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Hurble B Burble Jul 2019
That bowlers cap fit you incredibly well.
A monocle for the laughs.
Constantly with a cigar.
A perfectly formed stash.
Never a hair out of place.
The personality of a tie-dye shirt.
The face of a businessman.
Rest in peace Tim.
You were more than a good man.
Truthfully a Titan.
Farewell Monopoly Man.
Heaven won't know what hit 'em.
My best friends father died today. He was a fantastic man. Never shamed us for smoking ***. Supported his son through thick and thin and made sure us boys always had his good graces. The stories that man shared made me laugh. The jokes he told always made me smile. We lost a great one today. The world really does **** just a little bit harder with him gone. Rest in peace Tim, may all the questions you've ever asked be answered.
Hurble B Burble Jun 2019
Hundreds of people have died climbing Everest.
And they're still up there man.
Just goes to show you.
Each and every one of them,
Highly motivated, Athletic
Outgoing, Brave, Strong.
But they're all corpse confetti now,
Decorating the accomplishments of others.
Hurble B Burble May 2019
Sometimes, Peace is just a piece.
A solitary moment in time.
A fleeting second of bliss.
A piece of peace is worth the price.
It's easy to focus on turbulence.
Because it's so engaging.
But pieces of peace come equally.
They are just harder to see.
A few seconds of upset
Becomes hours of discomfort.
But peace eventually comes.
Like tides of an ocean.
Take notice of when there is nothing to notice.
It will help, I promise.
Enjoy your pieces of peace.
Hurble B Burble May 2019
Pssshhhht, shhhhik, clink clink clink.
Pshhhhhhhhhht pshhhht psssshhhhhhhhtttt.
Chccck clink clink clink shhhhhhrkt

Ah, Liquid art.
That smell.
**** my lungs.
Tie-Dye Cilia.
Rainbow fingertips.

Psssshhhht psssshhhhttt shhhhhhik.
Clink clink clink.
Hurble B Burble Mar 2019
Where's all the good stuff?
Not all this love fluff.
Let's get freaky.
Let's get strange.
Not all peaky.
We need range.
Get odd.
Get peculiar.
Be weird, it's cool.
People don't mind.
Be sad but interesting.
Not just confessing.
Be unique.
Have some flavor.
We all like some weird to savor.
Express or Depress.
Just be different.
Don't hold back.
Let it get weird.
Used to see a lot more weird on this site. All poetry is great. Even the fluff. But at midnight I just wish there was a little more weird. One can only read so many love poems, X is like Y and it makes me feel Zzzzzzz.
Hurble B Burble Jul 2018
I fumble as I hear it slip.
Slide off the tip of my tongue,
and drip from my lips.
It just slipped out.
Hurble B Burble Mar 2018
Crisp, clean, consice. Clearly a collection my conscience cannot create. Confused, curious, cautious. A call more my cadence.  Consuming a cadre of Cadillac thoughts. A cerebellum rather cellular in creative cognition. Can't call a conundrum something convincing, how contrived.
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