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kiana Jul 2018
the tree harbours her little leaves
grinning as they mingle
and dance about in the warm breeze
one little leaf shook more than usual
catching the tree's attention
the tree turns her branch
as the green leaf adjusts positions
the tree asks 'what is it, my child?'
'what is making you shiver?'
the little leaf shrugs, but replies
'I'm tired of swaying in one spot, sacred mother'
the tree is taken aback; syrup gone cold
'what's wrong with swaying here?'
the leaf sighs, ready to fold
'I'll never see the world, and that is what I fear'
the tree slouched, nodding her head
'I birthed you to love, not to fear'
the leaf felt a tug, her stem coming loose
'explore the world. happy flight, my dear'
the leaf smiled at the news
feeling the wind in her petal
she waved goodbye to her mother tree
as she took flight
in the heat of the night
a little spark of happiness in my moment of darkness.
kiana Jul 2018
I make my mind run infinite laps
before stepping one foot inside
the more tired it gets
the easier it is to live
thoughts don't get fed
and my eyes dry out
so no tear can come visit
staying alive has become the goal
because emotion has failed me
passions have deserted me cold and naked
against my trembling bones
holding on for dear life
****** hands gripping thin veins
legs dangling in the smog
in my heaving lungs
moments of anguish cage me
binding my feathers around my neck
until I breathe nothing but bricks
may sleep; my temporary escape
bring me solace in my chaos
and morning be gentle on me
as my dark feelings awaken
at the same time I do
kiana Jul 2018
every second feels like an hour
and every hour feels like a minute
every life I live is temporary
but temporary feels infinite
kiana Jul 2018
fatigue seems
like a dream
to me now
I aspire to be
just exhausted
as this feeling
feels like death
over and over
and over again
it came as fast
as how slow it's leaving
moving one inch forward
and miles backwards
and I don't even know
if I'll ever be free
no one will understand
I'm alone on this island
an island surrounded by thoughts
I might as well drown in
kiana Jul 2018
my picket fence
is ablaze
the white paint
begins to flake
as the fire
of my thoughts
uses its flame
to burn me down
plank by plank
theres nothing left
nothing left to hide
there's the burnt house
that I am
doomed from a previous fire
I could not contain
kiana Jul 2018
I assist you
on this brimming morning
to welcome
this new day
the gift
you keep on
Mother Earth
I am awake
with fallen stars
as wide eyes
and awakening
my soul's soul
for you

— The End —