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Oct 22 · 108
a soft lover
Kyra Oct 22
Sentence after sentence pours into my windstorm
A broken song, littered limbs of poems

I wonder when I’ll finally sleep
Without words floating over my head
A sword’s edge I crave
         Reaching out to slice my palms on
Some sweetness drips from the pain
        A watered down truth
        Veritas in my lips
Sep 23 · 319
Kyra Sep 23
whispers of fate
drew me across the bloodstained tile
i found her there

i'd searched
and here she was


it was surprising
to not see her face

venus was across the room
getting torn
apart by cracked screens

but veritas,
she died long before

men had dipped their tongues
into her skin

they stole her
and sold it

we all bought
watered down bliss
as our enlightenment
Kyra Sep 20
would you send me butterflies tonight?
because i miss the doves.

there are days i forget your smile
i forget the way you said my name

i wish i hadn't cried the last time i saw you
Sep 4 · 133
a glitch
Kyra Sep 4
hell is the static
hell is the dizziness
hell is the tightness in my throat

all i remember from faith is the begging
Jul 27 · 255
lunar lover
Kyra Jul 27
when did i first fall in love with you?

was it under the never ending skies in chicago?
in those cruel winter nights
where only you kept me warm.
or was it amidst the song of crickets and breeze?
in the summers of virginia
where even you would sing along.
Jul 20 · 128
Kyra Jul 20
some days it feels as if
the world is molasses around me
Kyra Jun 30
there's an invisible rope around my throat,
a cord of coarse thread,
and if it were to ever leave me
i think i'd lose my head.
Jun 23 · 159
June 21st
Jun 13 · 176
I am not your 'peach'
Kyra Jun 13
we are not shaped like apples or pears
we are not rotten or ripe
we are not fruits to be eaten
forbidden or otherwise

we are not yours
Jun 3 · 710
Kyra Jun 3
their whispers
are like
May 31 · 75
make me divine
Kyra May 31
I want to burn beautiful words into my skin
poison my bloodstream with soliloquies
carve chapters into my bones
May 30 · 156
a plea
Kyra May 30
rain rain
wash away
all the hate I said today
May 30 · 89
Kyra May 30
Sometimes I wonder
if the ghost in my head
is you
May 28 · 195
look at me
Kyra May 28
It's hard
having to explain
at your family's dinner table
why "that's ***" jokes
hurt your feelings.

It's even harder
when your brother says
he doesn't care,
and your mother shushes you
because your grandma's there.
Kyra Apr 24
She paused, an almost smile flitted across her sorrow sunken face.
Her blonde hair reminded me of someone I used to know
Her blue eyes, while clouded, reminiscent of warmth.

She returned to her hymn, the mourning pitch rung in my ears.
"Do you sing for Beauty?"
"Do you sing for Truth?"

She never answered.
Apr 20 · 552
A meadow
Kyra Apr 20
a bed of sunlight beckons me
you wait there wanting,
an unknown lover craving
everything I cannot give,
Apr 20 · 218
Kyra Apr 20
“Hello Love,” I whisper to the moon.
Apr 20 · 271
Kyra Apr 20
Roses are red,                                    
                        ­    violets are blue,  
        no one saved me                                              
                                  no one saves you.
Apr 15 · 108
Awoken again...
Kyra Apr 15
in the dead of night
your voice whispers in my ear.

They pretend it never happened
But we both know the truth.

You ripped my soul from me
you stole away my youth.
I hope you're somewhere listening
I hope these words avenge me.
Kyra Apr 15
She keeps staring at me
the girl with blue eyes
she keeps asking me
which one of us will die.
Apr 8 · 149
The True Crime
Kyra Apr 8
They knew I'd never forgive
So I was forced to forget
Apr 7 · 377
I am become nothing
Kyra Apr 7
destroyer of myself.
My blood has become purgatory,
my lips a voiceless cry.
Is this hell?
Kyra Apr 1
She strode into hell
and dug her bleeding fingers
into its ash covered soil.
Mar 30 · 136
Or Both?
Kyra Mar 30
When you look at me
my voice runs away
stealing my breath
Mar 30 · 322
Kyra Mar 30
Grip the cord
Pull it taut
Wave at the passerby

They're all looking at you
Pull it taut

Don't forget to **** in
Breathing doesn't matter
Pull it taut
Mar 23 · 326
Kyra Mar 23
I have never felt right,
writing this poem.
They keep saying
that I'm "strong".
I don't feel strong.
I feel...

like ripping off my skin
wouldn't be enough
that breaking my hands
couldn't help

I feel lost.
The lion has left me.
Feb 2 · 155
a darkness
Kyra Feb 2
there are these moments
when I realize something
so horribly sad about myself.
Feb 1 · 622
Kyra Feb 1
The Nor'easter in my mind won't settle
The inside of my scalp is wind-burned
Every step is won in a never ending battle
Every breath stolen like a meter of ground

I bury myself a trench
trying to escape the clutches of Zephyrus
All four gods circle around me in a typhoon of noise
Eos's sons, vultures in my head
Jan 23 · 826
Kyra Jan 23
Perhaps they were right
about cameras
They really do steal our souls
and place them
in pretty little squares.

Maybe that's why
we're all
soulless now.
Jan 14 · 900
The Ugly Villain
Kyra Jan 14
When did it start, I wonder.
When did the black form in my stomach, in my soul?
Was I born with hatred in my bones?

