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Ian Dunn Nov 2021
No matter what your problem
No matter how bad it seems
Know that if you ask
I will sit and listen

Even if you just want to talk
Maybe about something silly
If you need someone
I will sit and listen

Maybe you want to ramble on
about something in life you love
I may not understand it
but I will sit and listen

I will make the time
I will work to focus
You are important to me
So I will sit and listen
It can mean the world to someone just to have someone there to listen.
Ian Dunn Nov 2021

Somewhere warm to hide under during a storm
Someone to love when times are tough
Something soft to cuddle when it's hard
Some reason to keep going even when it's rough
Some good friends to remind you that you matter
Some good times for which to hope and pray
Someone to hold you while you cry and say
“Dry your tears.  It's gonna be okay.”
Ian Dunn Nov 2021
Among the changing leaves
The pumpkins, the corn, the scarecrows
Something different came along
something we didn't understand

They frightened us, these new things
They were bizarre, weird, creepy
To cope with this, we made a label
We called them "monsters"

In our fear of the strange
We couldn't see the obvious
That what we thought were monsters
were just people who were different

So embrace the strange
Because they're not monsters
They're just different
And different doesn't have to be scary
Ian Dunn Oct 2021
I try to get in
I try to push past
the walls keeping me stuck
in the supporting cast

I smile and nod
I try to talk
But I know I don't belong
Eventually, away I'll walk

I want to try
I want to fit in
But what's natural to others
only leaves me with questions

I'm stuck on the outside
A stranger among friends
I don't know when this feeling stops
I don't know if it ever ends

So I'll keep walking
and hum my own song
dreaming of that place
where I can belong
Ian Dunn Oct 2021
Life didn't go as planned
Though you thought it all in hand
Even though your plans fell through
There's nothing wrong with you

It's not because of the way you look
Nor because of the abuse you took
You might have a different point of view
But there's nothing wrong with you

It's not because your voice is strange
You certainly don't need to change
Everything is my favorite part about you
So you know there's nothing wrong with you

No matter how much life knocks you down
Get back up and keep reaching for that crown
It's up to you to see your journey through
Because there's nothing wrong with you
Ian Dunn Apr 2021
Lost in the dark
it feels like no one's there
But there's always someone
Someone who cares

It's okay not to fit in
This just isn't your place
When in doubt, look inside
And you'll find a smiling face

Somewhere out there
You'll find a reason to keep going
To open your eyes and see the sun
and that the future before you is glowing

So look to the rising sun
You are as bright as the sky
It's time to begin your journey
Don't be afraid; spread your wings and fly
Ian Dunn Mar 2021
It happens again and again
I heard the beauty you made
And now I have to speak louder
Making my voice heard over yours
Thinking, knowing that my words
will be held up to yours
even if others aren't doing it
I still am, I hear how my words sound
This doesn't sound right
This doesn't flow right
This doesn't feel right
And now, once again, I'm in that hole
It isn't your fault, it's mine
I put myself there every time
Now I have to climb up, struggling to get free
to find what I know is me
But it isn't right yet
And I don't know if it ever will be
But I have to keep climbing
To get out of the hole I dig
Because I hate it down there
And I want to be free
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