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Umamah Feb 2
I locked your
inside a drawer and
lost the key.
does that mean I’m free?
  Jan 11 Umamah
Lying down in just a T-shirt
I can only hear myself breathe
In and out
In and out

Why did you always shout?

I swear I'm trying my best
It's been months since I've shed a tear
But tonight, I dry my eyes
Close my eyes
Sick of all your lies

These four walls witness my sobs
I don't want to keep it in anymore
I'm breaking down
Torn down
There's only silence, no sound

My mind goes numb when they say your name
My heart pounds, I can't breathe
Flying away,
I'm flying away
I can't feel my body –as I lay

Here you are, still won't admit your mistakes
My God! My hope fractures
No gravity
There's no gravity
I'm hanging in between —you and me
  Jan 11 Umamah
Still remember the words he wrote,
"I see my life vanishing in cigarette smoke."
Young, old soul
Ranting about the hearts he had broke

Can't help but see him when it rains,
Standing in the corner of the road -a smiling face

Too many years had passed,
Heard he was fighting in a rehab,
Such a dear friend –but time moves fast

We laid him down to rest,
Six feet under, I know he did his best

A friend is a friend,
When hearts break, you ought to mend
But when they leave,
Make sure love's all you send
In memory of a friend we lost to drug addiction.
  Jan 11 Umamah
If not anything else, I'll give you memories to keep
No touch, but a bucket full of flowers before I leave

One day, when the petals dry out, and your skin wears time
You'll recall the joy you've had, the echo of laughter and I'll be on your mind

Just like a sharp, wrenching arrow –you once crossed my heart
They saw you staring subtly, but I knew it was best to stay apart

I'll have this picture of you in my mind –white shirt, blue jeans
Running across the flawed fences, smiling, young and carefree

When you're weary, old hands reach out for a cup of tea
Maybe you'll realise how I reached out for you but you didn't see me
  Jan 11 Umamah
Dear person
That stinging feeling in your chest
That overwhelming fear of death
That demon in your head
Let's put it all to rest

If you ask me
I can tell you stories with no end
And just before "hate" was about to bend
They tell you heart is not to mend
Seal your lips —let's pretend

You and me, us
We're the tribe here to suffer
It gets lonely, but you're tougher
Speak the truth, why you muffle?
"Always happy" is for the bluffer

Hear me out here today
When you lose and there's nothing to say
Raise you head, life's a play
You need to fight for it to pay
Be prepared —because it may..

You're the ashes but in a golden tray
Feel the difference, feel it here
You're not deep
Oh but –you're oceans away

Far from reach because you fly
Your conscience will remain
Out of dozens, because you were sane
Always picked on, felt the pain
Stand high, don't be tamed
Enjoy the storm —let it rain
Umamah Jan 11
We spent countless nights
planning our futures,
it’s a pity we never
planned them without
each other.
Umamah Jan 11
My heart beats for its last time,
My body breathes its last breath,
My senses perceive what they can for the last time,
And finally,
My soul escapes my body like a prisoner in captivity does.
Now I am free,
Free to be more than just a human trapped within a frail body
But who am I now?
I could be anything,
I could be impossibility in a world of immense possibilities.
I could be the wind beneath the wings of bird,
About to take its first flight,
I could be the first ray of sunlight that hits the Earth,
As dusk breaks into dawn.
I could be anything,
As big as the universe itself,
Or as small as the single grain of sand,
On the beach of an undiscovered island.
I could be the brightest star,
On a dark December night,
Or I could be the full moon
That lights the path of the solivagant
I could be the first raindrop
That falls from the sky as monsoon approaches
Or I could be the first snowflake that falls on the peak of a mountain,
Depicting a rough winter ahead.
I am a free soul,
Free to be anything
Free to follow the path,
Contrary to the one paved for me.
Free to take the road that leads,
To immense possibilities.

— The End —