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Aug 2016 · 215
Beast in Flames
Maximus Tamo Aug 2016
A soft breeze from, source unknown,
Swirls within a, room not shown,

Dust of ages, coats the space,
On each surface, but a vase,

Alone it stands, on its shelf,
Glistening light glows, from itself,

A switch a lever, to throw,
Op'ning the gates, red below,

Up from and around, within,
A flame ignites, sent by him,

His minions show, and prepare,
Their master soon, will be there,

With heat and screams, he appears,
All who witness, forced to tears,

But one young boy, not afraid,
Stands up tall, legs are stayed,

The man of flame, swells to fight,
The boy erupts, in whitest light,

Down are thrown, beast and flame,
To live below, in endless shame,
Aug 2016 · 261
"Come Closer"
Maximus Tamo Aug 2016
Closer closer,
I can't feel you yet,
Please save me,
Come closer,

Sitting alone passing time,
Keeping it all together,
Put on a bright fascia,
Tell myself your almost home,

As minutes to to hours,
And mind running wild,
I cannot connect with you,
What could have happened,

Closer closer,
I can't feel you yet,
Please save me,
Come closer,

The phone rings across the table,
Summons me to the hospital,
Arriving to find you asleep,
Sleeping but alive,

The nurse gives us some space,
Saying you won't last long,
You turn and look,
Broken and forced you whisper,

Closer closer,
I can't feel you yet,
Please save me,
Come closer,

Never will I love again,
The pain cannot subside,
Love can only come once,
All else is hollow,

Life drags on,
Laying on my deathbed,
I can have but one thought,
Looking at you and whispering,

Closer closer,
I can't feel you yet,
Please save me,
Come closer,
Jul 2016 · 454
The Wealth in Chances
Maximus Tamo Jul 2016
The wealthiest people alive are not the ones with millions,
They are not the people who rule,
They do not live lush lives,
Or drive fancy cars,
They do not live in a mansion on a hill,
Or journey life without a care,

The rich and blessed are the people who see,
Each opportunity and chance,
They see that they are in control,
They can make their own decisions,
Understanding the value of every chance,
Never giving their will to another,

Our power is absolute,
Without the ability to steer our lives,
What can we do?
Every tiny decision that we make cascades,
Pushing our whole lives in one direction or another,
And can save you or undermine you,

Recognize each decision
Consider every option
Hold to your standard
Enjoy yourself
Jul 2016 · 259
The Greater Fool??
Maximus Tamo Jul 2016
Two good men made their dwelling,
Each was young and had worked much,

Both had much to enjoy,
But neither could partake in joy,

These men could only see one goal,
Their lives were devoted to others,

One sole purpose to die for another,
And give the greatest gift they could,

But the question is dear reader,
Who Is The Bigger Fool???

The man who gave his life immediately,
Selflessly sacrificing himself upon opportunity,

Not seeking fame,
Nor pursuing thanks,

Not waiting for a "good enough" reason,
Not selecting someone "worthy" of him,

Or the man who waits until he is old,
Watching  for a prime opportunity,

Wanting to give a greater gift,
Refraining from saving him soon to die,

Rather saving a child from early death,
Or someone desperately in need,

He can show the world,
How selflessness can be righteous,

But he must suffer long,
In his constant search,
Jun 2016 · 252
Wind in my Heart
Maximus Tamo Jun 2016
When my life is still and hot,
Emotions can weigh me down,
Feelings can tire me out,
And my goals seem unreachable,

When I feel lost in a greater space,
When no one is around,
Like  I'm trapped in an oven,
With the sun beaming down,

When all my joy flows away,
Like water down a stream,
I'm left in this dessert of life,
Left alone to die,

Somehow I can keep on,
Stumbling in the searing heat,
Looking for an end and clinging to,
To some mad hope of mine,

You hit me like a tidal wave,
Suspending me inside your cool,
I was below the surface,
And I had no need for air,

In you I relax,
Unto you I expose,
All the evil inside me,
And the pain my body knows,

Your aura and peace,
Brought me sweet respite,
Like a breaze across my face,
Or the cool wind in my heart,
May 2016 · 179
Along the Way
Maximus Tamo May 2016
If my life is a venture,
Down a forested path,
I cannot help but wonder,
What's across the woods,

I choose my path,
Based on little things,
I walk around trees,
And step over logs,

Every once in a while,
Im caught in brambles,
Nowhere to find,
A painless way out,

All around there is pain,
Yet I must walk on,
Through the thicker woods,
On the path of life,

