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Sep 2020 · 598
My phone won't let me down
Daniel James Sep 2020
I woke up in a huff.

Things I should have done already,
Came back in a flood.
Too many things,
Everywhere I looked,
I closed my eyes.

She scratched my back a bit.

"That's nice." I lied.

I wait for everything to pass.
Just stop, don't think.

"How are you feeling?"

Don't ask that.
There's something vicious in my mind,
Always on the attack.

"Wanna talk about it?"

No. Or else I would.
And now I'm thinking about it.

I let it go. Slightly tense.
But unanswered questions
Don't quite disappear.
They build up.
Every intervention is
Another pebble in the pond,
Another splash,
Another ripple.

Time to settle.
Take a breath.
Roll over.

Everything's all right.
It's fine. It's going nowhere.
One step at a time.

I could
Slide up to unlock
Perhaps I've gone viral in my sleep.

I haven't, but that was hope -
I think - just a glimpse -
Somewhere in between the homescreen
And the last
Past the apps I didn't choose,
And the one I did but never use,
To the ones that I don't want,
But am addicted to.

"Coffee?" She asks,
Taking a white towel
From the hook
On the back of the door.
That's nice, I think,
She doesn't drink coffee.
I make a sound that means
Something either way.

"Escape!" is what I want to say.
Run. Before I scar you with my grey,
Grey thoughts.

I count the steps as
She goes down the stairs.

Alone again, at last. I breathe.

My phone won't let me down.
May 2020 · 253
Go to your rooms
Daniel James May 2020
Little people of the world,
And particularly those
Who own big spaces
Right at the centre
Of our shared emptiness
It's time to go and have
A long hard think
About what you've done
And what you have become.

This growing debt
This planet's overdraft
Unlocked through lack of planning
Lack of vision - worse -
Through 'knowledge'
And selfish calculation.

Go to your rooms.

Don't come out until you're sorry.
Apr 2020 · 214
Daniel James Apr 2020
So little to say
So much time to say it
I can't lockdown
A single thought
A butterfly in the garden
A new project lost inside a page
At least I have a garden
At most it's a very...
Loose and gentle house arrest.
I'm under the impression
That we're living through
One of the big moments
But don't worry
We can still get Uber eats
And the weather has been weirdly nice
And zoom isn't quite as good as real life
But it's definitely less effort
And you don't have to shower
Or get dressed much
And it's easier to get to
And easier to leave.
It's a lot like waiting
While pretending
That you're waiting for something.

What did you do in Lockdown daddy?
I binged watched a thing or two, I can tell you.
I grew some flowers. Let them grow. Helped them.
Yes I helped some flowers grow. And fruit.
Probably not that much fruit tbh.
I did a few odd jobs online.
I knew what was happening
Before the government admitted it.
But couldn't do much to stop it.
We clapped for the NHS on Thursdays.
At first that was great.
Then they tried to make us do it for Boris
And we all felt a little bit sick inside.
And we wondered why our stats were so bad
I mean why so many people died
Why did we die so much over here
When we'd had a lot of warning
And they'd said that we were prepared
A tsunami of death sweeping through
The care homes like the silence
After a slightly racist joke.
Did someone say herd immunity?
We never did find out why
What with Brexit and
All that blinding light
At the end
Of the
Oct 2019 · 331
Daniel James Oct 2019
First they broke up the unions, and I did not speak out,
Because I was only one.

Then they sold off the British – BT, BP, BA – and I did not speak out
Because I was only ten and - Thundercats.

Then they came for the coal, the power, the rail. We did speak out –
We held on to the post office and voted in New Labour.

Then we watched them PFI the underground, the NHS and schools
And we did not speak out, because we thought they were us.

So on they went and PFI’d Iraq. We did speak out,
But they were far away.
And that was not enough.

So then they PFI’d the **** out of everything moved-
Threw in some car parks here and there,
Some targets, some consolidations -
But we weren’t concentrating on that because -
We weren't the baddies, were we?

Then they came for prisons, and the police
Detention Centres, state school discipline
They even offered China our 5G

And then they asked the people how they felt
And used that - to make them feel something else
And then they asked those same people what to do
Offering a simple lie for complex truth.

