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Danielle Barlow Feb 2016
"Will you marry me?"*
Why no, I'm afraid I can't.
I just need some time.
  Nov 2015 Danielle Barlow
Cody Haag
Frostbite fingertips, chilly they are,
Far more appealing than the faraway stars.
That's why my eyes turn to you during winter night,
Your frostbite fingertips, caressing my cheek are light.

Just as dreams are for dreamers, love is for lovers,
And that passionate feeling around us hovers.
Others doubt, but the stars above know,
When compared to our passion, dim is their glow.

Your fingertips, cold on this snowy night,
Rejuvenate me and emblazon my life with light.
If hypothermia were to claim me now,
I hope others wouldn't long ponder how.

I'll lose myself in you any day of the year,
Even during winter, you resolve my fear.
Danielle Barlow Nov 2015
As rivers of mascara run down my face I think
What did I ever do to deserve this?
Tear stains on my once rosy cheeks
serve as a reminder that nothing good can stay.
No, I don't want your sympathy.
I don't want your ******* pity.
You can take your knowing smile
and shove it straight up you ***.
I am enough on my own.
I can make it without your help.
The fact of the matter is,
I don't need you.
You only wish I do.
You're a ****. Get out of my life, please.
Danielle Barlow Nov 2015
I don't understand
why being the last choice is so painful.
To know there is always someone better
is tearing my soul apart.
What happened to me being special?
I guess you lied just like everyone else.
Truth is, I don't give a ****.
I can't.
Because the more I care the more it hurts,
and I can't take another hit.
Wow, life is hard. Something to write about, I guess.
Danielle Barlow Nov 2015
Like the first ray of sunshine after a week full of rain
he is a beacon of hope for all of the world.
As we are just caving in to the storm
he is able to bring back the light.

Like a lighthouse protects the ships from the shore
he protects me from the troubles of the world.
As I am beaten down by the waves of life
he lifts me up just like the tide.
I'm not sure that I care much for this one. It's been a while since I posted, though. If anyone has any suggestions as to how I could make this better please let me know.
Danielle Barlow Jul 2015
I love you.

I love you because of the way you love me.
Without exception, without expectation, and without boundary.
The way you know how to be everything good in the world.

I love you because of how extraordinarily unordinary you are.
Without concern, without embarrassment, and without regret.
*The way you are never scared to be the wonderful you you are
He may just be perfect. Perfect for me, at least.
Danielle Barlow Jul 2015
Once upon a starlit night in May
I caught the eye of a stranger.

Once upon a day in June,
that stranger was a stranger no more.

Once upon a mid-July,
I fell in love with a stranger.
I can't seem to get my creative juices flowing anymore.
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