When there is a hole,
And an ankle is sprained,
The walking cannot cease,
Toils will not hold me back,

I will learn to choose my path,
From all the mistakes of yesterday,
And one day I will,
Walk on out of the woods,

But somewhere along the way,
I forgot to look around,
And enjoy the elegance,
Of the forest scenery,
May 2016 · 380
Maximus Tamo May 2016
My life was hot and heavy,
It was slow and calm,
There was no cool breeze,
It was time for a storm,

I could see how fast you were coming,
The cold front in the bay,
You flew over the hills and valleys,
Nothing could get in your way,

Bringing a few rain drops with the cool air,
You were a welcomed break,
But I never would have gueased,
That you my very core could shake,

I heard the thunder over the horizon,
As the drops their numbers maintain,
Haulting my joyous *****,
Thoughout the falling rain,

Before I could get to cover,
The storm has larger grown,
And hail begins to fall,
But not your full potential shown,

Hiding under anything I can find,
You rip the sky appart,
Then a bolt of lightning,
Strikes directly on my heart,

Engulfed by your storm,
I cannot find my way out,
And shocked by your lightning,
My heart has no more doubt,

I love the thrill of thunder,
But never can I be,
Closer to my true love,
Without the sting of thee,
May 2016 · 288
Sleepwell, good luck!!
Maximus Tamo May 2016
Yes, I do vent in my poetry,
It is a safe place to be human,
I don't need to be tough,
Honesty comes fluidly,

I write to you often,
What I wish I could say,
My fears seem childish here,
But this is my heart,

My mind does not see so clearly,
It considers what others think,
It worry's what others see,
They battle inside of me,

Just give me time,
I will talk to you,
Like I did your parents,
My shyness is my hurdle,

Please wait for me,
I choose the chivalrous route,
Sometimes I look silly or dumb,
But I will always support you,

My back can only carry pounds,
But my mind and my heart are strong,
I love to take on others pain,
It makes me feel joyful,

I want to be a hero,
I will give myself for others,
My powers are my will,
And my determination,

Share with me all your sorrow,
I want to dive in and pull you out,
Like the hero saves his princess,
And lives with her happily ever after,

So let's have a talk,
Not a text or a call,
But a heart to heart,
Where I can truly speak,

Untill then,
Good Luck!!,
I am thinking of you,
May 2016 · 163
Maximus Tamo May 2016
Staying up, talking on my bed,
Speaking gently, patting your head,
Comfort you, it is all alright,
I'm with you now, here tonight,

Come here, come closer,
My arms enclose her,
Put your head on chest,
I've got you, you can rest,

All else block out,
Squeeze your eyes shut,
To me you can run,
Cuz' you know what,
Always we are

Out in the world, pulled appart,
We are bound together, at the heart,
I cannot help, my need for you,
When you leave, I donno what to do,

You are my fix, I can't go without,
A sea of question, swirling about,
But my anchor is set, In your love,
It showers down, on us from above,

All else block out,
Squeeze your eyes shut,
To me you can run,
Cuz' you know what,
Always we are

Darling this is the end, of our lives,
Our names were written, in loves archives,
Our times have shown, brighter than fire,
That true connections, never tire,

Ee'n through a blackened veil, in death,
I need you to see, the size of my soul,
I need you to feel, the heat of my breath,
I need you to call out, and make me whole,

All else block out,
Squeeze your eyes shut,
To me you can run,
Cuz' you know what,
Always we are
May 2016 · 179
Maximus Tamo May 2016
Hope is what leads me to my death,
Cares crush me as mountains,
Passion grinds salt in my wounds,
Reliance drops me off a cliff,
Desire hangs me by my own,
Belief gouges out my eyes,
Confidence crumbles my supports,
Ambition pushes me into a corner,
Promises tie me to the table,
Optimism tells me there is no pain,
Wishes are ammunition against me,
Conviction chains me to the plow,
Loyalty is a weak cane, shattering,
Chivalry is a masquerade,
Fealty pulls me off my perch,
Honesty sets me to cut myself,
Principles fence me in,
Doctrine tightens the noose,
Courage negates logic,
Determination continues the slaughter,
Trust cannot be found,
Faith kills me,
Then Love revives me to begin again.
May 2016 · 286
Silence is not Golden
Maximus Tamo May 2016
I remember when we sang together,
When you freed me from all cares,
Times when there was nothing but today,
I want to keep you here forever,

I feel you growing away,
I feel the breeze blow between us,
Where there was only contact,
Now the wind chills my skin,

