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Feb 2016 · 415
Danielle Barlow Feb 2016
"Will you marry me?"*
Why no, I'm afraid I can't.
I just need some time.
Nov 2015 · 651
I Don't Need You
Danielle Barlow Nov 2015
As rivers of mascara run down my face I think
What did I ever do to deserve this?
Tear stains on my once rosy cheeks
serve as a reminder that nothing good can stay.
No, I don't want your sympathy.
I don't want your ******* pity.
You can take your knowing smile
and shove it straight up you ***.
I am enough on my own.
I can make it without your help.
The fact of the matter is,
I don't need you.
You only wish I do.
You're a ****. Get out of my life, please.
Nov 2015 · 1.8k
Last Choice
Danielle Barlow Nov 2015
I don't understand
why being the last choice is so painful.
To know there is always someone better
is tearing my soul apart.
What happened to me being special?
I guess you lied just like everyone else.
Truth is, I don't give a ****.
I can't.
Because the more I care the more it hurts,
and I can't take another hit.
Wow, life is hard. Something to write about, I guess.
Nov 2015 · 781
Danielle Barlow Nov 2015
Like the first ray of sunshine after a week full of rain
he is a beacon of hope for all of the world.
As we are just caving in to the storm
he is able to bring back the light.

Like a lighthouse protects the ships from the shore
he protects me from the troubles of the world.
As I am beaten down by the waves of life
he lifts me up just like the tide.
I'm not sure that I care much for this one. It's been a while since I posted, though. If anyone has any suggestions as to how I could make this better please let me know.
Jul 2015 · 785
Extraordinarily Unordinary
Danielle Barlow Jul 2015
I love you.

I love you because of the way you love me.
Without exception, without expectation, and without boundary.
The way you know how to be everything good in the world.

I love you because of how extraordinarily unordinary you are.
Without concern, without embarrassment, and without regret.
*The way you are never scared to be the wonderful you you are
He may just be perfect. Perfect for me, at least.
Jul 2015 · 2.4k
Danielle Barlow Jul 2015
Once upon a starlit night in May
I caught the eye of a stranger.

Once upon a day in June,
that stranger was a stranger no more.

