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Jude Jun 2019
If the trees would speak,
They’d tell me to leave,
To find my roots,
Grow up to the clouds,
And find my peace.
been a while
  Jan 2019 Jude
and when you said
laughter is like a foreign language
i imagined that i was
teaching you how to
speak it
jcl. you said you don’t laugh much just in general, but i sat with you for two and a half hours and that’s all we did. i’ve missed this. i’ve missed you.
Jude Nov 2018
i dreamt of you once again-
i wish i had not woken up.
  Sep 2018 Jude
there was a time when I looked to the stars
and I saw your face
it was simpler and less difficult
and I didn’t have to cry when I thought of you

I used to believe that your heart was the moon
and that your sun shone upon me where I walked

but the moon has grown cold
and the sun’s burned my skin
and the stars don’t look like you at all

but the moon shines where it wills
and the sun burns who it pleases
and the stars don’t really look like anything anyway
the sequel
Jude May 2018
it is unfair for me to love
when I know I could be gone
in the blink of an eye.
it is unfair to make you love me
when I can’t even bear to live
at all.
Jude May 2018
if only i could remove myself from this situation
that is my sadness,
that is my life,
without hurting you.
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