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1.2k · Jan 2021
Sleep Will Have to Wait
Ian Dunn Jan 2021
Time's up, I've got to go
I wish I didn't have to, but I know
that if I don't leave now, I'll be late
Though I'm tired, I can't afford to wait

This journey seemed easier at the start
Maybe I asked for too big of a part
But I made a promise, I took a vow
That will have to carry me for now

This burden weighs down my spirit
It'd be easy to lie down and quit
But I can't move forward by standing still
I've got to keep going up this hill

It'll be a long time before I'm free
but there are people counting on me
Right now, I have somewhere to be
So sleep will have to wait for me
1.1k · Jan 2021
Paper Flower
Ian Dunn Jan 2021
I made this for you
It's not much
Just a paper flower
Folded with care

I could've gone to the store
Picked one out
Found the most beautiful flower
And bought it just for you

But this one has something special
It has my heart and soul in it
A piece of me
that's just for you

This is more than just a flower
This is my gift to you
I want you to have it
So a piece of me will always be with you
489 · Oct 2019
Your Face
Ian Dunn Oct 2019
I love that face
Don't change it
I can see you inside

It's real
never fake
You're happy without smiling

I can see through you
To the smile on the inside
It's in your eyes
396 · Dec 2020
Your Own Worst Enemy
Ian Dunn Dec 2020
I watch you while you sleep
Infecting your dreams
You can't run away from me
I'm always waiting for you

You're a failure at everything
There's no place for you here
Behind the false smiles
Everyone wants you to leave

Fear isn't the bad guy
It's what keeps you safe
Be afraid of everything
And nothing will hurt you

Don't trust them, trust me
They'll hurt you, I know it
You're not worth saving
Nor protecting nor praising

Kindness exists in fairy tales
But this is the real world
It's cold and unforgiving
And love is only a weakness

So stick with me for protection
I guarantee you'll be fine
After all misery loves company
And we've got nothing but time
370 · Jan 2021
Alone Together
Ian Dunn Jan 2021
You're not like them
Maybe you act a bit different
Or you don't look like everyone else
Or they don't understand you when you talk

You laugh when everyone else cries
You scream when everyone else laughs
The wrong words slip out
At the worst possible times

I've done those things too
We're not the same as everyone else
But we can find a place together
Just the two of us

One day, they'll accept us
Because there's nothing wrong with us
But until they see that,
We can spend our time alone, together
342 · Oct 2021
Nothing Wrong With You
Ian Dunn Oct 2021
Life didn't go as planned
Though you thought it all in hand
Even though your plans fell through
There's nothing wrong with you

It's not because of the way you look
Nor because of the abuse you took
You might have a different point of view
But there's nothing wrong with you

It's not because your voice is strange
You certainly don't need to change
Everything is my favorite part about you
So you know there's nothing wrong with you

No matter how much life knocks you down
Get back up and keep reaching for that crown
It's up to you to see your journey through
Because there's nothing wrong with you
309 · Oct 2021
Stuck on the Outside
Ian Dunn Oct 2021
I try to get in
I try to push past
the walls keeping me stuck
in the supporting cast

I smile and nod
I try to talk
But I know I don't belong
Eventually, away I'll walk

I want to try
I want to fit in
But what's natural to others
only leaves me with questions

I'm stuck on the outside
A stranger among friends
I don't know when this feeling stops
I don't know if it ever ends

So I'll keep walking
and hum my own song
dreaming of that place
where I can belong
Ian Dunn Dec 2020
Not every superhero wears a mask
Some can only wear a smile
Showing that they understand another's problems
As they work to guide people out of the dark

Not every superhero has gadgets
Some of them wear bright vests
announcing to the world that help is on the way
as smoke and debris fills the air

Not every superhero wears a cape
Some of them wear surgical masks and gloves
Struggling every day to make a difference
against overwhelming odds

Not every superhero has superpowers
Most of them are ordinary people
that when the world was ending, stopped
and asked "How can I help?"
254 · Nov 2019
December 7th
Ian Dunn Nov 2019
A stroke of lightning
Everything is on fire
What could we have done?