Once upon a mid-July,
I fell in love with a stranger.
I can't seem to get my creative juices flowing anymore.
Jun 2015 · 244
Danielle Barlow Jun 2015
You killed a piece of me.
Every time I gave into one of your demands
I felt my heart break a little more.
You distorted my idea of love every time you said I was the one.
Kind words always came after the cruel ones.
"I only act this way because I know what you want better than you do."
Then you should have gone through with your threats
If only I wasn't too scared to fight back.
He can kiss my ***. Actually, he doesn't deserve that luxury. If someone could suggest a title that would be lovely.
Jun 2015 · 211
Danielle Barlow Jun 2015
I left a piece of myself with you,
and you treasured it like no one else ever has.
I don't know why this is so short. I guess I said everything I needed to.
May 2015 · 214
Danielle Barlow May 2015
There's a small place in my heart, and it has yet to be filled.
The place in the midst of where I hide my words, and my worth.
Not a soul has earned this place, and no soul ever will.
I'm sorry about the lack of posting going on. :/ I will be posting more though
Mar 2015 · 10.9k
Danielle Barlow Mar 2015
Days spent with an invisible friend,
and nights spent with an invisible lover.
I'm just really lonely
Feb 2015 · 351
Danielle Barlow Feb 2015
I've lost my mind, I'm afraid.
And the longer I search, the madder I get.
Feb 2015 · 661
Who Am I?
Danielle Barlow Feb 2015
I am the least talented.
I am no one's first choice.
I am the girl who never speaks.
I am the one who feels the sadness in the silence.
I am the child who craves her mother's attention.
I am the one who just wants to feel like she is loved.
I am the one who is always lonely.
I guess this is who I am..
I'm not even my best friend's best friend
Feb 2015 · 623
Danielle Barlow Feb 2015
You can go straight to hell.
See you there, *****.
Feb 2015 · 331
Wasted Days (10w)
Danielle Barlow Feb 2015
Wasted days,
       squandered nights,
             waiting for the end in sight.
Feb 2015 · 2.2k
In Seven Days Time
Danielle Barlow Feb 2015
In seven days time
my entire world will change.
My future rests on just one day.
And I can't sleep or even eat,
due to the sheer pressure
that will come in seven days time.
Feb 2015 · 1.3k
Danielle Barlow Feb 2015
Stages and dance rooms,
makeup and costumes.
Auditions and lead roles,
complete self control.
State capitols and groups
of professional troops.
Judging my acting,
attention attracting.
Sweat, blood, and tears.
Realizing my fears.
Blocking and accents,
and never an absence.
Rehearsing for hours,
the feeling empowers.
I live for theatre,
but may be too eager.
Just a poem about all the crazy theatre stuff going on right now. I'm playing Lucy in The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. On top of that I have the biggest audition of my life in a week. PLUS I'm preparing to direct a play. Whew. Maybe I'll get somewhere in acting.
Feb 2015 · 542
Hugs and Maybe Kisses
Danielle Barlow Feb 2015
Random texts, confused conversation,
and practically dying of this anticipation.
Secret glances, embarrassed blushing ,
and trying to calm the heart that's rushing.
I wish I knew what was going on. There's just so much I don't know
Feb 2015 · 2.5k
Danielle Barlow Feb 2015
Still life portraits to hide the real life pain,
because many times art is a reflection
of what is and isn't meant to be.
Feb 2015 · 1.3k
Danielle Barlow Feb 2015
Never have I felt as alone as when you're beside me.
I'm lonely
Feb 2015 · 885
White Flowers
Danielle Barlow Feb 2015
Dancing through a field of white flowers.
Doing nothing more than whiling away the hours.
I sit in the grass as I wait for your return,
but suddenly, the field started to burn.
White flowers begin to catch light,
and the birds of the world being to take flight.
That's when I realize that you are not coming,
and suddenly, I find myself running.
I run in the direction I think I'll find you,
but am left wondering if your love is true.
I can't understand why you left me here
but I understand that I love you, my dear
I actually really like this poem a whole lot.
Jan 2015 · 318
What the Hell (10w)
Danielle Barlow Jan 2015
What the hell
                have I managed to do this time?
Someone came to me and said we needed to talk..
Jan 2015 · 404
Danielle Barlow Jan 2015
This feeling is strange,
and maybe came from nowhere.
Is this happiness?
I was.. happy? And I don't get it
Jan 2015 · 373
How Time Used to Fly
Danielle Barlow Jan 2015
There has to be more than this to life.
More than empty lies,
and more than eternal strife.
But, oh, how the time used to fly.

It used to fly by in happiness,
an endless dream of expression.
Now it creeps by in nastiness,
an endless road from depression.

Oh, if I could fly as the time had
I would already long be gone.
Without me time would be glad,
and the world may see a new dawn.
I literally don't even know anymore
Jan 2015 · 306
Without Condition
Danielle Barlow Jan 2015
Someone please.
I just need someone to care
without condition..
This is just me being pathetic but I feel as if I am completely alone in this world.. There are people who claim to care but it feels so empty. I don't know why it's this way, it just is... I probably shouldn't even post this but I honestly don't give a **** anymore.
Jan 2015 · 331
Strangely Beautiful
Danielle Barlow Jan 2015
There is something strangely beautiful
about the way the snow falls.
As it drifts slowly to the ground,
it does not make a single sound.

There is something strangely beautiful
about the way the rain falls.
Drops of water plummeting to the earth,
leaving behind the hope of new birth.

There is something strangely beautiful
about the way a kingdom falls.
Everything you know quietly shatters,
leaving even your hopes in tatters.