I fear deep within that my love is lost,
I fear that you cannot be reconciled,
But yet something tells me to press on,
To do and accept that I may die,

To I reach out grasping for your hand,
I feel the brush I have so long wanted,
Of my hand on your skin,
But I continued to fall away from you,

I am surrounded by black,
I cannot see you in my eyelids,
There is nothing all around,
And still I cannot let you go,
May 2016 · 183
Maximus Tamo May 2016
If one girl grows up amidst a world of pain,
If she is never safe and feels exposed,
Living in careful caution and worry,
If she grows up in a black box,

How can she feel loved?
How can she let down her hair?
How can she relax?
How can she see the light?
May 2016 · 132
A Four day Eternity
Maximus Tamo May 2016
I met you on Wednesday,
You clung to me like syrup,
At first I dragged you along,
You were not so heavy,

I hardly noticed you,
Then a tiny *****,
And I became aware,
Of a looming future,

By Thursday I was worn down,
I was losing stamina,
You pierced my skin,
And dug in deeper,

I threw up, wanted you out,
But you were set, deep within,
My body fought, brave and hard,
But they day ran down, so did I,

Friday came and I succumbed,
The hurt was everywhere,
You tore out my heart,
And cut out my stomach,

I became a shell,
Of my former self,
Hollow and thin,
Defenceless and weak,

And on into Saturday,
You raveged me,
No longer could I fight,
Your toll was taken,

A light shown though,
At the very end,
And I was pulled to,
By strength not mine,

And when I recover,
I still shall bear,
The aweful signs and marks,
Of my four day ordeal,
May 2016 · 182
Come with Me
Maximus Tamo May 2016
I know you are distant,
And I am below the radar,
But I need a partner,
To throw my care at,

Someone to feel with me,
Someone who can be there,
Always in my mind,
If not near my body,

I have too much to give,
To continue botttling up,
I have made oceans with tears,
And mountains with favors,

Always working toward you,
Yearning for a companion,
Why is this so hard?
Why do people hide?

I need someone who will think,
To understand my heart,
Then from the prison I built,
I can be finally free,

All the rest is fluff,
The only line that matters,
Is written at the end,
*Will you come with me??
May 2016 · 123
Always Near
Maximus Tamo May 2016
Living in ignorance,
So near to each other,
I could never tell,
What I was feeling,

Amidst a swarm of people,
In a hurricane of drama,
Flying past each other,
I never had the time,

When I came to,
I realized what I knew,
My brain listened to my heart,
And I ran to you,

But you were gone,
You had been swept away,
By a man with flaxen hair,
And eyes like the moon,

I hated him though,
With everything I am,
I burned like a furnace,
I had never met him,

He is my agony,
He haunts my sleep,
My opposition embodied,
The sum of all my rage,

When he began to fade,
I saw one single ray of light,
I put my whole self on the line,
I asked to speak to you,

I was too shy to stay,
I wanted you so badly,
I do not want to rush you,
I care too much,

How could I know,
How hard to push,
How much can I tell you,
Without pushing you away,

I want to tell you but,
This wall is too high,
This chasm is too deep,
Though the unknown,

I will throw myself,
Without another thought,
The longer I consider you,
The crazier I get,

One day I will,
Time will show,
That I am truely,
The man for you.
May 2016 · 347
" Rich " & " Poor "
Maximus Tamo May 2016
A Poor man,
And a Rich man,
Live in a hotel,

One man pays for his room,
Always two months in advance,
But before he could move in,

He had two months to wait,
He slept in the street,
Cold, wet, and sore,

The other man,
Who pays one day at a time,
Has already moved in,

One day both men die,
Both were successful,
But one was happier,

You see we call one rich
Because he has paid in advance,
He has no immediate bills,

And we call one poor
Because he has bills each day,
He has not prepaid,

But the poor man is happier in death,
He never slept on the street,
He has enjoyed his wealth and life,

The rich man is dissatisfied,
He has paid for another two months,
Now it's wasted, he lived on the street for naught,

This is a sad truth of finances today,
We think that worrying constantly,
And trying to plan our future,

Will put us ahead, but in fact we fall behind,
Do not waste each day on the next,
Only to die without enjoying your fruit,
Apr 2016 · 172
Spewing Heart
Maximus Tamo Apr 2016
I fill my time with hobbies, and ways to waste my energy,
I have no one to lavish, with my time and my feelings,
So I try to avoid the thinking, although it always finds me,
And I can't keep from feeling, I want to show my love,
But who can I be forward with, with whom can I share my passion,

