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A poet upon his or her death " Does Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night", for they have something to share with future generations through their poetry.
Robert Frost "When faced with two roads diverged in a yellow wood he took the one less traveled by and that made all the difference."
Was William Blake laid to rest under A Poison Tree? Or was he saying that we are like  poison to our enemies? One beauty concerning poetry is that it can be left up to the interpretation of the reader. Even if it was written to mean one thing the readers can discover several possible meanings to the poem like discovering jewels each time it is read.
Perhaps lets for fun imagine" The Raven", giving the eulogy for Edgar Allan Poe, and talking about his life and the loves that inspired his poetry especially Poe's beloved" Annabel Lee" and "Lenore. "The Raven" proceeded to close his eulogy with the words " Nevermore".
Maybe when it was time for William Shakespeare to be laid to rest while dressed up in his Sunday best. His poem " Fear No More" could have been read leaving not one dry eye as many fans cried for a great poet and playwright had died. A big comfort to his fans is that his work is forevermore immortalized in print for future generations to enjoy. As Dylan Thomas best stated " And Death Shall Have No Dominion" because the poets words still live on in print to be read and enjoyed and discovered by many generations to come. The poems that a poet writes are there legacy that they leave for future generations.
Check out the classic poems referenced above: Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night by Dylan Thomas and Death Shall Have no Dominion, also by Dylan Thomas. The Road not Taken by Robert Frost. A Poison Tree by William Blake. The Raven, Annabel Lee, and Lenore, by Edgar Allen Poe. Fear No More by William Shakespeare. I had been thinking about this in memoriam idea for the last 3 to 4 years I finally got it done in time for Memorial Day. I hope you enjoy it. Please be inspired to leave a lasting poetic legacy for future generations to come.
 Jun 2016 littlebrush
You would be my sculpture.
I'd spend hours on you.
Your face had taken shape,
Your neck was molded new.
I formed your pale legs,
My clay perfect for the fit.
For days I worked on your torso,
For days I only patiently did sit.
Solidifying was real quick,
And I had to be careful.
You could break if mishandled,
I needed to be gentle.
You still had your eyes closed,
So I kissed your dry lips.
But you still couldn't hold me well,
Despite your arms around my hips.
And so I carved your hands,
And caressed them in mine,
Then finally you entwined our fingers,
At last we held back time.
To koreen and her Dearest.

An artist would make art out of the one dearest to her/him, and missing them would supply the will to finish the piece. But no matter how many sculptures, paintings and sketches I do, they can never compare to the real you. One day, I believe, you will hold my hands, and for that time to be the golden seconds of my life, I will not loosen my grip and let go.
I am just the mat under ur feet
The girl is incomplete
I'll have u be right
In ur mind set
Although ill cry
Because of the horror u
Displayed for me
I never wanted to become
Close like lovers
All I hoped for was a difference
In a Friend ship we could of had
Now I caused this
A platform with no edges
Yet I was the one who
Got cut in the edge
U just got satisfaction
 Jun 2016 littlebrush
Aaron Combs
There was a dream. A dream of a
long road that led to
a rock. Beside the rock was a
snake and the pigeon
were meeting there,
the hummingbird
and crocodile were
resting before the grass,
and darkness was behind

The hills were flat
and the deserts was covered in roses.
The land was filled with animals of
every kind in perfect unity surrounded
by a lights of beauty and wonder filled all
along the rivers and trees, calming the
world with grace and glory and awe.

My mother were there and father,
my friends some which at a time
were my enemies, and my people
gathered waiting for me.
I was home. I was home.

The eternal honey from the rock,
poured upon our feast,
love and light overwhelmed
the atmosphere.

In turn, fear's face was crushed,
tears and pain was a forgotten memory,
illness and disorder was alien, and the colors
of seven thousand rainbows danced in the air.

The surface of music sounded so perfect,
flowers sung around our yards and
rivers of waters between our mansions that we lived in,
and perfect praise was upon our lips.

We were robed in glory and our hearts magnified
the living Lord, our thoughts were pure,
and our bodies were perfectly whole.
My house was filled with glory and perfect love,
perfect love. I was home.

Then I saw fire which echoed
the sound of the world before the room
where the Lord stood, and there was chaos
in the land before where He heard the Earth's cries.

The movement, and passion of the Lord's
tears filled this one room, and brought me
in such distress, what room was this?

I heard people's homes were torn apart by rage and
hatred, men were slaughtered and women
ravaged, echoes of countless babies
tore through the Lord's heart.
The sound of curses stung his eyes,
and rebellion ripped his veins,
we heard the devil's laughter,
and people worshiping evil.
The Lord wept.

I shouted, "Lord what can we do, we must
do something, is there something we can do?"

He said nothing.

And the river of blood in his eyes, filled
with such compassion and heavy warmth,
almost like honey.

He held my hand, and then finally
replied, "I sent my only son to save the world,
for how I love them, so that
no one may fall but have an everlasting life . "

And then suddenly I woke up with
His tears in my eyes.

Filled with perfect love, I arose
from my bed. I ran outside
picked up a rock
headed toward that road.
This is a poem I have kept hidden for sometime, it is my jewel. Now I feel it is time, thank you for comments! :D Hope it's a great joy! :D
 Apr 2016 littlebrush
An atheist said to a reverent:

Heaven is a fairy-tale for those
who are afraid of the dark

The priest replied:

Atheism is a fairy-tale for those
who are afraid of the light.
Quoted by Philosopher: Ray Andrew.
Please note that i have nothing against atheism nor atheist people.
They are no different from any other being.
I'm sorry if this did offend anyone in anyway.
You're happening
                                      just now
                          Like I said it would be 4 years ago

   Like I dreamed it would be summers past

                       Like I begged it could be winters long
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