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Kristie Aragon Oct 2015
I saw him walk away
Before my very eyes

And i stood there
Wanting to pull him back.

But i knew
He wouldn't want that.

So i let him walk away.
He never looked back
Not even once.

I knew he was broken
But he did not want
To be fixed.

He said men are not
Supposed to be broken.

So i watched him walk away
Wanting to tell him
That it's okay to be broken
It's not wrong to be hurt
Because pain is what makes us human.
Kristie Aragon Oct 2015
It was a pain worth feeling
With every heartbreak, every tear
It was a love worth fighting
With every risk and every fear.

It was a treasure worth seeking
Through desert lands and stormy seas
It was a dream worth sleeping
Through  nightmares or a fleeting bliss.

It was a choice worth choosing
Despite the cons that come along
It was a tune worth singing
Despite the meaning of the song.

And with every striving breath
We hold on to what is dear
Even in life or in death
In our hearts never disappear.
Kristie Aragon Oct 2015
You pierced my heart
With every smile at her
With every glance looked her way
With every brush of your hands
With every hushed whisper to her ear
With every sign of longing in your eyes.

I knew, of course
No matter how much
You denied it
I watched you look at her
And I knew
You used to
Look at me that way.
Kristie Aragon Oct 2015
And we stood there in silence.
She didn't cry
Nor did her voice shake.
She just looked at me straight in the eye
And said,
"I thought I was at least worth fighting for."
And when she spoke those words
In the calmest way possible
I swear I could almost hear her heart break.
Kristie Aragon Oct 2015
I guess you never meant
A single word you said.

I guess you never chose me
But wanted her instead.

I guess it wasn't right
To love you more and more.

I guess you weren't worth
Holding on and fighting for.

I guess every little thing
Was merely an illusion.

I guess I tried my best
But you wanted perfection.

I guess I'll move on
Or I probably won't.

I guess I have to keep guessing
What you mean and what you don't.
Kristie Aragon Oct 2015
It was on those sleepless nights
When I was alone with my thoughts
That I realized
Noise is not just sound
Because silence can be the most defeaning.
Kristie Aragon Oct 2015
I did not give up. I let go. They are two different things. Letting go is the opposite of giving up. Letting go is moving forward. Letting go is going against every single heartbeat, swallowing every tear, cutting every string. Few people realize this, but letting go takes more courage, more strength, than holding on.
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