The lonesome heart is wild, It is tossed amid a sea,
Of feelings it cannot comprehend, And yet it yearns for more,
It dives even deeper, Into a world of pain,
Searching for a hidden pearl, The love of another and one to love itself,
Danger is no concern, A longing heart feels no pain worse,
Then to be left Alone                            .
Apr 2016 · 193
Maximus Tamo Apr 2016
The sun shines around me, but
I am in the dark, and
What goes on around me, only
Serves to break my heart,

A black hole is within me, it
***** my insides dry, robbing
Me of feelings, keeping
Me in the dark,

A ray of light came out, one
Day when I met you, then
As quickly as I saw it, it
Is swallowed by the blackness,

Yet even in the shadows, I
Have been given hope, that
One day I might meet you, and
Chase my curse away !!
Apr 2016 · 163
My Ten Words
Maximus Tamo Apr 2016
Persevere...                                                    ­  and Conquer

Never stop *Feeling

Dreams                    DO                      ­                        become Reality
Apr 2016 · 246
You and I
Maximus Tamo Apr 2016
We stay, are unshaken,
We stay, unlike the rest,
We stay, never changing,
We stay, strong as ever,

No one, can break us up,
No one, can join with us,
No one, can copy us,
No one, could distract us,

Closer, pull me tighter,
Closer, feeling my breath,
Closer, hot on your nape,
Closer, never enough,

Under, the sheets we hide,
Alone, is all we need,
Whisper, I need your voice,
Touching, Bring me to life,

Without, I cannot be,
Without, I am ******,
Without, I have been lost,
Without, I am nothing,

Come with, lets slow this down,
Come on, relax enjoy us,
Come here, sit in my lap,
Come home, never leave me,
Apr 2016 · 348
Maximus Tamo Apr 2016
His way is strewn, with blood and tears,
Pressing onward, despite his fears,
Amidst a cry, of shouts and jeers,
Pleasures tempting, but he adheres,
He stays his soul, braves new frontiers,

A stranger man, was never known,
No plant nor stone, has heard him groan,
A heavy sentence, to bear alone,
His long full beard, has grayer grown,
As on the grass, his bed is thrown,

His life is plain, It has not thrill,
A man of strength, of soul and will,
None shall shake him, And none can ****,
Amid the night, when wind would chill,
A firm resolve, his goals fulfill,

And on until, a final day,
When he walks on, without dismay,
Stumbles upon, the sainted fray,
He drops his cloak, and makes his way,
Up to the gods, with grand hooray,
Apr 2016 · 248
The River Kalimite
Maximus Tamo Apr 2016
From high above the plains,
Running from the mountains above,
Life flows into the lowlands,
The river brings abundance,

The people bathe in it,
The animals wade and drink from it,
Settlements grow around it,
Fields depend on it,

Once a year flows the river red,
Seeping with the waters,
Blood from many men,
From an unknown source,

The villages know of its coming,
The people store water,
It changes over night,
The lifeblood of many passes by,

For three days it will run,
Then wanes to original clarity,
But the residue remains,
Leaves scars along its banks,

Reminding the people of trouble,
Showing them their dependence,
They cannot live without,
The fresh waters of Kalimite.
Apr 2016 · 203
FATEed Portrait
Maximus Tamo Apr 2016
A solemn man,
Blue, concerned with life,
Thinking, calculating a way,
To keep from throwing life away,

He sits by the window,
Hollowed with moonlight,
His sorrow shows though,
Knowing not what to do,

Then as an angel,
Sent from heaven,
Irisviel descends on his shoulder,
Comfort, reassuring, his upholder,

An angel trapped in a demon,
A woman tormented by herself,
Never knowing peace,
Their woes would never cease,
Apr 2016 · 255
Our Unwedding Unanniversary
Maximus Tamo Apr 2016
Eight Years ago today,
We made promises to each other,
But our vows are thrown away,
You went to love another,

I flew with you away,
To where worries would fade,
I never found the stowaway,
Pretend to love me, Masquerade,

When I found you pleasing him,
And you would not stop to see,
My face and love grow grim,
I began to hate secretly,

Soon you told me you would leave,
Within my chest I could not keep,
You from my heart to cleave,
My hatred and pain were far to deep,

Now the pain is further distant,
It seems calmer and a dull sheet,
But my resentment stays consistent,
Ne're forgive, Ne're repeat,
Apr 2016 · 255
Maximus Tamo Apr 2016
We cannot know for sure what our future holds
So why do we do what we do?