Bombs fall and friends die
On this day, black as the smoke
That now fills the air

That smoke fills the air
The only light we can see
is from burning ships

We will not back down
As dark as the day now looks
Brighter it will be
236 · Dec 2020
Part of the Family
Ian Dunn Dec 2020
Sit right down, there's plenty of room
You'll see happiness and joy bloom
Squeeze in if you have to, we're all family here
There's more than just us, we're far and near
It's fine if you don't know everyone's name
You're part of the family all the same

Are you hungry?  Don't hesitate to say
Take some for later if you're going your own way
There's plenty here for everyone
Stick around, we're sure it will be fun
It's fine if you don't know everyone's name
You're part of the family all the same

Are you staying, or just stopping by?
We might ask, but you don't have to say why
There's always a place for you here
So stop by and see us again next year
Any ideas of being a loner, of yourself disavow
Because you're part of the family now
234 · Nov 2021
Embrace the Strange
Ian Dunn Nov 2021
Among the changing leaves
The pumpkins, the corn, the scarecrows
Something different came along
something we didn't understand

They frightened us, these new things
They were bizarre, weird, creepy
To cope with this, we made a label
We called them "monsters"

In our fear of the strange
We couldn't see the obvious
That what we thought were monsters
were just people who were different

So embrace the strange
Because they're not monsters
They're just different
And different doesn't have to be scary
229 · Nov 2021
Human Repair Kit
Ian Dunn Nov 2021

Somewhere warm to hide under during a storm
Someone to love when times are tough
Something soft to cuddle when it's hard
Some reason to keep going even when it's rough
Some good friends to remind you that you matter
Some good times for which to hope and pray
Someone to hold you while you cry and say
“Dry your tears.  It's gonna be okay.”
221 · Oct 2019
Because I Had You
Ian Dunn Oct 2019
When I was young, and bigger kids would push me down
I wanted to push them back
But you told me "No, that won't help."

When I was older, and other people hurt me
I wanted to hurt them back.
But you told me "No, that won't heal the pain."

When people tricked me and hurt me with their lies
I wanted to see them in pain too.
But you told me "No, it won't change anything."

When I saw other people in pain,
I wanted to fix it.
But you told me "There's nothing you can do."

Then I saw other people that loved them
Other people that wanted to fix it.
And I said "I'm here for you."

And you said "Yes.  That's helping."

Now I look out and see people that don't know
People that try to push back.
People that try to heal their pain by causing more.
People that hurt themselves trying to help others.
And I know why they're like that.

They didn't have you.

Now it's my turn.
There's someone who doesn't know
Someone that needs me to show him
I'll show him the right way.
I know I can do it.
Because I had you.
For Mom and Dad
196 · Nov 2020
Lost in a Story
Ian Dunn Nov 2020
Lost in a story I don't care
I need not but water and air

All alone, but I don't feel unwanted
The darkness is gone, the light untainted

I have neither a companion nor desire to feel loved
My fears, to the side I've shoved

My world could fall apart, but I'll survive
So long as my characters are by my side

Lost in a story, the eye of the storm
So long as I'm there, I'm safe and warm
194 · Nov 2019
Slice of Community
Ian Dunn Nov 2019
Won't you share with me
a slice of community?
There's plenty for everyone
So why don't you have some?
It's sweetened with friendship
And unharmed by hardship
It's crisp from our strength
It stretches the length
Of the town, so let's share
It's a great way to show that we care
So come share with me
a slice of community
191 · Jan 2021
Ian Dunn Jan 2021
When you're falling down
When all hope is gone
And you can't carry on
Look up and remember these words

There's so much color to see
There's so much music to hear
You don't need to go anywhere
Only sit still just a moment

Open your mind to it
Let it into your heart
There's so much beauty in this world
And you don't want to miss it

You're a part of it
It might be hard to see it
But it's not just around you
It's inside you too

You're beautiful the way you are
I sincerely hope you know that
Open yourself to the beauty of this world
And be the best you can be
189 · Oct 2019
I Was There
Ian Dunn Oct 2019
On that first day of school
when you didn't know anyone at all
I was there so you wouldn't feel afraid.

Over the summer, when everyone else had gone off to camp
I was there to run through the fields with you.
We were wizards fighting dragons, or pirates sailing the seas.
We played all day until your mom and dad came and got you.

Or that time when you tried getting an extra cookie
I was there to be the lookout.
I wasn't very good at it.
Sorry about that.

