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Exhale Your Mind Mar 2016
If you ask me how my mind works,

I would have no words to define
No poems that can describe
You would have to step inside

My mind is a maze.
Guided by maps of conversations
Lost between walls of questionmarks

If you ask me how my mind works,

I would invite you in.
But there's no guarantee you'll find your way out.
Bon voyage.
Exhale Your Mind Jan 2016
I am black coffee with curves of sugar.
I am a spoon of chocolate
I am soul food
I am a wombed man
The rib of an african king
The golden crown of the cosmos.

I am full moon or a sunset
I am light,
I am a spark,
a flame,
a bonfire,
I am fire works.

I’ll leave traces of smoke in your nostrils.,
Just so you’ll recognize my presence when you’re seeking me.
I’ll shelter myself between your veins just to make your heart beat a little faster.
I am the revolution of love.
I am a silenced desire.
Exhale Your Mind Oct 2015
You are the oppurtunities you need.
You are the miracles you seek.
You are the stars you're trying to reach.
You are the proclamations you speak.

You are the treassure you're trying to find.
You are the mountains to climb.
You are whatever you decide.
Because God resides in you
Exhale Your Mind Aug 2015
Beauty is connected to the soul.
Beauty is a presence instead of an appearance.
It goes beyond dimples and perfect teeth.
Beauty means being comfortable with things society is trying to make us feel insecure about.
Beauty means waking up from the nightmares of insecurities and leaving the ugly pieces of the mirror shattered in your bed.
It is misunderstood and therefore underrated.
Exhale Your Mind Jun 2015
I was told i wasn't smart enough.
I was told that i wouldn't achieve anything.
But here i am, standing on a stage. Undressed by all my imperfections
With emotional nakedness in front of the mic.
Covered in fear, but driven by courage.

We've all been told something negative.
However our necessity to survive these discouragements should keep our dreams alive.
We should follow our happiness like footsteps in a minefield.
And let succes exist through the art that we create.
Exhale Your Mind Feb 2015
Karma is a woman cause she never forgets.
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