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 May 2017 Kayla
Bad Religion
 May 2017 Kayla
A cloud is a cloud, and a silver lining
Is a silver lining
Find no meaning in them, find no hope
Because a daisy is only a flower
And the moon, nothing but a rock
Find no magic in them, find no confidence
Sometimes leaves fall only because they can
And beauty lacks poetry
When words have no power, and wisdom becomes
A childish heritage
Find no reason in it, find no fault
It is a bad religion, to believe that everything can be more
Than what it is.
- Kata
A thing can only be what it is.
 May 2017 Kayla
Star BG
A woman I've been all my life.
It is something so neat.
Dancing, prancing in greatness,
It truly can't be beat.

I dance in life to move in grace,
and sometimes I do roar
Being in my heart each day,
I fly like bird to soar.

I move with light and love today.
My gratitude is strong.
Inside love, and inner peace,
I know I can't do wrong.

StarBG © 2017
inspired by R
Pinnacle moments pass us by quickly and sharply.
Cynical thoughts control the fear marking out goals in Sharpie.

Mental games of why do I deserve such pain, even partly,
and coinciding emotions of loss amongst those not even as lovely, I finally feel this pain heartily.

One bad decision, one bad night, one terrible choice is the only ignition that was needed to begin the arson.
My apology was weak and imitated the sincerity of a disgruntled garçon, still in disbelief that my train of thought was easily that of a *****.

Love is a fickle sport we play and the secret formula is still out of my reach.
I will metamorphize into the one who is cracking the glass towards the anticipatory breach.
A lesson you subconsciously teach and I see that not all past stains can be cleaned with even the most powerful bleach.

I now know how I hurt you with my actions and eternal contract breach, like Richard Nixon I deserve the death penalty charge of being impeached, making you now just out of reach.

All I can say is sorry for all I have done, I love you, but I guess it's just a figure of speech.
 Jan 2017 Kayla
Nik Bland
 Jan 2017 Kayla
Nik Bland
Boil down the excess of me
Taste the essence of me
I beg of you then not to leave
Accept the bitterness of me

Love every single part of me
See into the heart of me
I am a thing forever unclean
Take me regardless of me

See the cuts and burns of me
See the tears you've earned from me
View the me that I could be
Love me for me. All of me.
 Jan 2017 Kayla
Joshua Haines
 Jan 2017 Kayla
Joshua Haines
I have taken
her shimmering body
and have made her
believe it's dull
 Sep 2016 Kayla
Hurble B Burble
Some people are strange.
Some people are stranger.
Some people are strangers.
I'm a strange man,
With strange tastes.
A stranger in a strange place.
I'm a strange man,
With a strange face,
A stranger with a strange pace.
You are just as strange.
You are a stranger seemingly strange to the strange strangers strangely thinking you're strange. And strangely this stranger finds that strangely strange.
Met a strange stranger today.
 Sep 2016 Kayla
Gypsy Ashlyn
And this is what I do
What a child am I
The moment a social gathering is mentioned
Or I meet another with similar
Creative interests
I become crippled and inferior
Shaking in my boots
My voice shrinks
My mind is domed by a hovering cloud
Dark and Endless
My eyes become dry
No ,they don't soak
With salty tears
They stare
Off into the sad abyss
That is my reflection
My eyes are paralyzed
By silent thoughts
That have no voice
But the most physical effect
A caved in chest
Heavy breathing
Every bit of my strength
Refusing to scratch out my eyes
And pull out my hair
Because that
Would just add on to the migraine
I have been dragging on and on
Much like the cigarettes
People are so confused on why I smoke
Don't you see?
I am terribly self destructive
My world opens up
And I shut down
All the emotions of just sitting in the living room with my roommates.
 Aug 2016 Kayla
Gypsy Ashlyn
Burn my lips
Burn my name
My words filled
With toxic smoke
The crickets are harmonizing
On this silent summer night
Swerving roads
No headlights
It seems I've left town
And no one knows it
It seems I lost my mind
Being with you undoubtedly shows it
Roll down the windows
So I can swim the breeze
Feeling the freedom
I believe I need
Buckling knees
Starry night
No gripping desire
To try and fight
For stationary settle
No stove and kettle
Whistling responsibility
Just us and the open road
That is all I want to know
Standing through the ceiling
Suffering a feeling
What have I done?
The unthinkable
Its taboo
Now I'm laying here with you
Bones smashed
Burn my body
And soon
Forget my name
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