And then a man with a pint
Formed a PLC
And stood for election
And refused to make promises

It turns out
a necessary component of a lie
is shame.
Who knew?

Before the 2020 tax rules
Or something
We got bored
And people voted
Not to have another vote
Ever again

And I wasn't even sure
At which point it was
That they came for me.

But at some point.
They'd already come.
Sep 2019 · 259
The whole package
Daniel James Sep 2019
You get a lot of between times
In this life
Bundled in with
The usual highs and lows
They're like the packaging
You unpack when
The real gift arrives -
Not noticing
That these
These moments
Of unpackaging
These between times
Are life.
Not the holders of life
But life itself -
The stuff we throw away.
Aug 2019 · 564
We are
Daniel James Aug 2019
a little bit lost again
in between
narrating selves
or just being
from the
of the sea
but everything
At once.
Mar 2017 · 1.0k
Daniel James Mar 2017
When sleep comes
Just like the snow
And settles like a blanket
On your toes

And covers both the day and night
In flakes of thought
And sheets of white -

Hold tight –
Don’t be afraid
Breathe in and take
A moment of the dreams you’ve made
For your tomorrow…

Walk among the wonders
Through the powder,
Melting tracks
Into the silence of the night –

And know –
This sleep will come and go…
Just like the snow.
Dec 2016 · 890
Daniel James Dec 2016
She bought wine glasses especially –
Smoked salmon and prosecci -
We woke late and clung inside the covers
To the moment like long lost lovers
With nothing but the need for oxygen.
Then we watched films till late at night
Fell dreaming in each other’s eyes
And took that glorious day turned night
To be together nowhere.
Nowhere else at all.
Oct 2016 · 773
Daniel James Oct 2016
I moved on her
I failed
I did try and **** her

That’s huge news there

I moved on her very heavily
I took her out furniture shopping
She wanted to get some furniture
I said I’ll show you where to get some nice furniture

I moved on her like a *****
I couldn’t get there
And she was married
And all of a sudden she’s got these big phoney ****
She’s totally changed her look

Woah – woah
Yeah the Donald has scored

I’m gonna use some tic tacs in case I start kissing her
Im automatically attracted
And when you’re a star they let you do it
You can do anything
Grab’em by the *****

Hello how are you?
You know Billy Bush?

We’re ready -
Make me a soap star

Melania said this was ok

Come on Billy don’t be shy
Get over here Billy

It’s hard to walk next to a guy like Donald.
(c) Donald Trump
Jul 2016 · 1.1k
Popularity Contest
Daniel James Jul 2016
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Jun 2016 · 1.2k
Her Headphones
Daniel James Jun 2016
Her headphones,
A relic of the analogue age,
Create her mini world around her
As she
Autistically repeats the same phrase
Five hundred times on the piano's
Aching keys.

It didn't save last night.
Logic. Look it's gone.
Such a lot of stuff.
What was the point of all that then?
Are you sure you don't know how?

And the trains rumble past,
And the Shard keeps reaching up,
And the clouds keep keeping out
The sun from peeking through
From time to time -

And summer will PASS. US.  BY.
Quicker than the last time.
And we will wonder
With less surprise than last time.
Jun 2016 · 680
Daniel James Jun 2016
Today I killed another of my lovers,
And drove to nowhere in particular
To taste the taste of air
When I am free.

I do it every few years -
It takes an hour or two until
I'm lost among the hills,
Then peace finds me...
Mar 2016 · 1.4k
In Confidence
Daniel James Mar 2016
Don't tell, but -
I missed my flight and...
And thought of you today.
That time when
You were working – a TV job...?
The details fade.

I was in the taxi
On my way
When suddenly the truth sank in –
I was not going to make it.

I almost called you
But I stopped myself -
You’d be at work,
I’d have to leave a message,
You’d call me back...

And the morale of the story
Would be - I am an idiot.
That’s all. An idiot.

I’m sorry and I feel stupid
And I want to call you now.

