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Maria Duynisveld Jan 2019
I hear a lot of talk these days,
about how we need to teach girls
to follow their dreams.
We need to tell them
that they can study STEM,
or write a book,
or run the United States of America.
That sheerly from the force of their will
they can rise above being “merely a girl,”
and once all the cabinets are filled,
the next gen of chicks will give it a whirl -

Well, I say no.
We need to teach girls to never fall in love.

We need to warn girls about reckless boys,
the ones with pretty hair and gemstone eyes,
because those are the boys who are best at lies and
when they build you up
they tripwire every level
so that they can destroy the place
on the way out.

We need to tell girls that they can go far,
but not if they’re seduced by some **** with a car.
Girls need to learn that when boys say, “forever,”
it means “I want you right now, but that will fade to never.”
And if we fed every girl the facts
like he’ll feed her his lines,
maybe she’ll listen to the world
and believe her paranoia this time -

No, girls should never, ever fall in love.

Girls should never fall in love
because he’ll tell her that she’s a cut above,
he’ll spin tales of a future and where they’ll be,
but when she
is dependent,
that *******,
he won’t even have the *****
to call it like it is -
He’ll say something like “a break”
and let the “up” be hers, not his,
and he’ll say, “don’t make me feel guilty,”
and she’ll realize
this was how it was all along,
his comfort over hers.

We must teach these girls to never fall in love.

Don’t you see that when reckless boys
with pretty hair and gemstone eyes
write a girl a poem and hold her while she cries
she’s going to begin to believe that he cares,
so when she so much as dares
to say she loves him too,
he won’t have to chase and he’ll look for someone new -

No, we must make girls be like the reckless boys
with pretty hair and gemstone eyes,
because boys like those
never really fall in love.
Emily Nov 2018
I asked you to come over last night.
I felt like I was laying on rock bottom
With no way to get up
As more rocks were gradually being stacked on top of me.
The weight became too much to bear
My body started shaking uncontrollably
I did not want to be alone.
“Just take deep breaths, I’ll hurry.”
You came over and you climbed into my bed
You held me until my racing heart had calmed
And I finally felt like I could breathe again.
Then something in you switched-
You started gripping me tighter
Moving your hands to lower places
“Please babe, I really don’t want that tonight.
 I don’t feel like myself. I just want you to hold me.”
You were persistent, whispering
“Your body tells me otherwise.”
My heart began to speed up again
As I tried one more time to say,
“Please I can’t handle that tonight.
I thought it was clear, I just wanted you to hold me,
And make me feel okay again.”
This time you tried to take my pants off.
“Do you want this-
Or do you want me to go home?”
Giving me an ultimatum.
“I just want to feel okay.
I don’t want that tonight.”
And with that you got out of bed and
Grabbed your keys and belongings as you headed for the door.

I made sure you were watching-
As I undressed myself
Throwing my clothes into a neat pile on the ground
Before wrapping myself up in my fuzzy blanket
To comfort and calm myself.
I saw your true character last night.
And I learned
That you cannot find serenity
In the same place you found discomfort.
olb Nov 2017
I remember everything
Even the things I don't want to remember
They come rushing back
and punch me in the face
It paralizes me mometarily
and makes me think
No wonder
it makes me wonder why
and how
and even what-if
I kept your memories in a box
in my closet
You threw mine away
with no care in the world
I wanted them back
and now they are thrown away like trash
Maybe you don't think of me
because you threw away my memories
So maybe when I rid of yours
those insulting memories will go away as well
Rosie Dec 2015
You called me a *****?
How ironic.

You called me a *****?
When the farthest I've gone was with you.

You called me a *****?
When you were the one in a relationship?

Maybe I am a *****.
But what would that make you?
I feel like when you get angry at people you say bad things about them, regardless if they're actually true.
Genevieve Jun 2015
Who was I to think we had something worth keeping?
Certainly not you.

But why.
We played the game.
I thought I understood the rules.
I thought you were trying to break through.

My walls oh so high
They hid the sun from you
And you saw my darkness.

In the dark you found truth.
Unable to understand it, you ran from it's grip.
Too tight around you,
the darkness is unwelcoming.

If only you knew that if you held on a little longer,
the sun was to rise and from truth love were to arise.

But you disengaged.
Saw the truth and convoluted them into lies.

Now nothing.
But a heartbroken metaphor
for I think I miss you more.

You've moved on,
naturally and genuinely.

I sat here,
you came by last night.
you came to get your things.
to tell me it was over.
I haven't eaten in two days.
I cant stop shaking, crying.
this mental deterioration,
is just too much to handle.
I sat with you for two hours.
trying, begging, pleading
for you to stay with me.
but things aren't that simple,
are they?
I can't sleep. I cant function.
my first love, the one that promised forever.
has left me for a *****, a ****.
she would never do the things,
that I did, she would never endure
the pain that I did. all for you.
you caused me depression,
you say you still care,
but why aren't you acting like it?
everything could be better,
if you just wanted to talk to me.
really bad night.

— The End —