There is something strangely beautiful
about the way the world falls.
To be honest I don't even know what this is about.  It just kinda happened..
Jan 2015 · 2.5k
Danielle Barlow Jan 2015
Autumn is coming to a close,
and winter is drawing near.
Life is as fragile as a rose,
and mine is withering, I fear.
I just don't even know anymore. The pain is bad, but this feeling of hopelessness is worse.
Jan 2015 · 466
Here's To Giving Up
Danielle Barlow Jan 2015
My fight has lasted far too long,
and I simply cannot go any further.
This disease has taken all I have,
yet the doctors say I can't be helped.
So here's to giving up,
and here's to lying down.
This world is a cruel place,
but I may not be here long.
So if tomorrow I do not wake,
I pray the lord my soul to take.
This is more of a rant than anything. I'm so tired of this.. I'm so **** tired. I don't want to live like this anymore.. I can't eat or sleep or even move without pain anymore. It's not worth it. Nothing is worth it... So here's to giving up
Jan 2015 · 456
The Way it Heals
Danielle Barlow Jan 2015
I love the way it hurts,
and I hate the way it heals.
For when the wounds do heal
a scar is always left behind.
If I'm going to continue to get sicker and sicker I want to die already. At least in death I would not be in this pain.
Jan 2015 · 620
Danielle Barlow Jan 2015
I have to press "pause"
on this wild, wild game called life.
Or else I'll choose "quit".
Ugh this is too much for me and I don't know what to do.
Jan 2015 · 283
I Needed You
Danielle Barlow Jan 2015
I needed you..
When I was lying in that hospital bed,
but you were busy with her.

I needed you..
but I don't think I need you anymore.
How could he do that?..
Jan 2015 · 551
Danielle Barlow Jan 2015
You used to be my morphine.
But now..
*you can't even heal the hurt
Dec 2014 · 318
Sound of You
Danielle Barlow Dec 2014
Alone in a room full of people.
I am invisible to everyone but you.
Silence in a room full of noise,
yet I yearn only for the sound of you.
I don't even know anymore
Dec 2014 · 899
Fever Dreams
Danielle Barlow Dec 2014
Let me guard your fever dreams,
as nothing is ever as it seems.
Your mind is open but the inside screams,
so let me guard your fever dreams.
Inspired by the quote "I'll be the guard dog of all your fever dreams" - Immortals, but Fall Out Boy.
Dec 2014 · 281
Thought of Love
Danielle Barlow Dec 2014
Walking beside a boy called life,
holding hands with perfection.
A kiss on the cheek from serenity
leaves me blushing at the thought of love.

Sitting with a boy called happiness,
with my arm wrapped around excitement.
A kiss on the lips from beauty
leaves me blushing at the thought of love.
This boy makes me feel a type of way
Nov 2014 · 694
This Love
Danielle Barlow Nov 2014
This love is pure,
like a kiss on the cheek in the snow.

This love is exciting,
like the first drop on the roller coaster of life.

This love is bright,
like the meteor shower we watched that night.

But most importantly,
*this love is true.
This boy makes me feel a type of way. You'd think after almost two years these butterflies would have gone away.. but he still makes my heart flutter
Nov 2014 · 206
Never Change
Danielle Barlow Nov 2014
Funny how when you expect a fall,
                   you  realize you never climbed out to begin with.
I didn't know I still felt the way I did about you,
                   I guess that's just something time can never change.
It's been a while since I posted, and this is barely anything. I'm sorry, I'm just busy.
Nov 2014 · 252
Danielle Barlow Nov 2014
How did we go back so easily?
Back to everything we once were.
I think this is what I want,
but what I need is another thing entirely
Nov 2014 · 283
Danielle Barlow Nov 2014
Cracks appearing in my porcelain skin,
probably because I'm thinking of you again.
The beauty of innocence will soon disappear,
and I will be left with eyes not as clear.
I don't know anymore what is going on. I feel like he took my innocence.. I associated porcelain with innocence.. I don't know why..
Oct 2014 · 266
Let Me Go Home
Danielle Barlow Oct 2014
Please let me go home.
I don't feel like I belong.
I feel so lost here.
The sad part is that I technically am home.. but I don't see this house as my home...
Oct 2014 · 2.2k
My Black and White Heart
Danielle Barlow Oct 2014
A dance in a black and white dream.
I am lost in your eye's bright gleam.
Time seems to be going in slow motion,
a show of your endless devotion.

A boy in a black and white suit
makes me wish the world were on mute.
You hold me near you in your arms,
and in that moment I am safe from harm.