Now that I have
Something to confide
And no one to confide it in.
Nov 2014 · 1.8k
Strange Lovers
Daniel James Nov 2014
We're both writing notes to ourselves
That we hope the other will find -
Trying to poke and **** out our Jenga pieces
But finding both sides entwined.

She woke me up this morning
With a cry.
She'd walked into a wardrobe or something.
I wanted to know why...

She sent me for some Arnica
I don't know where it hides
By the time I got back
She was already back inside
the duvet covers.

I put the tube of gel down
Climbed back into bed
And said nothing.

We are strange lovers.
Jun 2014 · 1.8k
Daniel James Jun 2014

What's that?

Oh... Nothing.

The truth is not an option.

Oh god.

Not again.

That silent phone, distracted eyes.

Thinking about what I've said to...

No. The truth is not an option. I wish it was.

This route just feels familiar now.

There's nothing to look forward to.

But, well...

The truth is not an option.

No. You're right.


I don't know, perhaps it is.

The truth is not an option.

Ok, so what?




Oct 2012 · 3.0k
Daniel James Oct 2012
As the magic morning coffee beans take hold,
My thoughts turn into windows
That sprout like flowers or weeds
Across my screen until by lunch time
There’s sixteen or seventeen or eighteen
Links and tabs dividing me
Into minute long thoughts
That grab me for a second
Before being blown away
By a swish of fingers
On the trackpad
I can’t
I need another coffee.
Sep 2012 · 2.3k
Making Love
Daniel James Sep 2012
I fell in the sea
and it was made of love
And the love became the taste
Of saltwater on her neck
And she taught me to dive
With my eyes wide open
Looking through the water at the sun
Breaking the surface.

"It's like just like dying," she said.
And I heard "diving"
Because it was like diving
But it was also unlike diving
And so it didn't seem a silly thing to say
Though all the things she said
Like them fishes in a sea of love
Hooked by a line at night
That came out of a boat
And made us shure
That the unsaid things
Were both unsaid
Were silly.

I forgot my shoes.

We made love between the boats
Gently pulling ourselves along the rope
From one wine dark evening
To the sunlit morning below...

And even my lips
Remind me of her
Waking so close
Her eyes could touch mine
Nice dream
Like the lift of sunrise
Between us
And the need of nothing else
But these warm shivers and...

Blistering Barnacles!

I just fell in the sea
And it was made of love.
Aug 2012 · 2.4k
The sound of a gun
Daniel James Aug 2012
We all know the sound of a gun
If we haven't heard one,
We've heard one in the movies.

A staplegun
Snapped me back from daydreams
Of Matrix offices and warehouses
Hole-punched a Tarantino image
In my head.
Jan 2012 · 3.0k
The Tree Whisperer
Daniel James Jan 2012
I knew a man once who could read the trees
He'd stand in a field with nothing on
And look at them for hours
(He couldn't talk to flowers)
But he would pour over every branch
Trace every knot and feel their bark
He translated a sycamore for me once
But oaks and beeches were his favourite
He said he just preferred their type.
The elbow bends told him of seasons
The trunk's tilt told the prevailing winds
Their denseness in relation to their neighbours
Told him all manner of gossipy things.
The colours and the hues told of the soil
The moulds and lichens the local fashions
He'd tell you if they'd ever been frightened
By hippies, chainsaws, axes or lightening.
And as I looked on, I realised something
As I read his naked body with no clothes
This man was obviously a stark raving lunatic.
Dec 2011 · 6.7k
Pandas are Rubbish
Daniel James Dec 2011
Pandas are *******
No doubt about it
All they ever do
Is sleep, eat and sit

It seems that the zoo
Is their native habitat
Sleep eat sit, sleep eat sit
Until they get fat

With their mickey mouse ears
And their love of mascara
Oh sure they make great toys
But so does a llama

You can't ride a Panda
You can't teach them to fetch
And where d'you buy bamboo
If you want one as a pet?