We laughed and played.
We sang and we danced.
And we were there to have fun
for as long as we could.

But then one day, things changed.
The fun stopped, and the work started.
You were always too busy with school.
And when you weren't, you went out with friends.
I don't think you noticed me anymore.
But still, I was there.

When that one friend yelled at you,
I was there when they slammed the door.
Or that other friend that just never showed up.
I was there when you locked yourself in your room.
I don't think you knew I could hear you crying.

As the days went by, I watched you change.
No matter what happened, no matter what you did,
I was there, just in case you needed a friend.

Then one day, you looked up at me and said
And I smiled and said

And we talked like we used to.
We drifted away
back to those shining days.
And for a moment,
we were there together.

It didn't last long.
Soon, you had to go away.
I was there when your parents left you
at that strange place you called "college".

I was there then.
I'm here now.
And I'll be there tomorrow.
Because that's what friends are for.

With love,
Your Imaginary Friend
182 · Oct 2019
Beware the Shadow People
Ian Dunn Oct 2019
Beware the Shadow People
That sit in the dark corners
They shout and mock
Where no one can see them

If you argue, they attack you
They call you a liar, a fake
Kindness confuses them
So they feed on hate

They act strong
it's easy when you can't see them
But get them into the light
And they're small, so small

They're all different
as are you and I
So one must know them
to shine the light

And remember
The Shadow People
are still people
so be kind
181 · Dec 2019
How Sincere is Sincerity?
Ian Dunn Dec 2019
Sometimes, it's okay to lie
Small, tiny things that don't matter
But you have to keep account of it
Watch them closely, don't let them scatter

Sincerity isn't always honest
She can't always stay true
Even she has to lie sometimes
She has bad days too

When someone won't understand the truth
Or when it will simply hurt too much
But tell too many lies
and they will turn into a crutch

Be honest as much as you can
Live your life with sincerity
Remember to consider others' feelings
And always use it responsibly
180 · Nov 2019
Ian Dunn Nov 2019
Every time I make a mistake
That mistake creates
another vulture circling
Hanging there, waiting
To remind me of that time
I was less than I could be

There are many of them there
It scares me to think
That another could appear
Other people must be able to see them
They must remember that time
That I was less than they wanted me to be

With so many mistakes over my head
That everyone else can see
They must be thinking to themselves
That something's wrong with me
Deep down, they must know what I know
That I'm a mistake

But in time I learned
That other people don't see them
No, they don't care,
because they've made mistakes too
Even though I make mistakes
that does not make me a mistake
164 · Nov 2021
Sit and Listen
Ian Dunn Nov 2021
No matter what your problem
No matter how bad it seems
Know that if you ask
I will sit and listen

Even if you just want to talk
Maybe about something silly
If you need someone
I will sit and listen

Maybe you want to ramble on
about something in life you love
I may not understand it
but I will sit and listen

I will make the time
I will work to focus
You are important to me
So I will sit and listen
It can mean the world to someone just to have someone there to listen.
157 · Feb 2021
Lost in the Storm
Ian Dunn Feb 2021
The waves get higher
crashing all around me
I lost sight of the port
amidst the raging sea

I'm clinging tightly
My hands have grown sore
Rain pelts the boat
In unending downpour

I don't know where to go
All I can do is guess and hope
Longing for some release
To do more than just cope

But there's no end to this storm
No harbor or port of safety
But I'm going to keep going
I won't let it take me

I can still see the sun
Though sometimes it may hide
That flicker of light in the darkness
Tells me that I can survive
137 · Feb 2021
Together We'll Make It
Ian Dunn Feb 2021
It's been a long journey
and though we don't know where it ends
We're almost there
I can feel it

It's been a difficult journey
Those who could walk, walked
Those who couldn't walk, we carried
But we couldn't carry everyone

It's been a strange journey
Different than anything we've faced before
We mustn't forget all that we've learned
We mustn't forget all that we've lost

It's been a tiring journey
The end is still far away
But if we walk together
I know we'll make it
137 · Nov 2019
Ian Dunn Nov 2019
Started by a single shot
No good or evil
Only humans

