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I don't take you seriously.
Steve Page
56/M/London, U.K.    I'm a bloke born, bred, broken and abiding in London, UK. My passions include London, Marvel comic books, poetry and living life in step with ...
Ann M Johnson
Minnesota ( A Small Pop?)    All poems original Copyright of Ann M Johnson, unless otherwise noted 2013-2019. I love writing and reading poetry I also enjoying singing. I also appreciate ...
AD Sifford
24/M/Between Lost & Found    I seek truth. Who are we? Why are we here? How should we live? I hope that through these pieces of me in the form ...
Eternal Threshold
Space    Half martian from some binary planet unknown. Poems here are inspired by the stories shared by people around me. (c) ET
The Basalisk's Chambers    "And sometimes, love is just the aftermath of a tragedy." ----Skaidrum.
A Cup Of Sunbeams
Hello :) Thank you a lot for checking out my page, but really, you should check out my friends page! Her name is Skaidrum, and ...
Midnight Rain
22/F/In the depths    do i dare disturb the universe?//
Mike Hauser
Sunny Florida    I'm a poet and I know it, I make a rhyme.... I make a rhyme................ CRAP!!!
an honest and hopeless romantic.. sorry
Cecil Miller
Louisiana    I consider myself a prolific artist. For the indulgence, I pay a dear cost. Everytime. Please, do not resale my work or use it for ...
Aaron Combs
27/M/Austin, TX    Passion, Music, Love, Motorcycles, and me.
m i a
18/F/m a r s    eighteen. aquarius. lover of all things. i'm not here to impress, i just want my words to be heard nothing more, nothing less. ©
m  z
m z
19/F/london    twitter @poeticalmemoona
Reece AJ Chambers
26/M/Northamptonshire, England    Reece A.J. Chambers is a 26-year old published writer, poet and MFA student from Northamptonshire, England. His blog is available here: All works - ...
Bianca Reyes
27/F/Los Angeles, CA    Just here breathing and quickly fleeting.
Joe Cole
Horsham Sussex    Old and retired I'm not a poet but a simple dreamer who only dreams of being a poet The new photo is of my new ...
Coop Lee
Portland, OR    esto perpetua. ♐ @cooplee1
Emma Kolditz Jensen
Denmark.    Poetry and music is literally all I live for. Without it I would be nothing. A zero. Transparent and glasslike. All original poems are marked ...
sanch kay
Hogwarts    here's to those firefly dreams that turn to ashes in the sunrise.
19/Cisgender/find me at a cemetery.    does growing up count as childhood trauma
A writer and an artist. A musician as well. In need of a Savior, I was just a shell. I was a heavy drinker. Alcoholic, ...
Joel Frye
Jurassic Park    My chapbook of poems, "A Small Token Of My Esteem", is available at Remember me through poetry; these words, and those I wrote before. ...
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