They're no good at mousing
They don't never forget
They don't even purr
They need help having ***

No, pandas are *******
There's no doubt in my mind
A less de-pandable pet
You're unlikely to find.
Edit Jan 2016, be interested to hear comments
Dec 2011 · 3.9k
Daniel James Dec 2011
Lost in the land
Of pretending to be grand
Saving their conceit
For their nearest and dearest
Every malignant narcissist
Has two middle names:
One is "Abuser"
The other is "Slanderer"
And they live in the shadow
Of a deep, unbearable shame
That makes them shameless.
Dec 2011 · 1.4k
Here comes the Sprung
Daniel James Dec 2011
Here comes the sprung
Like a golden moon
A moment too late
Waves of meaning broke
Like a wheel's turned
A lesson spent
The rules were sand
Time stopped for no one
Like a golden sun
A moment too soon
Waves of meaning break
Like a wheel's spoke
A lesson learned
The rules were bent
Time stopped.
           And then returned.
I'm trying to create a new type of rhyme here, which I'm calling Sprung Rhyme - hence the title. The idea is to create a strong expectation of a rhyme, which doesn't come, so the reader should hear the obvious rhyme, which is unsaid, freeing the writer to write something that doesn't rhyme but feels like it does. I'm not sure about the best format for it. Whether it should be every line, or every other line for example. Please comment and let me know whether it worked in part or not at all. And I'd like to read any attempts anyone makes to do a similar thing. Thanks.
Dec 2011 · 2.4k
Daniel James Dec 2011
The cold brought the snow
And the snow brought the ice
And the frosty town dwellers
And chilled out urbanites
Thawed out a little
With a raise of the eyes
An exhaled expression
A neighbourly - Y'alright?

A young woman
In unfriendly red
Comes cluttering
And skidding
Around the bend
I look up -
She pushes past
On her way to the station
But I have the last laugh -
It's closed, I almost shout
There's not even a sign
But if she manages to make it on heels
She'll find out in good time
Things move slower in the cold
And with good reason.
Nov 2011 · 1.9k
Daniel James Nov 2011
You bought me some good presents.
Some lasting presents.
A lasting presence,
Now that you are gone.

You always remarked on the light
And now when I see sunlight,
I think of you.

You took me to the beach,
Now when I see the beach,
I think of you.

You bought me a coffee machine
And every morning as I get my hit
I think of you.

Winter scarves and hats
Are wooly thoughts of you.

Smoking out the window -
Naughty thoughts of you.

Trying not to smoke -
A thought for you.

Marmite on toast -
I think of you.

A pretty girl -
Some other you.

A naked girl -
I try not to, but...

I think of you
So much more
Now you are gone
And I'm not sure
If I will ever
Not think of you

There's only one thing
That could stop these thoughts -
To be with... you again.

Just you.

Nov 2011 · 1.6k
Father Time
Daniel James Nov 2011
I’m going to spend more time with my parents
I was watching my dad last night
He’s really ******* rigorous about
Not dealing with negative emotion
I was watching him
It’s almost a joke amongst my sisters
That he goes into a dark mood inside himself
I was watching him by the computer
Seeing him as an aged child
Rather than as someone
Who has always been an adult
His head dipped slightly
And you could see him slightly
Think – ugh – I’m going to die
And he blinked to himself a moment
And then he was like, “Okey dokey,
Time to deal with Easyjet check in.”

I’ve got to give up smoking
Just to make my mum happy.
Nov 2011 · 1.5k
The Turning
Daniel James Nov 2011
***** faced Medusa 
Turned both heart and soul to stone 
Medusa faced *****.
Oct 2011 · 1.2k
Like Love
Daniel James Oct 2011
I can feel a warmth
Around your belly
Meaning mineness.
Oct 2011 · 2.4k
Daniel James Oct 2011
I bathed in a billionaire's bath
And the bubbles were soft as currency.
Oct 2011 · 1.6k
The Birth of Meaning
Daniel James Oct 2011
I am a metaphor
Is a metaphor
Is a statement
Is the truth.
Oct 2011 · 1.3k
Daniel James Oct 2011
When did you become
Part of the mess I left
Around our room
With your bed
And the portrait mirror
Hung a foot too low?
Oct 2011 · 1.2k
Next Time
Daniel James Oct 2011
I told myself
it'd be all right
I'd pay it back
before you even noticed
it was gone
but I should have
known myself
I hate myself
My life's a mess
I'm overdrawn on friends
and can't dig myself out
of this hole called debt...