We work to improve the Unseen
But who says it needs improving?

Take it easy, live your life
*Don't waste today trying to extend tomorrow
Apr 2016 · 244
The Indomitable
Maximus Tamo Apr 2016
Bones creaking and joints grinding,
Tissue tearing away from itself,
Skin cut, ripping further,
Blood from every wound flowing,

A ****** creature sentenced to death,
Without sight or feel or smell,
Loosing control of all itself,
The lights begin to fade to black,

And yet somehow it stumbles on,
It fights itself to push forward,
It moves slowly toward the monster,
The same one that crippled it to start,

A creature that refuses to die,
It will not succumb to the pain or darkness,
As long as there is a purpose,
It's goal is all that it can see,

This creature cannot be beaten,
This creature cannot be stopped,
It will achieve it's goal no matter the cost,
**Such is my love for you
Apr 2016 · 284
Mother Nature
Maximus Tamo Apr 2016
Her eyes are set deep,
Dark and profound,
Blue and crystalline,
Full of mysteries,

In spring she dresses in green,
She is joyful, full of life,
Autumn brings another dress,
Hues of brown, red, and orange,

She keeps balance,
Destroying, resetting the land,
Her nature is beautiful,
The original scenery,

She watches he children,
Keeping them safe,
Even when they take her,
And abuse her resources,

Her storms and catastrophes,
Are like a mother's hand,
Spanking, teaching her children,
Quickly replaced by love,

She does not hate,
She cannot hold a grudge,
She can only love,
And passively watch,

Let us love her back,
Repay her for her pain,
Stop cutting, and ****** her,
Appreciating her beauty.
Apr 2016 · 211
Maximus Tamo Apr 2016
Hiding nothing from each other,
Only good feelings and pleasure,
Never going to let go,
Except one of us lied,
Secretly playing the feild,
To find true love elsewhere,
Leaving me behind,
You move on alone,
Apr 2016 · 220
No Escape
Maximus Tamo Apr 2016
Hollow and alone,
He lays on the floor,
Hiding from his fears,
Behind a locked door,

No one will find him,
Because no one can see,
The lives that he has taken,

A plan was set in motion,
Premeditated ******,
He went day after day,
Only one step further,

As the goal grows closer,
His course becomes more clear,
He cannot stray off the path,
He must surmount his fear,

A life is a precious thing,
It is fragile and frail,
It should not be neglected,
And cannot be for sale,

At the end of a gun,
A life's value you can find,
It is all to unfortunate,
He who shoots is blind,

After the flash of powder,
Post action thoughts begin,
Whispers all around him,
Reminders of his sin,

Hie cannot find forgiveness,
For a sin he shan't confess,
Deeper into depression,
His feelings recess,

A thought, a way out,
Strikes all who dive so deep,
A "simple" way to end it,
Their own life to reap,

The aftermath is worse,
Then all the sin combined,
When another life is taken,
A soul in sin confined,
Apr 2016 · 293
Maximus Tamo Apr 2016
The crusty age-ed man,
Wobbles on the precipice,
Trembling, shaking, catatonic,
Contemplating life,

Before him, beating the air,
Amidst the swirling snow,
Flies his beast,
Watching him carefully,

Suddenly plummeting,
Hurtling toward earth,
As the ground races up,
He widens his eyes,

His heart rate slows,
He relaxes and concentrates,
Probing for a consciousness,
He feels it coming,

Behind him is the roar,
The blue flames surround him,
And the beast appears beside,
catches him on its neck,

Feet above the spines,
It beats it's massive wings,
And pulls out of the dive,
Beast and rider gliding along,

Skimming along the water,
Mist ****** up,
Into the evening air,
Perfecting the scenery,
Apr 2016 · 353
The End of a Dwarf
Maximus Tamo Apr 2016
Day 87
We hit a harder seam today,
Several pics broke,
Gami is still sick,
I think he will pass soon,
Our food is holding well,

Day 92
We are though the bedrock,
Soon we will hit pay dirt,
A team met us with fresh tools; This means blisters again,
Morale is dropping; Gami is hallucinating,
Today he called out to Ragem; Why would a god answer him?
He is a hindrance,
Food supplies are still sufficient,

Day 93
My day-clock was broken today,
Glimli found the first gem of the mission,
In the shuffle someone smashed my clock,
It will be harder to deal with no light now,
I want Gami gone, Things are going wrong,
No one will turn back, god help us,