Stricken by fear
Ordered to fight
No matter how bad it got

Sung by one side
Then the other
Soon everyone sings

For just one night
A truce struck without generals
A decision made by soldiers

It's real
This is what it looks like
On World War I and the Christmas Armistice
136 · Dec 2019
Stand Tall Together
Ian Dunn Dec 2019
I'm scared of what will come
But united we can overcome

Each test, each war, each trial
So let's sit down and listen a while

We've got to reach over and extend a hand
Offer a chance to work together and take a stand

We can't let our differences tear us apart
We can work together, and here's where we start

There's no need to shout and scream
Let's turn this nightmare into a dream

It's no one's fault, don't think that way
If we don't see the problem, it won't go away

This beautiful land is yours and mine
This wondrous ball of joy and life

United we stand, divided we fall
So let's work together, one and all

If it were easy, we would've done it long ago
Let's finally start saying yes instead of no

We can stand tall together
We're in this now and forever

You're different from me
But we don't have to agree

Let's pledge to let peace and kindness rise
Greed and deception will be our demise

So let's stand arm in arm
Protect each other from harm

We're in this now and forever
We stand tall together
133 · Dec 2020
Some Reliability
Ian Dunn Dec 2020
In the grand scheme of our world
we're all pieces of a chain
linked together with trust
to do our part and pass it on again

We must be able to rely on the other pieces
To place trust in them to do their jobs
To know they'll get the work done
To be more than a series of angry mobs

If we can't rely on the other pieces
The links in the chain would crumble
There'd be no order left standing
Only chaos to toss and tumble

There must be some reliability
Accountability, discipline, and trust
They keep our world turning
without them we're little more than dust

Be proud of your place in the chain
Whatever you do, give it your all
Our world relies on you as much as me
And we can't let it fall
131 · Nov 2020
Real to Me
Ian Dunn Nov 2020
Your hand in mine brings me comfort
Even though I can't feel it

Your smile brightens my day
Even though no one else can see it

You're my piece of home
that I can take anywhere

You're not really there
But you're real enough to me
130 · Jan 2021
We're Surviving Together
Ian Dunn Jan 2021
Remember when this started?
This whole unending nightmare
It began, and darkness fell
We were all scared

It's frustrating to see
People in charge doing nothing
It's hard to see an end
to this endless night

We're still scared
People still do nothing
But we've seen the best in others
The spark of hope in the dark

We've made it this far
It's still a long way to go
But we'll get there
And we'll do it together
129 · Mar 2021
It's Gonna Be Okay
Ian Dunn Mar 2021
It's hard to think about tomorrow
When we're so busy surviving today
But no matter how bad things get
It's gonna be okay

Even though we're all suffering
and although friends are far away
We're still sticking together
So it's gonna be okay

The world outside looks so bleak
But this night isn't going to stay
This is only the dark before the dawn
It's gonna be okay

Things are going to get better soon
Because we'll all work to make them that way
United, we can do anything
So I know it's gonna be okay
125 · Dec 2019
Ian Dunn Dec 2019
Snowflakes dance
Like glittering stardust
Falling from up above
In a season of peace and trust

Glowing crystals
too small for our eye
Bring the heavens to the ground
Like walking on the night sky

Light a fire
Gather around to stay warm
Pass around mugs of cocoa
Let unity be the norm

Give gifts
Whether from a menorah or a tree
We can all celebrate together
It doesn't matter what you believe

The snow falls on all of us
We all feel the cold
It doesn't care about race or religion
It won't discriminate between young or old

Enjoy the end of the year
Look back on highs and lows
Let your best shine through
Caught and reflected by glittering snow
Ian Dunn Dec 2019
Come, let's all gather together
Don't look at the sky, ignore the weather
Leave behind your strife and disdain
And join us for another summer night on Church and Main

Bobby opens the night with some rocking tunes
Backed up by Bruce the Bassist who's kind of a loon
Pull up a chair, grab a drink, stay for the night
Make a new friend?  You never know, you just might.