You gave me
all the tools I needed
To be free
And all I had to do was work
But I didn't /And I will

Next time.
Oct 2011 · 2.3k
Lazy days
Daniel James Oct 2011
I soon got tired of
Getting up at the crack of
Three or four in the afternoon.

After a while
A decade or two.
Oct 2011 · 2.4k
Daniel James Oct 2011
I am not / a Schizophrenic
Feeling myself / Like Someone Else
Today it / Is Writing
Must End  /My thoughts

I - A
am - ******
not - phrenic;
feeling - Like
self   - else
Today - is
it - writing
must - My
end - thoughts
Entirely - Entirely
Oct 2011 · 1.3k
Would you rather be...
Daniel James Oct 2011
Drunk as a fish
In a bowl

Bald as a cat
who has
fur but
No seriously i'm doing a survey for my little brother whose at school an he needs to no for his homework or something. i don't care anyway, but but can you just pls comment and tell me. Please cos i need to know. not for me tho, for my brother. otherwise hes gonna tell mum about the chicken baster, so please. thank you in adavnce. just one word - cat or fish. but pls everyone who reads this, just do it, please just, 'cat' or 'fish' and thas cool, thnks.
Oct 2011 · 1.3k
First Love
Daniel James Oct 2011
Like some old-fashioned
Miracle that still goes on -
You were my first love.
Oct 2011 · 2.2k
Black Hole
Daniel James Oct 2011
a Black Hole
Staring at me
And it's *******
me into where
our love
Oct 2011 · 1.6k
Sep 2011 · 1.1k
Daniel James Sep 2011
the breath
that butterflied
into a word phrase
that changed my life

give up being right

the stress
that lifted from
my shoulders of
the known world
and leapt for pleasure and delight!

give up being right
give up being right

like child
that woke
from sleep to
find that school
was just a dream
and it was not too late
never too late to

give up being right
give up being right
give up being right all the time
Sep 2011 · 3.6k
Hello Stranger
Daniel James Sep 2011
She said the word frustrated like she meant it:

Sexually frustrated, she clarified

Her hobby was going down on strangers

You could ask her anything, she wouldn't lie.

I'm guessing there's a reason why she told me

And everything was working down below

But somehow now she'd dropped her little hint bomb

I decided that I'd rather take it slow

Don't get me wrong, I've nothing against *******

Or *** with strangers in nice restaurants

Or buxom beauties who wear too much make-up

I just don't trust girls who know just what I want.
Sep 2011 · 1.8k
The Sum
Daniel James Sep 2011
To be just one thing
Is a travesty of time
And effort in the making.

Be everything!
Embrace those who do not understand
Play their games, but play yours too
Behind curtains and in sunlit squares
In nightclubs and in conversation

There's infinite again -
Running down its childlike street -

And likewise,
You must let your soul run free.
What joy is sinful?
Show me where that sin is
That animates your lust for life
With sweet beginnings.

There is one rule that you can trust:
Be the sum of everything you are.

Be happy
And free.

And each one of yourselves.
Sep 2011 · 1.5k
Daniel James Sep 2011
i like to see the way you
like to lay in your books,
the class that borrows you
and lets you take it home.

life moves like a chess queen,
                  i pray
to hold you too tight some days.

they are -
and their presence
that shakes the air
was thick

with a bass

thump with the

breakbeat bump

into the kind of other skyness,

then suddenly
I was surrounded by razors
shaving off one breath at a time
a loom and singing wood winds over and
Something broke my grasp, running away
from these bad memories.

the young morning wind asked me for my name today

I whispered it was a secret.
Sep 2011 · 2.0k
The sphere
Daniel James Sep 2011
like to keep my distance that kept us from chicory's moon-dark blue down in a swoon
and now, he said,
hear the narrow graves calling my questions with more questions you never wanted to
shine in his sphere.
But say
i hadnt meant it -
sulfur's tangy odor permeates the worm, canker, and the evenings;
go for it - a day is long
for the song unwritten score or a dream yet-to-be.
Sep 2011 · 1.2k
Daniel James Sep 2011
She painted my toe nails blue,
And said that they were magic now,
As long as the varnish stayed true,
Our love would be as blue and bright and never-ending
As when the sky stared at the sea
And forgot to blink.
Sep 2011 · 2.8k
Christmas Island
Daniel James Sep 2011
Regular Albert Whisker,
FE Squadron,
born 1939,
joined up at 18.

