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 Aug 2018 Lizzie
I despise myself for not being someone you could love.
 Jun 2018 Lizzie
justine grace
love is when you've gotten your heart broken
love is when you've cried yourself to sleep many times
love is when you can feel your chest hurting miserably
love is pain

love is also beautiful
love is kind
love is a fortune
and is a bigger fortune when you love the right person

love is going through hardships together
love is figuring things out together
love is saying sorry first because you don't want your other half hurting

love is more than what you knew and what you thought
love is beyond the cliche endings in a Nicholas Sparks novel or film

love is meant to be for infinity
love is only meant for that one person
for the longest time of your life
love is when you thought you found love before but was wrong
and when you are in a healthier and happier relationship

you now know love better
that regardless how life treats you
love comes along
the right love
and with that
you're free
falling more in love with him
every night
love is love
Love is about patience; trust; compassion. As the days go by, I am lucky that I have met a wonderful man that I can call mine. Everyday, I look forward to just seeing him even when we are only apart for a couple of hours. I fall for him more and more each day and I can't express how lucky I am to even feel this kind of contentment. Long before him, I was in a toxic relationship and thought that, that was love. And now that I am being treated with love and compassion everyday, it feels surreal. In the beginning, I was so anxious because I always expected him to do something wrong, always thought "anytime now he'll show his colours" but little did I know he was already showing me his colours and they were genuine feelings. And it warms my heart to know that I am capable to be loved instead of being someone to run their mouth at. My love, if yre reading this - I thank God everyday for you and you're a dream I never want to stop dreaming about. I love you.
 Jun 2018 Lizzie
The way birds need trees,
And flowers need bees,
That's the way I love you,
That’s the way I need you,

The way kings need a throne,
And people need to moan,
The way plants need light,
I need you in my sight,

The way that boats need
The sea, I need you to
Love me, you are my want,
My Need,

My hearts only desire,
The way that heaven
needs angles and hell,
Needs fire

Because I just want you,
And that’s the only truth.
And that’s the way I love you.
 Mar 2018 Lizzie
 Mar 2018 Lizzie
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Youllneverunderstand me
 Mar 2018 Lizzie
Srijani Sarkar
I think
as artists
we owe a lot to pain.

Put on
a robe of thorns
and write

about the nice weather outside
and that delicious burger
you had today.

Write about happiness
when you're in pain-
 Feb 2018 Lizzie
Open Book
 Feb 2018 Lizzie
I'm an open book, but there's just a slight problem.

I'm an open book with some pages torn out

I'm a library book that few check out, and fewer take care of.
 Feb 2018 Lizzie
I loved you...

A bit too much,
That I chose to stay by your side while you were crying over her

A bit too much,
That I tried to bring back your happiness by helping you win her over again

A bit too much,
That I decided to heal your heart while I broke mine into a thousand pieces

A bit too much,
That I cherished you at your worst while you loved her at your best
 Jan 2018 Lizzie
Gavin Barnard
People usually **** themselves when they're horribly depressed,
As I am.
People usually **** themselves when they're horribly lonely,
As I am.
People usually **** themselves when they feel like they're trapped,
As I am.

If you want somebody to blame,
Then blame the people that asked for $2687
When they asked me to quit my only source of income.
Ask the people that only care about making money,
Without a thought about who it hurts.

Ask me about my depression,
Ask me about my loneliness,
Ask me how my day went,
Or rather, ask my friends.
Its a paragraph from this suicide note I'm writing because I can't think of anything else to write.

Keep in mind that the intention of suicide notes is so that people can read them after the person who wrote it killed themselves, which is what makes the last stanza really powerful, especially when I have no friends.

Maybe I will do it, but only if things don't improve sometime soon.
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