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Maybe you'd be sadness
Crying tears too deep to comprehend
Ashes of your mourning
Leave winter freezing
If you were an emotion
Something says you'd be anger
Flurry of hands
An orchestra of left hooks
With a single right to play bass
If you were an emotion
Perhaps you would be happiness
A bundle of smiles
Still stroking the fires of life
How marvelous you would be
If you were an emotion
I'll place my bets on all of the above
And even then some
You're a whisper dancing on winds
Never knowing any outcome
But feeling life as it flows
If you were an emotion
I'd never be able to call you mine alone
But something still tells me
You'll always be in my heart
 May 2017 Gia Garcia
 May 2017 Gia Garcia
One day you'll wake up
With a text goodbye
And I'll be in the tub
Bleeding out
Wrists jarred open
With a can opener
Because really at this point
Who am I to disappoint
 Apr 2016 Gia Garcia
Macy Opsima
I could say that I only have eyes for you but I know one day all I will ever see is black and an empty side of the bed. But please know that I will still yearn to see your face. I would travel through hell and back just to find you.

I could say that you will always be in my mind but you mentioned the other day that you don't like being confined.

I could say that your hand fits perfectly in mine but lately, my cup of coffee provides more life than your fingers. But I would still hold a pen & write for you if it makes you less sad.

And I could say that you have my heart but yesterday you threw it on the ground then said, "Find someone else."
It was back in 2010,
when our first big bang occurred
I remember the first few encounters we had,
and how it was like 4 untamed interstellar hurricanes converging and forming a mega storm.
We were heading for a land fall,
in a galaxy where they have yet to know what real friendship is.

But in all honesty,
we were much more than just hurricanes.
we were cosmic storms.
sweeping across the universe,
so intense and fierce some,
but gentle not to break a single star.

we were also supernovas,
bursting at the seems,
creating new galaxies,
new frontiers for us to wonder yonder.

We were blackholes too,
******* in every single lonely thing, person,
and then crushing it with the weight of our love.
Something far more greater than gravity,
we had compassion.
Love is our greatest weapon.

But somewhere along the way,
we developed fear.
The fear of the universe,
and how we might accidentally drift away,
to the other sides of the spectrum.

Maybe the only thing we are afraid of
is not being able to see each other again,
but that the next time we do,
is that we would have changed so much.

That our constellations no longer align.
that we will only be seen in photographs,
and in the museums of our memories,
that are embedded in our cerebrums.

Only to become stories told by the ones who,
witnessed the phenomena,
and those who have experienced it.
a phenomena called brotherhood.

Just like space,
it is ever expanding.
stretching from one infinity to another,
our love for each other will remain the same.

You are all,
God’s masterpieces,
scattered across the cosmic plane.

It was a great pleasure,
sailing this wide and vast,
ocean of stars, and planets.

But each voyage must come to an end,
or perhaps take a break.

or even disband to cover more waters,
uncharted seas.

But also like each voyage,
there will come a point
wherein we must return,
to our own harbors.

When that time comes,
we will meet each other at the docks,
where we first met and left for the seas.

Till that time comes,
I will continue to write you,
telling you the stories of daring do’s.

But till then,
I will see you soon.

My Nakamas.
For people who sailed the milky way with us.
Arigato ne, Aishiteru.
Alex and Jeff. I love you guys.
 Apr 2016 Gia Garcia
 Apr 2016 Gia Garcia
i will start a bonfire
and throw in all that i've been
all that i've ever touched
with my fingertips
or with my heart,
all my clothes
and nights with no dreams
all the stars i've watched thinking of you
the moon and the rainbows too
all the beds i've made love in
all the songs i find you in
the poems i  wrote
my tears and smiles
all my soul
my eyes,
this skin you'll never touch
the way i want you to,
all my seasons
and all the years i'll have to live without you.
i'll make a bonfire
and i will throw in all i've got
all the trees
and everything surrounding me
a great bonfire, indeed
designed to put me on desolation row
for eternity.
i'll throw in all that hurts the most
except for my love for you
and a picture with your name on it
that i keep
for rainy days like these.
 Feb 2016 Gia Garcia
Bianca Reyes
In this deep blue sea
I will either find a fish
Or drown in my search
Shared on Hello Poetry on February 10, 2016
Copywrite under Bianca Reyes
All rights reserved
Blah blah blah
Enjoy this haiku!
 Feb 2016 Gia Garcia
Bianca Reyes
I am the daughter of
Fear and conformity
I wish to give birth to
Courage and hope
Shared on Hello Poetry on February 12, 2016
Copywrite under Bianca Reyes
All rights reserved

Yada yada  yada
Be the change!!!
 Feb 2016 Gia Garcia
When people are searching for god
The very often look to the skies
They very seldom look inside their minds
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