First time away from home and loving it, sir!

One day,
I’m just minding my own
at the airbase in Stranraer
when two officers appear
out of nowhere
and they ask
they ask if I’d fancy a long weekend?

Why not? I say.

Why not?

We’re staying at the Governor Clinton Hotel,
It's in New York.
Everything laid on.
Trip to Broadway and all.
Three whole days of paradise
All on the MOD.

Oh Gor Blimey!
What a sight when we stepped off the flight
onto Christmas Island for the first time.
Crushed white coral dust.

Like nothing I’d ever seen.

Our job is mainly to just do our job
which is mainly just military driving.
Land-rovers, lorries, tankers and that.
And avoiding the island ***** -
three times a day, they'd all crawl up the beach -
but they didn’t pay us for that.

Someone showed me their diary today
and it had a letter ‘H’ under today’s date.
So I’m working on the beach
when the tannoi sounds:

“Sit down and cover your eyes.
Testing will begin in five, four…”

And there was light.
A flash right through your skin and hands.
The biggest bang I’ve ever heard.
A flash.
Through your skin and bones and hands.
The biggest bang I’ve ever heard in all my life.

Then it was over.

Nothing much changed.

Except the mushroom cloud was there for quite a time.
And the Canberra bombers, the white ones, they flew through the cloud like little spores.

Then one day they just said “You’re done”
and we queued up to fly home to England.

Saw the new ones, the ‘moonies’, getting off the plane.
Sad to leave I was, yeah.
It was a good posting.
And nice weather, never rained,
Not rain at any rate.

Then, not long after, I was sent home for good.
They said I’d caught a cancer off a someone and
for me own good
I had to be discharged.

Sad really.

It was a good posting.
This is Albert Whisker's story. He was involved in Britain's first nuclear weapons testing programme on Christmas Island. To see an animation I was involved in scripting, see
Sep 2011 · 1.0k
Walk Home
Daniel James Sep 2011
And I am left with nothing
but empty streets
to guide me home
from your world
to mine

It starts to drizzle and I wonder
if the same cloud
hangs over you

These lights
street lights
illuminating nothing
but a hope for something greater
to swallow us both whole

Because there is
something comforting
in having two homes
something comforting
in surrendering control
to a shallow greater purpose
a god I can relate to
other than here
to store up my self
Sep 2011 · 1.5k
Message for JP
Daniel James Sep 2011
Poetry un-messes messes
Poetry de-stresses stresses
Rhyme and reason suggestes guesses
But words' meanings' mean with messy message.
see "Mess." for the message that started this mess.
Sep 2011 · 2.0k
Daniel James Sep 2011
A mess.
Squeeze past the bed
Drawers reluctant
A suitcase on the floor
Coming or going?
Not sure.

It’s a mess.
Perhaps if I clear it up?
But to clear the clothes off the floor
I’d have to open up those drawers
Reluctant to.
Where’s the hoover?
I found the vacuum.

Life’s a mess.
What with all that going on
Going on in the West
With the banks
And the robbers
They should sort their act out
Make some efficiencies
It’s just
Oh it makes me want to

My life’s a mess.
Life’s a mess.
My life?
A mess?
It’s a mess.
It’s life.
Just can’t be
To get a
On it.

