flame.
Alyssa Tara Nov 2014
Despite your belief that;
     your body is a field of flaws,
     may their flowers grow,
     lengthened as you hope they'd be.

Long for your soul not to rot;
     that the scars you will cause,
     happiness will eventually sew,
     become everything you hope to be.
flowers...get it?
Alyssa Tara Nov 2014
In my school,
     is where her aptitude
     was viewed
     in grades,
     and girls in heels,
     leered in contempt,
     and even attempt
     to fake a smile
     in her direction.

In my home,
     is where her heart isn't,
     where her own mother,
     never forgets
     to mind her own mess
     and never asked
     her reasons why
     and fakes a smile
     in her direction.

In my room,
     is where a girl,
     sits in front her mirror
     who left this note
     on the floor,
     as she took too many pills,
     finally peace fulfills,
     and fakes a smile
     in my direction.
I wrote this when I was fourteen so forgive me ok
Alyssa Tara Nov 2014
I woke up,
     extra early this morning,
     and took a bath,
     to wash away,
     all the debris,
     you left.
Alyssa Tara Nov 2014
Because through sleepless nights,
     and waiting for daylights.

All that I could do,
     while in his arms was think of you.

And paint his eyes with a sigh,
     with colors of yours, asking myself  
Alyssa Tara Nov 2014
Don't go off to war yet, love,
     for we have war within ourselves,
     it seems you've been dodging bullets
     you, yourself, shot.

And tonight you will lie,
     "peacefully," you lied,
     and as you wake with bloodshot eyes,
     I realize I lost you before you came.

And when it's time for you to go,
     I find you already gone,
     before you walk out the door,
     saying goodbye, a promise replacing forever.

Which I believe is
     the wrong promise to keep;
     for your words are fickle
     and so does your love it seems.
this is me basically trying to fathom the feelings of someone in love with those in the noble military service and dejectedly failing
Alyssa Tara Nov 2014
If I was mute,
     as my voice slips from under me,
     would you take time and effort
     to listen to words I couldn't utter?

If I had blindness,
     as I crawl and
     rummage through darkness,
     would you guide me away from my thoughts?

If I was deaf,
     your voice blind to me,
     would you sing endlessly,
     until your emotions seep into my ears?
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