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Genevieve Jun 2015
Who was I to think we had something worth keeping?
Certainly not you.

But why.
We played the game.
I thought I understood the rules.
I thought you were trying to break through.

My walls oh so high
They hid the sun from you
And you saw my darkness.

In the dark you found truth.
Unable to understand it, you ran from it's grip.
Too tight around you,
the darkness is unwelcoming.

If only you knew that if you held on a little longer,
the sun was to rise and from truth love were to arise.

But you disengaged.
Saw the truth and convoluted them into lies.

Now nothing.
But a heartbroken metaphor
for I think I miss you more.

You've moved on,
naturally and genuinely.

I sat here,
Genevieve Jun 2015
But not all.

One- I couldn't,
It stood to tall.
In my heart,
It took it's place
When I saw your face
I too embraced,
The happiness that filled- that day.

As the seagulls flew astray.
As the clouds went away.
As the warmness was there to stay.
You said you loved me- that day.

We hopped, skipped, and laughed.
As the breeze chilled my spine,
I remember looking at you
And thanking God that you were mine.

All the way out
To the edge we went.
I'll never forget all the time
That we spent.

We looked at each other
Then back to the sea.
The Yin to my yang
it was meant to be.
As sun drifted lower into the horizon
It was time to go.
But we weren't going home together - that day.

As I drove you to the airport
We cried together.
And at that moment I thought
We would die together.

I raised my eyes and caught your gaze.
When I saw your face
I too embraced,
The sadness that filled- that day.

Forever my lover.
Forever my friend.
Until- that day.
Genevieve Jun 2015
Your journey does not change you,
it only shapes you.
With your broken pieces and all.
You reform yourself
using your pieces.
To become,
who you are
to be.
Genevieve May 2015
When does the last brick fall,
when is the last phone call.

Do you ever push on your breaks
and zoom down with no intentions of stopping.

It must pop in your mind,
maybe for only a moment of time.

But when you let go,
how will I know?
Genevieve May 2015
The red robin,
Something we now hear on the radio.


But when I first saw one I was so young.
Instead of a symbol, it was really there.

How rare.

Flocks of birds glided together as the red robin sat on her own.
They chirped and chirped all of them at once.
Like a noisy high school cafeteria during lunch.

It was so peaceful.
And beautiful too.

I couldn’t understand what they were saying.
But they had tones and tunes.

Above planes went by every 10 minutes.
The airport was in close distance.
Another 10 minutes passed then something caught my eye.

The robin was back still on her own.
You could tell by her demeanor she traveled alone.

Neither scared nor frightened by the other birds in sight.
But sat there in peace with all her might.

— The End —