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if it weren’t for my sliding mirror closet doors, my room would look much darker with only one lamp turned out.
that’s what i’m thinking about at 12:11am when i can’t sleep and have to work the morning shift.
dozens of friends have come and gone through my room, marveling at the 80s design and dusty gold colored edging that doesn’t match the accompanying oak trim along the walls in my house. they stare and stare at their reflections, our reflections. take pictures, post them on social media. watch the comments rake in. is this what we’ve come to?
i switched where my bed is in my room so that i don’t have to look into the mirror as i fall asleep; it felt too narcissistic and depressing. now i have my bookshelf in front of me and the little lamp that jumps off the mirror next to me. i have my fan blowing and my window open to the late autumn, early winter night air that i love.
i take deep breaths out of sight from the sliding doors that keep clothes i hardly ever wear safe. i sleep without it’s stare focused on me. i sleep without you on me, around me. i close my eyes, see the stars there, and sleep.
I can't forgive you and I won't.
Indifference burns like cigarette smoke through my throat.
And I think I'll drink to sleep,
I won't lie awake and weep.
Once again I'm on my own,
once again my dreams are gone.
Keep on smiling at your phone,
hope you find there something more.
I was here but now I'm not.
Where am I?
I do not know.
Where am I?
I'll wait the call.
 Feb 2020 littlebrush
Coop Lee
was once a wild dog,
reborn a man, for just a brief moment in this billion year odyssey.

was once a demon,
sent to earth to destroy, instead fell in love with the woods and her toys.

was once a frog prince,
tongue-out beside a pond, with his princess to never arrive.

was once a boy,
forgot about time, scuffed knees and chin, to grow old and die.

was once a dreamer,
fell asleep and got lost…

                            [each harsh yet beautiful minute proceeds into the next, time telling its stories of love and death]
 Feb 2020 littlebrush
Coop Lee
took his bike to the end of the street and disappeared.
he was laughing.

maybe today, just find a way
to bell the bones of magnificent fun.

she thought he was funny. he
took to the day like a wild oat.
took a bullet to the chest, still had long to go.

that old bless of a naked always-stretching lung
     [can we account for nuance?]
took.  took.  took.

holocene compounded, brain aneurism expounded.
he knew the city suffered, city slumbered, never, not ever.

your number? he asked her.
or about some kind of snake wrapped around the heart.

war chest, drum the chest, bone or breast.
twas rhythm, not explosion.


the humdrum conundrum of ***, thumbs and time.
we are surrounded yet alone.
stone’d yet liquid.
remember the lung?


he thought she was funny.
stoop, stop to think about a text…
 Jan 2020 littlebrush
 Jan 2020 littlebrush
she is a happy ending,
not everyone can wait for.
 Jan 2020 littlebrush
you know me, I play
pianos just where I find them
and smile at my zeal
 Aug 2019 littlebrush
Andy A
 Aug 2019 littlebrush
Andy A
When you've done it all
Everything you said
When your book is full
Of the things you read

When you've seen it all
And know it's not
The thing you spoke
And said it was

But your heart still aches
And your mind still burns
For loves sweet straits
And twisting turns

When midnight comes
Without a stroke
And the streets are cold
And life's a joke

When the river dries
And the bed is stones
And the rain never comes
Despite the clouds

Remember me
Recall the song
I was here
And you were gone
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