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Was touched by a witch.
Clawed at me while in her mouth,
but didn't draw blood.

Music in my head
too loud for a simple pain,
I'm begging for more.

Grabbing her wrists and
placing them where It's painful,
and nodding gently.

"More. Please, more.", I sigh.
She laughs, or giggles, I think.
Pleasure spiked with pain.

Yeah... she enjoys this.
Pure energy on her tongue.
 Feb 2016 Hayley Neininger
I wonder if God
    sees our numbered
breaths, how many
     have been & how
many are left,
millions of digits
    shifting above
our heads;
the old woman
 on the park bench
        with just 500 left. 
The jogger with 100
   between now &
        tonight when he
will exhale
     for a final time.
I should scale mountains,
         stare at the sun
  make my amount
  count, every last one.
I collapse under your presence.
Floating and drowning in one place.
Burning on the inside.
Trying to save face.

Pushing planets off axis.
Just to be close to you all year round.
With the midnight stars I'll write you.
A love letter.
So you can feel what I do now.

An imploding force.
Makes me want to cry and laugh.
Smile and despair.
You see it hurts to try and wrap my head
Around just how special you are.  

I found a best friend in you.
Seeing limitless things we could do.
I feel another string of endless smiles coming on.
You're special, and you cant tell me I'm wrong.
© All Rights Reserved Jack Thompson 2015
You slid to me
with ice on your heels,  
flame on your back,
the wind in your face,
and the stars in your eyes.

It's a scritchy scratchy situation
made from a wishy washy connotation.
Shift, shaft, shake the muscles beneath my skin.
You crick crack creeped to corner of my grin.

Broken with a kiss, and sealed with a sigh.
You remain my favorite little white lie.
Confessing that I don't know why
I will write about you until the day that I die.

You pretended; I embroider the delusion
with every hiccup of a heart's confusion.
Remember, child, what you can't see?
I won't stop, I still fancy that fantasy.

I pushed you away, but you threw me out.
I was your trash; you were everyone's treasure.
Internally screaming with scarcely a shout,
all in all, the torture was my pleasure.

Backtrack back, to this and our state.
A slip of strength but not a slip of the tongue,
Because like destiny and the idea of fate,
I stopped believing in you when I was young.

So I stole your
ice for my heart
and flames for my belly,
because it's windy in my head
with your stars on my mind
I always thought that you was heartless, emotionless, or at least that you hid it well.

I always saw you as someone sure of himself, someone who don't need nobody, a whole.

But, what if i was wrong?
What if you were even more broken than me?
What if your heart had burst into so many pieces that you can't find it anymore?

I wonder what happen to you to be that way now.
Who is the cause of that?
What she made to you?
I miss you, and that's all that I can say,
I don't understand why I still feel this way,
it's been so long, it's been more than a year,
yet life without you's still my greatest fear.

But you are happy, so I'll leave you be,
you deserve to be happy, and there's no need for me.
I like the way your last night skin
Burns the iciness,
When the first reddish ray of sun
Penetrates each pore of your bare back.
And every time I touch
The mocha colour of your skin,
Fragrance of caffeine
Seeps in through my nerves
To make me intoxicated.
Now, there is no doubt left, that
My morning is going be good.
 Nov 2015 Hayley Neininger
Waiting for the sea she sits
writing with her fingertips
setting down herstory on the sand;

waiting, with a wistful eye
watching for the rising tide
wondering if stories can be drowned..
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