Drink and eat until your stomachs are full
Then prepare yourselves for another Marc Original
Hear Jason rocking out with his own style
If you're lucky, you'll hear someone you haven't heard in a while

Up comes Frank and Jane - Sorry, Jane and Frank
So stick around, it won't break the bank
Chris and Chris are coming up to the mic
Kara's on her keys with Emily at her side, it's gonna be a great night

Jon's gonna go before it gets too late
I don't know what Don's doing, but I know it'll be great
The sun's going down, but Tim's on his guitar
So stay a little longer, don't go far

Before we go for the night, welcome EVERYONE to the stage!
When we're all together, the music leaps off the page
The only thing that can stop us is the rain
So let's enjoy these summer nights on Church and Main
Ian Dunn Nov 2019
The rain falls and cleanses my soul
as I dance barefoot on the grass
The trees applaud when I take a bow
They're thrilled with my show
Everyone else is inside
I don't understand why
Who would want to miss this?
Being among nature brings such bliss
The wind and rain, the sky and sea
They are all such good friends with me
I can talk with ease
to the flowers and trees
Sheltered among branches and vines
The rest of the world can't get me, I'm fine
Now I sit and dream with my friends
They'll support me until my journey ends
We listen, I to them and them to me
Like the wind, my ideas flow freely
It's the best place I could be
this world of the rain and trees
Ian Dunn Dec 2019
Come along, there's no need to fear
Everyone is welcome here
So please, stay a little longer
Help us spread some cheer

You don't have to know what you're doing
Do you really think we always do?
We've ******* up, but no one cared
So come on and take a chance or two

There's nothing but love here
Despite being packed in a little tight,
There's still plenty of space for more
Everything's gonna be alright

You might not know anyone
But remember, there was a time we didn't too
We've all come together as one
So stay and meet someone new

Come one and all
We won't shout or complain
Come and join our family
On Church and Main
112 · Nov 2019
The Tree and the Star
Ian Dunn Nov 2019
I took roots and stood still
allowing the world to pass me by
Until I looked up one night
and saw a shooting star fly by

You were so bright and colorful
I'd never seen something so unique
I wanted so much for you to stay
for your light to be something I could keep

I couldn't believe my eyes
when you slowed down for me
I thought maybe you'd stay
But I could see you wanted to leave

I grabbed hold and held tightly
While you thrashed and burned
Neither of us gave in
Until we'd both been hurt

So I let you go
and watched you fly away
Deep down I knew
I'd never see you again

But you came back
And this time I let you be
Because you're still a shooting star
and I'm still a tree
109 · Dec 2020
Your Own Best Friend
Ian Dunn Dec 2020
I'm here when you fall asleep
And again when you wake up
I'll stay here by your side
I'll keep you safe always

Open your eyes and awaken
Don't be afraid of a new day
Put your mind to it and you'll succeed
All you have to do is try

The world outside is scary
But I'll be right here to help
I'll hold your hand and watch
while you hold everyone else's

When the darkness sets in
I'm ready to go to work
I've got hundreds of memories
to remind you that you're good

Don't forget that you're worth it all
I've got enough love for the two of us
And you've got enough hope and kindness
for everyone else that needs it

Good times and bad times
I'll be here through it all
So go ahead and take that first step
I'm here to catch you if you fall
109 · Dec 2019
I Know I Can Fly
Ian Dunn Dec 2019
You didn't know what was best
You pushed me around like the rest
Deceptive, condescending
The secrets unending
Determined to run my life
Then leave me to deal with the strife
Until everything fell apart
I fell, weighed down by a broken heart
When I thought everything was lost to me
You held out your arms and caught me

You told me that
I could fly
All I had
to do was try
With your guidance
I made it through
All that time
looking up to you
No one else
understood me
But you brought out
the best in me

Everything got harder
but you pushed me farther
You kept me on the right path
even when I was stabbed in the back
Then you left and I had to make do
But I still didn't need to live without you

I was in trouble
Nowhere to go
Out of options,
but not alone
When darkness fell
You stood tall
You smiled at me,
then you were gone
It's been an honor
to be your friend
You said to me
at the end

I can't see the path, I'm lost
By the storm and winds, I'm tossed
I asked what I should do
I wondered what you would do
Mistake after mistake
It was too much to take
Then I almost died
and imagined you at my side
I knew then just what you'd say
Help them out; show them the way

Step by step,
I'm on my way
Moving forward
every day
I'll keep an eye on
those who need me
Using the strength
that you taught me
I'll make you proud
I've got to try
Because of you
I know I can fly
Told from the perspective of one of my characters
108 · Dec 2020
Remember the Sun
Ian Dunn Dec 2020
The night has fallen
Shrouding the world in unknown
An endless darkness

