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katie 2d
Our marks
are made over
          in earth,
scattered seed
for birds,
their hunger fed
          but never
sated, they
wander as lost as
this rain running
down walls
        trying to get
back to the
source, and if we
found it would it
recognise us,
the wilderness
of thoughts,
that tell us who
we are,
and yet there
are clues they are
lost too, a
         stutter, a
loss of air, a
of the places it is
safe to be, to
to really see.
katie Aug 2
You never stopped
to think, you
thought you did
but it was a trick,
just genes and blood
kept you here
in this groove,
under this sky,
until it died.
We are in deep,
carved in bark,
running through history,
an anonymous story
with no one left to tell.
One day some may
find a way out, a
path that’s clear
that can bridge a
gap across skin
and stars, finally
tell us who we are.
katie Jul 5
It came in with a
stir and a spark
a flame
so close we were
forced to give
it a name, to
say it ten times
a day but
it didn’t stay
faded away
into the dust,
now only in the
books, replaced
by the next fire
that burned harder
and higher.
We crouch, cuddle,
feed it’s form with
wood, bits of branch
and blood, then
watch it consume us.
katie Jun 20
Beneath these
steady eyes
is a
biding it’s time
like water
against a dam
it seeks a town,
host to roam,
something to destroy
and own.
You sense it’s unsettled
stirring but place
it out of
reach, choose to
work, shop
drive, dream
but the
remains in the air,
in the gaps between
words in the car parks when
the engines are turned off.
katie Dec 2018
water can only
erode so much.
some grounds
refuse to yield.
it takes an age to
burrow the furrows
that will create
the new path to
breathe & be.
you tread carefully,
sensing that these
insecurities are
older than you,
that they started
off in different
minds in other
places & times.
you view it as
all of yours,
but seeds must fall,
hurt disperse,
who's to tell
how much is yours
and how much
is theirs.
katie Aug 2018
today you
pray that the air
will hold
your weight,
that with
every step
the fear will
dissipate &
you will
be as ubiquitous
as sky, just another
passer by
who can force the
head & heart
to mend & for
a time pretend.
katie Aug 2018
that list of things to do
hangs like a view filled
with heavy grey clouds  

you watch & wait for
the bird that will make
the first tear that will crack

open the light with its flight
& flood the gloom, restart a
body, factory, city, awaken

it from its misery & allow it to
see what could be
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