Day 96* *I think
I am doing my best to keep time,
When I am off the pic line I count seconds,
Gami has grown silent, I expect to bury him soon,
My bad luck has not gotten worse, I found a gem today,
We have begun filling the first of twenty carts,
Our food stores continue to hold,

Day 100?
I lost all time, We are all attempting to recreate day,
We light a lamp at three quarters oil,
While it burns we think day, when it dies; night
Gami seems to be coming back from the edge,
Today he walked on his own,
A wyrm and some rot were found in our grain,
I fear my luck has left again, I offered my first meal to Ragem,

Day 100 Something
I need to leave, Gami has recovered but his brain is damaged,
He speaks gibberish, He is insane,
The others follow him because he claims to have seen Ragem,
Gami has been given two guards, and a throne,
I don't understand whats happening,
We continued though pay dirt; found several gems today,
I have heard the walls whisper, we will begin supporting the ceiling,

120 at least
It's over we will die here, Going is so slow,
Putting supports up quarters our progress,
We expected a relief train earlier, no one has come,
Gami is ruling, everyone obeys him, but why??
I need to dethrone him, but the others will take his side,..
He must die, I will **** him,
I am developing a plan to get close to him,
Food has been rationed, I suspect because Gami is piggish,

Day 130
Today is the day of Death,
I warned Gami that the ceiling was loose,
He sent three men including one of his guards to the pic line,
They were killed swiftly by a large release from the roof,
Also two men died of sickness, likely from bad grain,
I have showed intrest in being Gami's guard, I shall not write if I am,
For fear of this falling into the wrong hands,
Ragem help me!!!

Day 145
I DID IT! I was able to **** Gami,
I followed him to the back of the group for his rest,
While he slept I placed the prepared rock in his mouth,
Then struck it with another driving it into his throat,
He died silently, and no one ask any questions,
Life has returned to normal; mostly,
We are very short on food, and continue to have bad luck,
Our gem payout is very shy of what it ought to be,
We will turn to steeper tunnels,
Praise Ragem!

Day 150
Our food is gone, few people have personal stashes,
We sent a party back up the tunnel to look for a relief train,
They have not returned, There are only fifteen of us left,
Our steeper tunnels have helped with our payout,
Hunger is always in my fore mind,
I hope they return soon,

They are here! They found the party killed but not pillaged,
Someone kept them from delivering the food and tools!
I suggested that Gami may have, to keep it for himself,
This seems to be the accepted reason, But Give Thanks, FOOD!

Day 160
Sickness persists, total numbers are down to twelve,
The sounds of the dead are all around, I fear death,
Supplies are full, but morale is horrible,
The good earth continues to give up her gems,
Maybe we will finish this work and return home?
I have been called to fill in for deceased, work loads are increasing,

Day 166
I am completely exhausted, two more have died today,
But the others seem to be recovering, Our carts are almost filled,
There is hope for survival,
There are now ten of us, shifts are halved, and rations are doubled,
Work has slowed, The walls seem to breath, Telling us to leave,
I miss my table, my wine, and my wife,

Day Something
We have decided to turn back, We dug into a chasm,
The pic line broke into it, then the rocks they stood on fell,
We lost three good men, The chasm is deeper than we can see,
There is orange light and fog at the bottom,
It will be hard to push these carts up the steeper tunnels,
Supplies hold well, has bad luck returned?

Final Entry
It is all over, as we pushed our riches up and up, The floor broke,
Dropping us into another, older, tunnel, The gems went everywhere,
Two more men were crushed by rock and carts,
We have no way to return to the tunnel above us,
We do not know which way is out,
Furthermore our food sits ten feet above us, watching us starve,
Why did I not turn back when I had the chance,

**Sweetie I love you and I I .. Cannot say how much I need,:;,.. Without anywhere to see my.:'"; AHHHHhhhhh.....
Apr 2016 · 433
Magnolia's Protection
Maximus Tamo Apr 2016
Under the magnolia tree,
A warm spring night,
The petals begin to fall,
But I cannot see them,

I sleep soundly,
Looking up toward this beauty,
The rainbow colors,
Will never reach me,

The elegance of nature,
Creates the most beauty,
From the branches and petals,
To the intricate roots,

All who see this tree,
And its petals,
They think of me,
For I am always here,

This tree protects me,
Its leaves keep the rain off,
Its roots keep me sheltered,
And its colors keep me alive,

Even as I sleep,
In a coffin below,
My favorite tree in life,
Apr 2016 · 253
Silent Feelings
Maximus Tamo Apr 2016
An unwanted twinge,
A sheathed blade,
Ready to strike,
A killing blow,

