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littlebrush Feb 3
That summer
I spent kissing leaves
The summer green that knew
how to sing,
“over, over now”
for now,
for now it was.
littlebrush Feb 3
Dearest me,
You love sunrises like you love sighs
and old boots and books,
how the snow reminds you of old friends,
like comforters,
like sad days that at least weren’t alone.

You love to breathe, to cradle your own memories.
Dearest me,

I know you loved hard,
so tried and true,
hard shells for each bruise.

I did not pat your head when you cried,
dearest, I’m sorry.
I’m here for you now.
littlebrush Jul 2023
Heed, heed o trees
I have a heart ready to set sail.
Roar, the slow clouds roar their route
to everlasting;

I have packed my bags.
I have steeled my eyes.
littlebrush Jul 2021
In your eyes I'm scorched under the sun
the magnifying glass widens your blue eye--

I have loved it,
and you have loved to judge,

I burn under your scrutiny
I'm insect small.
littlebrush Jun 2021
somewhere the cat curls its tail,
and the books look so old.
littlebrush Apr 2020
I think I found the answer when I swung my head back and looked at the ceiling,
******* drunk, and no one to text.
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