katie 7d
water can only
erode so much.
some grounds
refuse to yield.
it takes an age to
burrow the furrows
that will create
the new path to
breathe & be.
you tread carefully,
sensing that these
insecurities are
older than you,
that they started
off in different
minds in other
places & times.
you view it as
all of yours,
but seeds must fall,
hurt disperse,
who's to tell
how much is yours
and how much
is theirs.
katie Sep 7
you realise
others' words
are not
enough, that
they cannot
placate the ache,
so you look
& outward,
to the view,
to the trees & sky,
to the only
things that
will ever hear
you cry.
katie Sep 2
you may not go
but each breath is
easier knowing that
there are woods,
forest, fells that exist
outside of this,
there is a difference
between the space
here where
the air is clear &
you know that
however displaced this
can restart a heart,
remind you who
you are,
***** back your clothes
& roles & reacquaint
with the old,
the parts of speech
that are lost to
time, that hang
out of reach
like the promise
of fish on a line,
search the depths
to see what
you can find.
katie Aug 9
today you
pray that the air
will hold
your weight,
that with
every step
the fear will
dissipate &
you will
be as ubiquitous
as sky, just another
passer by
who can force the
head & heart
to mend & for
a time pretend.
katie Aug 6
that list of things to do
hangs like a view filled
with heavy grey clouds  

you watch & wait for
the bird that will make
the first tear that will *****

open the light with its flight
& flood the gloom, restart a
body, factory, city, awaken

it from its misery & allow it to
see what could be
katie Aug 4
the mouths
move in a
troop but
nobody is
it has always
this way
the same
play performed
day after day
& night
after night
to a room
in the dark
that can't
find the light.
katie May 12
on the
highway road
when the traffic
is tight
as clams, and the
heat is
full on jammed, i want to peel
back the metal and see
the complexity
that carries me. i want
to stop and
admire the sun
pull back the skies and
sear my
mesmerised eyes.
i want to run
across a field
and feel the damp grass
beneath my heels,
over the dust and ants,
and listen to them dance.
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