Remember the sun
Soon its light will break the storm
And bring back the day
103 · Dec 2020
Beautiful Dream
Ian Dunn Dec 2020
You rest on my pillow beside me
Smiling when I smile at you
You rest your head on my shoulder
when no one else is around

When I'm lost and scared and alone
You take my hand and tell me it's alright
Then I remember that I'm not alone
Because you're never far behind

You light my way with hope
Pull love out of the air
That you drift seamlessly through
Smiling and laughing so I'll join in

Hope and love are your home
But you leave it for me when I'm hurt
I close my eyes and I see you
You close yours and press your forehead to mine

You never take anything from me
No matter what I offer you
Instead you help me dry my tears
And pull me back up to my feet

The most beautiful part of you
above all else, there's no contest
is that you're always there when I'm sad
but you sit back and smile with me when I'm glad
103 · Jan 2021
At a Cafe with Friends
Ian Dunn Jan 2021
We sit down together
No work today
Classes are long since over
We can talk and laugh together

I sip my drink
While I smile at you all
It runs down my throat
Leaving a trail of flavor in its wake

It's been a long time since we've talked
Those memories from before
like tea running down my throat
wonderful but fleeting

It's all gone now
But I can order another cup
Not all the time
but sometime soon

We'll sit and drink tea together
Like the times of old
102 · Nov 2020
Only Dreaming
Ian Dunn Nov 2020
I thought I felt your hand in mine,
but it was only sand, falling through my fingers

You were such a beautiful dream that I woke up in tears
I cried harder when I realized it was over, that it wasn't real

Even though I see your face everywhere,
and can't get your voice out of my head

You were never real
I was only dreaming
102 · Nov 2019
Given Up on Me
Ian Dunn Nov 2019
I used to be weak and small
All I ever did was fall
I wanted a fairy tale
Even though I always fail
I think I can do it

It was hard at first
I must've been the worst
But I made friends who showed me
I had the strength inside me
I could be strong

They hadn't given up on me

Day by day, I got stronger
A victim no longer
I could smile and help others
My friends, like sisters and brothers
I was always there for them

But a monster crept inside
Divided us with her lies
Everyone could see it, but I was blind
So I left them behind
I turned my back on them

But I haven't given up on them

All alone, I can't find my way
I listened to lies and hate
A better world I sought
But with my friends I fought
I don't blame them for leaving me

When finally I'd woken up
I realized that inside I was broken up
I did what I could to make it right
I tried so hard to stop the fight
But too little too late

My friends had given up on me

I found comfort with so few
I found myself unable to
Understand why anyone should care
Why anyone would dare
Get too close to me

I thought someone might try
But it was all another lie
Betrayed by my last friend...
No.  Wrong again.
I still have a few friends

They haven't all given up on me

I broke out of my trance
And gave him another chance
I showed him a better way
I saw him change day by day
He wants to change too

I set him free
He sided with me
Against his family
Against society
Now he's dead because of me

But my friends haven't given up on me

It's hard to see the light
Struggling to do what's right
But I'm not a traitor anymore
I'm going to help stop this war
I can keep moving forward

I'm going to get stronger
Crying no longer
Because now I know
I don't have to go it alone
Sometimes, even the best need help

I haven't given up on me
From the perspective of one of my characters
101 · Oct 2019
Ian Dunn Oct 2019
Oh, my sad prince
I can see the dark in your eyes
It's closing in again, isn't it?
Cutting off the sun and blackening the skies.

