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Kayla Feb 2018
Her feet are always cold, so
she stuffs them in soft socks
as we sit close together.
Giggles interrupt Dad’s TV
show, and we giggle harder
when he hushes us.

I beg her to go shopping,
though she much prefers
staying home in her socks.
We walk side by side, pinkies
intertwined, sharing secrets,
our swift steps in sync.

We don’t share the same
sense of style, but over time
she has come to understand.
Accepting the silly shirts and
skirts is much easier for her
now, since I’ve moved away.

When it’s time for me to go,
she sees me off, still in her
socks and a sad smile.
Kayla Oct 2017
making fun of a past lover:
it's like taking a fresh breath.
but the smell of nicotine
on my cold fingers makes
me think of you and the
laughter erupting from my
chest suddenly feels wrong.
Kayla Jun 2017
the trees made a tunnel for us as we ran,
laughter echoing, bouncing along the trail.
the ground was uneven, my legs unsteady.
you had my hand, so fear failed to prevail.

the canopy, the roof over our heads
blocked out the blue, blue sky above.
sunlight trickled through the leaves
that danced and swayed in the breeze.

we had never felt so carefree as in
the woods that enveloped us with
shade and shadow, safe and calm
with every inhale of nature’s decay.

our fortress, little paradise found in
the world that’s much too big, full
of troubles snagging, dragging us down.
our fortress where flora and fauna ruled.

our secret tunnel made of trees.
Kayla Jun 2017
i count the stars-
at 23 i lose my place
because as i connect
the dots, i see your face.

i begin again
but only reach ten-
there's your smile.

once more
but only four.
i see your eyes,
twinkle and all.
Kayla May 2017
i waited patiently for you today,
though i knew you wouldn’t come,
in our old spot on my porch swing.
the night air caressed my skin as
i swung back and forth, gazing
at the absent seat next to me where
you so often sat close, talking
endlessly as the stars appeared.

the streetlamp illuminated the
road we used to walk, too scared
to hold hands, too nervous to touch.
my mind followed our ancient path
down to the end of the road and back
laughing without a care in the world.
so i waited for you, though you never
showed, because i cannot be forgiven
for breaking your heart so long ago.
Kayla May 2017
it was one of those crazy hot days in the dead of summer.
i remember because of the sweat that poured down my skin
and the way my eyes squinted as the bright sun shone.
i massaged my neck nervously, my mouth twisted into a grimace.
ya see, i’ve always been weak, especially when it comes to you.
so what i was readying myself to do, i knew, would be too much.
but i had to let you go as the rays of sunlight baked my skin and
my head began to ache from how hard i was squinting, grimacing.
i said goodbye, as my heart raced, either from the heat or the pain.
Kayla Mar 2017
hours and hours of chugging coffee,
brainstorming while adding toffee.
now home is miles away
and drifting thoughts won't stay.
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