Hiding in shadows,
Waiting to strike,
A patient enemy,
Is the most deadly,

Like a dagger,
Slides between two ribs,
These silent feelings cut,
Directly to the Heart,

No armour can protect,
A man whilst he sleeps,
The only place that is safe,
Is the place after life,

With no warning,
From an unknown source,
A pin ***** is felt,
And the life is snuffed out,
Apr 2016 · 301
Cracked "the Skull"
Maximus Tamo Apr 2016
There upon the top of "the Skull"
Stood three old ****** trees,
That have see the ages change,

They had seen the older times,
When people slaughtered by command,
All types of animals to save themselves,
But the bloodshed could never end,

These trees have seen the New ways,
They have seen the lack of sacrifices,
They know the feeling of freedom,
They stand as reminders of the Old,

Upon this small hill,
These three trees saw the ages change,
With a final sacrifice, of Human blood,
One final all encompassing ****,

These tree trees stood and held,
Three men above the rest,
So their agony was seen,
For all people to enjoy,

But what the executioners did not know,
That they were working for the executed,
Without this sacrifice, there was not redemption
They killed, and created their salvation,

The mysteries of thirty two A.D.
There upon the "Place of the Skull"
The unbelievable sacrifice to save the lost,
This love could ***** any **Skull
Apr 2016 · 193
The Shape of a Soul
Maximus Tamo Apr 2016
A                                         Soul
it has no                        definite shape
but we do know            how it can be found,
Just look behind          our feeling and pain,
It defines our essence, Our most pure self
We carry it around everywhere we go,
It may not take up space, But we
know where it is, We can
not forget it or leave
it at home, It is
always with
us where
we go!
Apr 2016 · 274
Maximus Tamo Apr 2016
Candles flicker,
Shadows jump and dance,
In the room,
Where a woman stands,

She is beautiful,
By mans standards,
High brows and sculpted cheeks,
A temptress' smile,

She stands,
Still like a stone,
Dressed up,
Perfect make up,

The door shrieks,
and slowly opens,
She squeezes her eyes shut,
A chill from her toes to her nape,

She knows,
No man may pass though,
The door of the dead,
She can guess the spirit,

Her mind cuts back,
To an October day,
She lost everything,
And turned to him,

He gave her wealth,
He gave her looks,
He gave her Fame,
He became her all,

She gave him a promise,
She gave him her heart,
He stole her soul,
And comes to collect,

She recoils at the touch,
Of sharp ice,
And fiery Steel,
She recants,

But it is too late,
She is his,
He will ravage her,
In his eternal fire,
Apr 2016 · 247
Maximus Tamo Apr 2016
Sitting alone,
Waiting for something,
Time to reflect,
Time for pondering,

The mind wanders,
Back, Back,
Before "it" happened,
When life was "normal"

When the sky was blue,
Before the rivers ran red,
When the fields were green,
And flowers would grow,

The forests were green,
Animals roaming,
Birds singing,
And food could grow,

The skies are purple,
Filled with debris,
From other earths,
And deep underground,

The machines were merciless,
Wholly set to accomplish a goal,
To violate this ****** earth,
And take her seed,

To plant elsewhere,
Grow and nurish,
Then harvest again,
Such is their game,

But earth cannot comprehend,
The powers that be,
Lying behind,
Such extraterrestrial visitors,

Escaping back,
To that wonderful world,
With everything needed,
And more to enjoy,

When people were free,
And bread was cheap,
When pleasure was possible,
When children could play,

For never again,
Will happiness be heard,
For once it is barren,
They destroy the world,
Apr 2016 · 225
To Live is To Survive
Maximus Tamo Apr 2016
Stranded alone on an island,
A man floated among his dreams,
Tried to ignore his coming death,
Tried to silence the inner screams,

His world was shattered,
One fateful day,
When his plane fell down,
Into the bay,

He left his daughters,
And his wife,
Across the sea,
He left his life,

He drempt of home,
And many a night,
Against odds and nature,
He would fight,

For he was strong,
And determined was he,
For again with his family,
He would be,

He fought for months,
And on and on,
But no one would come,
To set eyes upon,

This lonely soul,
And tormented he,
Was tempted to himself,
From suffering free,

As he held the knife,
And scratched his skin,
He could hear the calling,
From deep within,

He knew that if he died,
There was no chance to see,
His daughters again,
Or with his wife to be,

So he pressed on,
And fought harder,
But it seemed from salvation,
He only got farther,