A lock on my black and white heart,
but somehow you've broken the lock apart.
You have must have stolen the key,
because you have my heart completely.
Thoughts? This could use another stanza or two maybe
Oct 2014 · 315
Dear Friend
Danielle Barlow Oct 2014
I just want you to know,
that you are a friend who means a lot to me.
You are here through thick and thin,
and now I intend to do the same for you.
I just don't know how to show
the way I feel but I'll make you see.
I don't mean to get under your skin,
but I'll make it up to you.
Pretty sure you know who you are. Anyway this poem is dumb, but oh well
Oct 2014 · 223
When The World Ends
Danielle Barlow Oct 2014
A pillar of black and white granite is all that is holding us up anymore.
We stand atop it and watch as the cracks form in the earth under us.
Everything we stand for is about to crumble all over again. Again,
and we are by no means ready to stand on our own in this world.
We depend on each other like the earth depends on rain and sun.
Without the other each of us would spiral down to hell's doors
and be hopelessly wondering and searching for love forever.
The world is ending once again, and all that's left is you.
When my world ends will your God go down with it?
I need help making this better.. suggestions?
Oct 2014 · 523
The Joy of Theatre
Danielle Barlow Oct 2014
The anticipation, and the stress.
The waiting to be told.
The butterflies in your stomach.
The shaking hands.
The tripping over your words.
The feeling of all eyes on you.
The joy of theatre.
Oct 2014 · 286
Don't Give Up
Danielle Barlow Oct 2014
We are lost in a sea filled with black and white shadows,
and you and I wonder aimlessly; hand in hand.
In the midst of the world of gloom your eyes still manage to shine,
and my hand locked in yours is what is keeping me grounded.
As another blow lands on our earth we are knocked to our knees.
The air fills with the ash of our hope, and all of it is lost.
As you lie down on the ground in surrender I know it is over,
because if you give up I have no reason or desire to live.
It is in that moment that I know.
And there is not a question left in my mind.
*I love you
This is a continuation of my last poem.. This means a lot to me, and it's really all symbolic..
Oct 2014 · 391
And Then The Earth Crumbled
Danielle Barlow Oct 2014
And then the earth crumbled.
The pieces fell around us as gently as snow,
but were as hard hitting as the blow God had landed on our world.
You held me near you, so near in fact all I could feel was your warmth.
The world is collapsing, but all that is left is us.
As we lie on the ground we are buried alive with the ash of what once was.
What the world could have been, what we could have been
hardly matters when your fighting for you last breath.
I want to let the world take me away with it,
but you are pulling me like your life depends on my survival.
The world is a swirl of black and white,
and the debris of our memory is spiraling into space.
Life is over for us the instant you stop holding on.
You were the last thing binding this world together.
If I am going to die, I want it to be with you.
Help me make this better
Oct 2014 · 558
They're Coming
Danielle Barlow Oct 2014
Everyone run!**
The Pirates are coming!
Run or be hanged like the Jolly Roger
This is kinda stupid. But Treasure Island is being preformed tomorrow for the first time!!!
Oct 2014 · 875
Danielle Barlow Oct 2014
I see you coming,
and time begins to stand still.
I will protect you.
Ugh. That Person you feel like you have to protect..
Oct 2014 · 404
Scene I
Danielle Barlow Oct 2014
Together, in a sea of black and white flowers,
we listen to the seconds tick by.
They tick away almost as fast as my heart beats.
As we lie so near each other,
gazing into each others eyes I can't help but smile.
You, oh you.
You laugh that adorable awkward laugh of yours,
the one that sounds just like everything good in the world.
But you stop when you see that I can't take my eyes off of you.
You slide just a bit closer to me as you ask "What is going on?".
Sleep is dragging me under like an anchor into the ocean,
and the only words I could utter were "I think I like you".
I close my eyes and hang on just long enough to hear you say
*"Good, because I've already fallen."
So, I wrote this for a friend. I figured I'd try out a new style. Please tell me what you guys think
Oct 2014 · 436
Feelings Developed
Danielle Barlow Oct 2014
Feelings developed.
I tried not to let them.
You marched right in
and tore down my walls.
But you did it so gently..
like no one ever has before.
With that kiss you took half,
but the other is still mine.
*For now
**** it, Francisco.. Why did you have to say that? I was so blissfully unaware that there were any feelings at all, and now..
Oct 2014 · 235
Last Year
Danielle Barlow Oct 2014
Last year at this time I would have been wishing you happy birthday,
but in two days it'll be a year since you left us. Left me.
I hope you're happy where you are now,
and know that everyday still feels like the first.
I hope the angels sing to you their beautiful and sad song,
and I hope when you look down you see what you still mean to me.
This poem is bad, but I miss her so much..
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