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katie Aug 2021
a stir of wings,
engines competing for air,
you are there but not,
a difference of perspective,
of machine, oil and steel
encasing wool and skin,
a mind reliving something,
running then returning,
raising a dial higher, lower,
trying to find a frequency
that takes into its thrum
nothing, no one.
katie Aug 2020
We walked
out into town,
red bricks merged into
brown green blurs of leaves,
hedges, trees moving with ease
as chatter that was
there before
fell silent.
now just one voice
at the fore,
above floods of rain, words forcing
their way, a heavy
ricochet back & forth
nearly sending you off
course & you
how easy it was before,
when every word
was not ignored but
knocked you to
the floor, but as
words pour you hold,
watch every element
& substance, slower
now, as if your flesh
could stop it all,
as if it could raise the dead
if that deeper voice
stood up and said.
katie Nov 2019
You pray for the
voice not to break,
for composure
even though the
pristine walls are
and you see
through facades
into broken hearts,
see sunny days fading
away into war,
into a torn city,
a story  
you don’t
see but drift
towards like a
current meeting  
a person you never
knew but are close
to through blood,
skin, through the
wish to start again.
katie Nov 2019
The fire in
you has dulled,
look for a cause
and there it is
bullet wound
world has
gotten in.
it’s sin and stain
and pain.
there’s no
to take
you must wait, feel it’s
heat and bitter cold,
it’s love and
young and old.
When it finally goes,
seal skin,
take care
not to let its
madness back in.
katie Oct 2019
Our marks
are made over
          in earth,
scattered seed
for birds,
their hunger fed
          but never
sated, they
wander as lost as
this rain running
down walls
        trying to get
back to  
source, and if we
found it would it
call us,
a wilderness
of thoughts,
that tell us who
we are,
and yet there
are clues they are
lost too, a
         stutter, a
loss of air, a
of places it is
safe to be, to
to really see.
katie Aug 2019
You never stopped
to think, you
thought you did
but it was a trick,
just genes and blood
kept you here
in this groove,
under this sky,
until it died.
We are in deep,
carved in bark,
running through history,
an anonymous story
with no one left to tell.
One day some may
find a way out, a
path that’s clear
that can bridge a
gap across skin
and stars, finally
tell us who we are.
katie Jul 2019
It came in with a
stir and a spark
a flame
so close we were
forced to give
it a name, to
say it ten times
a day but
it didn’t stay
faded away
into dust,
now only in
books, replaced
by another fire
that burns harder
and higher.
We crouch, cuddle,
feed it’s form with
wood, bits of branch
and blood, then
watch it consume us.
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