His heart and soul,
Were both shattered,
He could move on no more,
His will was tattered,

Then the chopper,
Flew into his cove,
And into the water,
His salvation dove,

As they moved onto land,
And toward his bed,
They found him lying,
Bitter, cold, and Dead,

Somewhere along,
Beings, fates, or gods,
Are harsh and cruel,
Ne'er sparing the rod

Life is not easy,
And never is fair,
But we must push through,
Even when no hope is there,

If we give up,
And bow our head,
Then we are crawling,
Into deaths bed,

The least we can do,
If fight on and long,
Till every ounce,
Of strength is gone,
Apr 2016 · 713
Slogan Riddle
Maximus Tamo Apr 2016
You are in free fall at 10,000 feet,
You have no parachute, no phone to call for help,
No one is nearby, No one else can catch you,

You have a can of spray paint, (any color you choose)
And you have a plastic toy cow,

Apr 2016 · 714
A Simple Elegance
Maximus Tamo Apr 2016
Often her beauty is passed over,
Many a dress is wasted,
She cannot acquire his attention,
No matter how she dresses up,

She dies at every failure,
She longs for a single glance,
To be graced by a single word,
Living to be noticed by him,

Every night she dreams,
Of life with him and her,
The pangs of love chain her,
To a life of slavery,

After her will is broken,
When she is no longer strong,
She reverts to her more natural self,
And he seeks her out,

He finds and admires her person,
He sees that she is at peace,
She cannot believe it was so easy,
To meet her only love,

All of our faking and strutting,
All of the false looks,
They only cover our colors,
And hide us from true love,
Apr 2016 · 282
Silver Statues
Maximus Tamo Apr 2016
There is a land, over the sea,
Where all around, on hills and spires,
Stand tall and gleaming, in morning sun,
The Silver Statues, still and hushed,

They watch over their land, constantly,
Eyes all around, There are no secrets,
The statues know all, even the darkness,
None can hide, from the statues eyes,

Ages of memories, stored in silver,
Boundless wisdom, locked within,
Silently watching, waiting for an age,
When this eternal punishment, shall ensnare them no more,

Statues connected, by thought and by mind,
Standing guard, for all of time,
Ranks on an island, invaluable stones,
But none can see them, or share in their load,

This is the penalty, for those who betray,
Those who cross, and harm their friends,
He is chained, in a world of pain,
For he cannot repay, an innocent friend,
Apr 2016 · 228
Automatons Below
Maximus Tamo Apr 2016
Huge spinning gears,
Large spurts of steam,
Clanking of metal pieces,
A constant roar of machinery,

Earth shaking steps,
A lumbering monster,
It moves with the power of an avalanche,
Crushing all in its path,

Somewhere just below,
A race of giants live,
Technology beyond belief,
Remnant of older nations,

Golden Machines,
Harder than steel,
Machines for war,
To guard their last,

None can find or comprehend,
The power that lies beneath,?A true titan below us,
The Automaton awaits,
Apr 2016 · 253
The Lamb
Maximus Tamo Apr 2016
A lamb, soft and tender,
Wanders, around an unknown bend,

Misguided, pretender,
It knows not, when its life shall end,

Dwarfed by natures forces,
All around fly evils sources,

A small light, flickers, wanes,
Precious lamb, caught in death's dark chains,

All WE can do is love,
For WE are like little lost Lambs.
Apr 2016 · 241
From the Stars
Maximus Tamo Apr 2016
About the Space flew no Satellites,
So never could any fall to  earth,
There was one who knew his origin,
Good over Evil, Light not Dark, No ***** but Free,

He Flew about with a Question,
Could he be the only of his kind,
He knew none like himself,
He decided to fall to earth,

The earth was bare, laid to waste,
First he made fire, a light to see,
He made a schedule set the time,
A time for suns and time for moons,

He made a home for himself far above.
A perfect place of light.
Filled with Joy and delight.
To share with those he should meet.

He then visited the sea shore,
Noted the difference of land and sea,
He planted a seed and grew a tree,
Vegetation around him sprang,

He looked up and saw the stars,
Twinkling and shining down,
He placed a disk, a moon,
To dance round his happy earth,

This moon pulled the seas,
He pulled a creature from the depths,
And admired its perfect nature,
Then above him sang a dove,

Out from the Trees sprang a deer,
Long and slender it bounced along,
Finally a Man he saw drawn in dirt,
He sat up and began to talk,

Looking about at all the Glory,
Above, Below, And all around,
He couldn't help but say,

— The End —