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Zach Feb 2019
I will overcome this.

You will overcome that.

I believe in you.

Can you believe in me?
Zach Dec 2018
Fight your own **** battles

Don't send your little army after me

Those you've manipulated before me

Those that'll suffer the same fate as me.

Fight your own **** battles

Be the adult you wish you could be.
Zach Dec 2018
At first I pushed her away, avoided her.

The actions she did unforgivable

Time would heal my pain

That was not the case.

Letting my hurt fester and grow

Making me someone I hate

I needed to vent

I let out the steam billowing up inside me

I relaxed

I apologized

I am one of tranquility

I am one of hypocrisy

I am.

Zach Dec 2018
I remember talking to them

I remember making them laugh, and smile.

I hope they're doing alright.

I don't know if they think about me.

I'm worried if I talk to them

It'll be opening old wounds
Zach Nov 2018
I feel..... Relieved.

I think.

I feel as if this weight has been lifted of my shoulders.

Although, this invisible divide is still there slightly. Unsure of whether if it wants to leave my mind

I guess I'll just see where it goes, if it goes anywhere at all.

Hopefully it won't just remain there forever
Zach Nov 2018
I want to sleep forever

I want to have dreams of the happiness I worry I'll need have.

I want to never forget the feeling of a warm bed on a cold night.

The feeling of freshly washed and dried sheets

The dream of someday waking up next to the woman I love

She's out there somewhere, but for now I'll only see her in my slumber.
  Nov 2018 Zach
Attention all ye
Deficits of Disorder
Look it’s a squirrel!
I like many others struggle everyday with ADHD. It’s not easy but it’s what makes me, me and it’s part of what makes me special. :)
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