Why am I the one unable to sheathe the darkness? They all grip the cool metal, but the knife’s edge was sharper for me.

I slip and fall and cut myself on the pleasurable blade of self-disgust over and over, unable to catch myself I grasp blindly into the darkness, reaching for the familiar shapes I’ve always known.
But they all are finding their own balance, ignorant of how I lost mine.

I hate yellow.
Dec 2018 · 217
The Silver Locket Sinks
Kyra Dec 2018
As I watch with bated breath
My absent reflection is more apparent
As the moon shifts and shimmers on the glimmering surface
I search for the soul I lost
In the cold dark sea
That seems to **** out the marrow of my bones
Where is it
Dec 2018 · 623
The Monster I’ve Become
Kyra Dec 2018
I started writing poetry when I was 14 years old
I didn’t know how to tell my mom I wanted to die

So I wrote it down with colorful words
That I ripped from my veins
And let gush out on to a water stained page.

As I walk in this empty house
I am reminded that I am that same little girl
And the wind that howls outside
Is reminiscent of the devil growling in my mouth.
Dec 2018 · 199
Kyra Dec 2018
I always tried to be tough
Because you told me to.
will I never be enough?

The world is harsh and cruel
That's what you taught me.
the fear became instinctual

You said it's not okay to cry
You said I had to learn.
so why did you blame me when I wanted to die?
Nov 2018 · 573
a kind soul is buried
Kyra Nov 2018
sweet, old friend,

        i worry i can’t save you

what are you trying to destroy?

Nov 2018 · 230
Kyra Nov 2018
I think the ocean was the true lurer to death

And sirens were just the women who followed the oceans song

And embraced Poseidon’s crushing love

Nov 2018 · 301
Kyra Nov 2018
Why do I always look down when I walk?

Afraid of looking ahead

Always wanting to turn back

There’s that urge again

to turn around

I’m looking down.

Nov 2018 · 157
Kyra Nov 2018
There’s something about flowers

That makes me smile

And my heart ache

Nov 2018 · 378
Kyra Nov 2018
the ringing in my ears

tells me there’s someone out there

calling my name.

i just can’t see them,

or at least

not yet.

Nov 2018 · 725
Why I Hate the Ocean
Kyra Nov 2018
It hurts to be this empty.

It hurts to long this much.

All I ever needed from you

was a loving touch.

Maybe a smile

a laugh


But I was met with harsh words

and cold blue eyes.

Nov 2018 · 156
Kyra Nov 2018
it’s back

i thought getting away from them

        would soothe my splintered soul

but that implanted hatred

        wrecks my mind

i disgust myself
Nov 2018 · 165
Toxic Waste
Kyra Nov 2018
There’s a darkness within me

A mass of black and hate

It burdens my mind

It weighs down my arms.

I feel it in my throat

I feel it coat my tongue

It’s grip on my lungs tighten

And my lips twist to harm.

Nov 2018 · 155
The Dirt Path
Kyra Nov 2018
I’ve stopped running.

I don’t know if that means I’ve found a reason to stay,

           or that I’ve just given up.

Nov 2018 · 89
4 years
Kyra Nov 2018
I didn't even realize what day it was yesterday.
The 7th of November didn't even ring a bell.
My mom didn't remember either.
My dad didn't call me.

It had been exactly 4 years as of yesterday.
4 years since I cried on the cold tile.
4 years since I dragged my body up,
and grabbed hold of twin pill bottles to steady myself.

I was alone, like always.
My mom left even as I was crying in front of her,
To watch my brother's football game.
I was alone.

I wrote the letter, I threw away bad memories.
Then I stood in my mothers bathroom
And poured those white pills out into my hand
And down my throat.

I stared myself in the eyes as I did it.
If you're going to **** someone,
Look them in them eyes as you do it.
No hiding.
Nov 2018 · 318
Kyra Nov 2018
It’s so much easier to say                      

                        I’m broken beyond repair

                                 Than to admit I’m able to                    

                                         glue myself back together

Nov 2018 · 140
It's the same black.
Kyra Nov 2018
.As I took that sleeping pill

And laid my head down to rest

Allowing my eyes to drift close

I saw darkness and couldn’t help but think

That it was eating at my mind.

The darkness seemed familiar

The color of black alarming and comforting

And that’s when I realized

It’s the same black of my ink pen

It’s the same black of the screens font

It’s the same black.

Then I thought

Perhaps I’ve been the one

Creating my own darkness

Letting it eat away at my mind

Nurturing it’s growth with my poems.

Kyra Nov 2018
She abandoned me,

     The white plastic I inhaled

     Scared her away.

Her absence left me

Full of emptiness.

A pining paradox.

          Perhaps it’s time

         To stop taking those pills

Nov 2018 · 89
Kyra Nov 2018
what is this scene in my head

the lines are lost to those it fed

Nov 2018 · 88
Moments in the Night pt.2
Kyra Nov 2018
Energy seemed to crackle around her, constantly, like lightning wanted to escape her beautifully terrible grip.

Nov 2018 · 200
Moments in the Night pt.1
Kyra Nov 2018
“My dad was a mean drunk.” She whispered, eye set dead on the night sky. “I love him,” she paused, “but he was a mean drunk.”

From the side, he could only glimpse the torment in her eyes as she fought the demons on her mind.

Oct 2018 · 318
destroy me
Kyra Oct 2018
She’s the type of *****

That’ll break someone down

Just to see what they become

In the depths of desperation.

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