I hate to see you this way
So downcast and forlorn
No one else sees it,
They neither weep nor mourn

I used to fear
that I'd see nothing more
That the light in you would die
And you'd lose the fight and the war

Now I know there is more
I see something in your eyes
Not pain, not misery
But an idea on the rise

You found your way out of the dark
All you needed was a paper and pen
So don't lose hope, my love
For the light will shine again
"Hikari" is Japanese for "light"
99 · Oct 2019
Ian Dunn Oct 2019
Such a soft touch
My hand in yours
So simple
So gentle
May it never end
98 · Dec 2020
Whisper of Fear
Ian Dunn Dec 2020
Fear waits around every corner
In every dark alleyway
Behind the eyes of every stranger
Sheltered in the unseen and unknown

A shadow lurking in the dark
Whispering in your ear
The predator, waiting for its prey
To let down its guard

But fear keeps us safe
Reminds us not to get too close
It's easier to let fear take hold
To shut us off from the world

It's only trying to help
And it's hard to get close
Trust and happiness are gifts
Ripped away as soon as they've been given

Fear tells us how much we'll suffer
It whispers from the dark
To remind us not to get hurt
That it's not worth the price

That's the choice of the whisper
Stay safe alone in the dark
Or risk the pain of getting close
for a fleeting moment of happiness
97 · Oct 2019
Wings of Hope
Ian Dunn Oct 2019
Life knocks me down, I get back up
Nothing keeps me down, not forever
The storm gets worse, I rise up
I can bear some bad weather

Flying on the wings of hope
I'll soar above my fears
The sun shining on clouds below
I'll wipe away my tears

Life gets hard, I get harder
It's tough, but it's all I've got
I'll stick it through, pushing farther
Living every day for me and my lot

Flying on the wings of hope
I'll look to the rising sun
Ignore my doubts and woes
Learning to have some fun

Some days it's hard to get up
On my mistakes I sometimes dwell
But my heart won't let me give up
I know all will be well

Flying on the wings of hope
Rising above the pain
There's no time to mope
I've got to enjoy the rain

Flying on the wings of hope
Remembering the people who care
For them, for me, I'll learn to cope
And always stay in the air

Flying on the wings of hope
Ian Dunn Dec 2019
It doesn't take courage to ignore your fears
It takes ignorance and arrogance
Fear is the natural response to potential harm
But no matter how small that harm is
Fear can still creep in and take control
Hold you in place, stop you from acting
Muddle your mind, wipe it clean
The simplest acts seem daunting with fear in the equation
Like speaking out
Saying "hello" or "thank you"
Standing up for someone in need
Isn't it easier to stay quiet
Even when a few simple words could change your life
Fear says "it's not worth the price"
Unless courage is part of the equation
Courage isn't the lack of fear
It's telling fear "no"
Even when your heart's pounding
Your mouth's dry and your head's light
When fear tells you what could go wrong
Courage looks you in the eye and says
"Do it anyway"
95 · Jan 2021
Long Way Away
Ian Dunn Jan 2021
Even though you're far away
And I won't see you soon
I want you to know now
That I'm thinking about you

That time we stood around and talked
We got to know each other a little better
It's still all in my head
And for now, it'll have to do

I'm looking forward to the next time
When we get together once again
Even if it can't be long
It'll still be between us friends

That time is a long way away
So for now, know that I miss you
I'll keep you in my thoughts
And I hope you'll spare me a thought, too
95 · Dec 2020
Brokenhearted Angel
Ian Dunn Dec 2020
Little angel
falling through the sky
broken heart bringing you down
while you struggle to fly

You wanted to soar
you sought out a good feeling
but you found heartbreak
and it sent you reeling

No matter how dark it looks
this is only the night
the sun will rise again
bringing back the light

Don't give up hope
Someone will be there to catch you
Spread your wings again
And set off for love anew
94 · Dec 2019
Anger is Okay
Ian Dunn Dec 2019
It's okay to be angry
To want to lash out
To stomp your feet
and scream and shout

That's just part of life
Everyone gets like that sometimes
If you too have mad wishes
Or want to hurt people from time to time

Then it's most important to know two things
One, that doesn't make you a villain
You're not evil because you get mad
Even good people sometimes make a bad decision

Two, you're in control of how you act
Even if it doesn't always seem that way
It might take all your focus,
but you can make the feelings go away
93 · Oct 2019
Coming Home for You
Ian Dunn Oct 2019
I know it's hard when I go away
It'd be easier if I could always stay
But here's a promise to you
I'll always come back for you

When I leave, it's tough
I think we've all had enough
I wish it would end too
So I could spend more time with you

I didn't see you learn to walk
I didn't hear you learn to talk
I'm missing more now too
But I'll always be there for you

Soon I'll be home to stay
Then we can hang out and play
Those gray skies will turn blue
Cos I'm coming home for you
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