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 Feb 2016 K Ann
Stu Harley
my tears
are real
how to heal
the walls
are real
 Feb 2016 K Ann
Keyana Brown
Some people say
Why should I believe in him,
When I could do so much more
He cast away all my sins
Once he opens that door.

They say that
Why should you trust in God,
Your faith is good, until it's gone,
Which is why I held on
It's God's grace is what made me strong.

Whenever I cry, or weep,
Sigh,or scream,
I still believe.

Whenever I blame,
Put myself to shame,
Or even go insane
I still believe.

I'm with God and I'm never leaving
No matter what I'm feeling,
I know he's worth believing
I promise to keep up the faith,
Even if I make a mistake
The Lord will make me over again.
God has blessed me this week, which makes impossible for me to loose my faith in him.
 Feb 2016 K Ann
Hans Dytian
 Feb 2016 K Ann
Hans Dytian
Love is like a building

If one's love starts strong,

It's foundation will be strong.

Love is like a building

Many people enter your lives,

Some who can destroy your love.

Yet you stand strong.

Love is like a building

When it gets old,

It starts to weaken,

But if maintained,

Stays strong.

Love is like a building

When it is neglected,

It starts to crumble.

So the building becomes weaker

Love is like a building

When it is weak,

It starts to fall apart

And when the foundation collapses

It is destroyed,

Leaving nothing...

But memories.
You used to kiss my cuts
Now you only cover them
Are you ashamed?
I'm sorry my breakdowns inconvenience
 Feb 2016 K Ann
Jack Davies
Your voice,           still hums
Through the silent scent of candles,
Curling up like a blanket around my skin.
Warm sheets of orange linen,
Lingering with perfume,
And memories,
Of you.
 Feb 2016 K Ann
Our favourite diner
closed its doors two years ago
we can no longer walk in from the cold
feeling the warmth of syrup and coffee cups

Our favourite diner
closed its doors two years ago
and that server we liked so much
we haven't seen him since
and no where else has real carnations
in milk glass vases on every enamel table

Our favourite diner
closed its doors two years ago
it smelled like a Church basement,
felt like my uncle's house
and it was our place, it was what we did

Our favourite diner
closed its doors two years ago
and so we stopped going out for brunch
on Saturdays
we made new traditions
but they were never as good
And we both knew it

Our favourite diner
closed its door two years ago
and so did we.
 Feb 2016 K Ann
before you **** yourself,
just remember
that there are
places you have not been
and things you have not seen.
and poems to awe
art to draw
fields to walk through,
people to talk to,
music to take in,
games to win,
and books to be read.

so why,
oh why
do you wish
to be dead?
it's your life
but the people
around you
get hurt too.
 Feb 2016 K Ann
Dorothy Parker
Little things that no one needs--
  Little things to joke about--
Little landscapes, done in beads.
  Little morals, woven out,
Little wreaths of gilded grass,
  Little brigs of whittled oak
Bottled painfully in glass;
  These are made by lonely folk.

Lonely folk have lines of days
  Long and faltering and thin;
Therefore----little wax bouquets,
  Prayers cut upon a pin,
Little maps of pinkish lands,
  Little charts of curly seas,
Little plats of linen strands,
  Little verses, such as these.
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