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  Apr 2019 djemal ua
You said you would take me higher,
To a place where I don’t feel so low.
You promised me you would deliever
But you only take me lower.

You were my angel.
You bought me up to heaven,
Holding me by the hand.
Then you dropped me back down.
Sending me plummenting into the ground.
I fell into a new low,
From the highest place one could go.

I am digging below rock bottom,
Reaching a new low that I didn’t know I could go.
Lower than low.

This is my new low.
The grave I dug for myself to lie in.
I look more dead than these skeletons
It is too deep for light to enter,
There is no love down here,
Only hate.
djemal ua Apr 2019
I play tin drums for peace
and prance on tables too
it's clear as ***** pics
a night I'm drooling steak
but fed bread and cabbage
stew, thankful for little
chance to break my fat
a crease at ****** time.
djemal ua Apr 2019
I want to still my mind like the stale old
mans’s dentures in water. Dampen this illness
of mankind and silence it like the unplanned
plans of his non visiting only daughter

watching youthful eyes screen a brain unwind
his shaking limbs blown by conversation
winds. Faith in three courses of substances
fixing mice, experimental manslaughter
djemal ua Apr 2019
in a respected ride with veteran
battle scars, a tribute to a friend died.
Saluted the life blood sponging highway
to impress bloated pride on hit-the-snooze
Sunday, behind closed eyes, a naked marching
parade. Went too fast, flying untied, caged
bird set free wings won’t stop, ’til sun-kissed wings.
Last thoughts Mother’s day, another write up
for motorcycle cop, inking red dots
on desk duty paper. Homage to crumpled
carnage, nothing to see but stiff salvage.
djemal ua Apr 2019
mining liquid ice, cream vanilla something
at dawn, sugar, fat, whipped smoke rising hope
better than hate at breakfast, face etched snarling
a circuit ******, roll and tub down *****
slippery, thumbed a feast of biscuit crumbs
off a plate, table and at feet. Arrived
at loathing a choir rabid, sings morning.

— The End —