1. Is it my life?
2. Is it a mess?
3. If it is my life and it is a mess, does it follow that my life's a mess?
Daniel James Sep 2011
Urban lives, controlled by traffic lights
Queues form round corners
According to imaginary lines
There’ll be gridlock on the internet tonight
So avoid the information part of the highway
(Junctions nought to one)
If at all possible.
And now for the weather sponsored by
Hello Poetry.
Sep 2011 · 21.1k
Nervous Neil
Daniel James Sep 2011
Neil was a nervous boy
Who no one ever noticed
He often knew the answer
But he very rarely spoke it.

He had an older brother, Jim,
Who was big and tall and strong.
He never said a word to Neil
Except – Eargh - “WRONG!”

So Neil took to playing
His own game of hide and seek
How long could he be silent for?
His record was a week.

“Wakey, wakey Neil!”
Said his dad one night at dinner.
“You had a quiz at school today –
I asked who was the winner?”

But just as Neil’s words
Were forming into song,
His brother flicked a pea at him
And said – Eargh – “WRONG!”

All his family laughed at him
But rather than go red,
Neil bit his fingernails
And disappeared upstairs.

He stayed up all night in his room
Plotting his revenge,
Still fiddling with his fingers
Till he’d bitten off the ends.

Morning came – he did not stop
He plotted and he fiddled.
He did not even notice that
His knuckles had been nibbled.

Back at school it carried on
Pinky – Ring – Index – Pointy – Thumb…
It wasn’t till the lunch bell rung
He noticed his two hands were – none!

“How embarrassing!” He sobbed,
“I ate my hands!” But did he stop?
“I can’t go back to class like this
Everyone will take the ****.”

Nails, fingers, knuckles, wrists
Then funny bones and both armpits
Head, shoulders, knees and toes –
That’s how nervous nibbling goes.

By the end of double biology
Neil was half the boy he used to be
And by the time he’d got back home
He was no more than a mouth and a nose.

“Neil’s quite quiet tonight,”
Said Neil’s dad, “Think he’s all right?”
“Oh he’ll be fine,” Said Neil’s mum,
“Probably just lots of homework on.”

That night, Neil’s mouth and nose
Packed a toothbrush and some clothes
And stepped out on to the moonlit road
Their plan: to run away from home.

They wandered round the town all night
And saw a hundred unseen sights
They saw the things most people miss
The shadows of unhappiness.

Till round a corner he found a group
Of kind old ladies making soup
“Oh dear, my dear, what’s up with you?
Has someone been ignoring you?”

Now Neil’s nose was so surprised
He stood there, mouth open wide -
One lady took this as her cue
And poured in some tomato soup.

“There you go dear, see – much better!
Your neck and belly back together.
Now be a dear and lend a hand –
This piece of bread’s for that old man.”

Though Neil was less than a head
He did his best and took the bread
And when the man said “Thank you friend.”
Neil’s face lit up again.

So Neil worked the whole night through
Making, stirring, pouring soup.
“My dear, why don’t you sit down now as
You’ve been on your feet for hours.”

And sure enough, below his head
Were shoulders knees and toes
“Oh!” Said Neil, “Hello, hello…
I missed you lot, where did you go?”

His foot said, “I was in your mouth.”
His knees – “We knocked each other out.”
His gut - "All eaten up with doubt.”
Till his whole being began to shout.

"WE are Neil! Stand up for us!
Or others will just miss us all -
And the boy in each of us
Who eats himself invisible."

So, next morning, back at home,
Neil put on his brightest clothes
And in his loudest voice he spoke
Of that long night that he left home.

And no one interrupted him –
Not mum, not dad, not even Jim,
And when he’d told of the whole night
Jim turned to him and said… “Oh. Awright.”
Sep 2011 · 1.7k
Daniel James Sep 2011
The lines have been jammed
Very difficult today
Horrific violence from the voices
That are coming out

The brave people going out to protest
Randomly shot in the street
By snipers in buildings
And planes from above

They have no choice now
But to continue
I think the Libyan people
Now have nothing to lose

They are willing to die
To get rid of a repressive brutal regime
And also you should apologise
It's fine to say you made a mistake
But he obviously doesn't believe
They made a mistake
You welcomed him in
You made him respectable
And sold him the weapons
He's using on his people.
You made a mistake
Say that you made a mistake.

- He doesn't believe that he made a mistake.
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