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Would JAH be proud?
This kush is hella loud.

Is JAH smiling down?
Or does he look with a frown?

For I have been told
by boss men of old

**That I had smoked the lettuce of the devil.
Commentary about how the govt perceives **** laws n ****.
I found a lighter in an old winter coat
and remembered that it belonged to you
I spun the flint and saw the spark we shared
the flame died like our love.

We sparked blunts together
We spent months together
Our love was to be forever
Or so we thought

We smoked some reef
But then we had beef
And we just had to be apart

Oh reggae love, I miss you so
But our ending was all she wrote
Maybe I'll find some other ***
And find her lighter in my coat
The circle of life and love. ******* come and go, real reggae crews stick together.
On the fifth day of Reggae Christmas
My boombastic love gave to me:
5 smokin' spliffs
4 grams of purple
3 beautiful bowls
2 boombastic bongs
and a brand new marijuana tree.
The 25 Days of Reggae Christmas
I was out wit me doopas.
I was wailin' on a massive blunt.
Feet up, eased up, havin' a blem time.
All of a sudd'n, de fuzz comes out front.

There's nowhere to hide.
Gotta rid the scene of me stuff.
Look back and de fuzz ain't der.
Decide to take one last puff.

De sirens start shriekin'
Dey're almost here, no where to go.
Do I stick me sliff in de ground?
I stuff it up me nose.

Sense of smell is lost from de heat.
Feels like a fresh poptart was squeezed in me snout.
De burning tingles, very bad, very bad.
About to cry when de cops see me, no time to shout.

He walks a little closer, I cringe.
An island bwai wouldn't last in prison
For de love of Zion, don't get caught.
Finally we're face-to-face, I start ******'

De man looks down at de pool of ****
He asks, "that's the hiding spot you chose?"
He rips da spliff rite outta me snout.
Dat's why you never stuff it up ya nose.
Don't worry, dis didn't 'appen. It's just a joke you nutty kids.
On the third day of Reggae Christmas
My boombastic love gave to me:
3 beautiful bowls
2 boombastic bongs
and a brand new marijuana tree.
The 25 Days of Reggae Christmas
A 911 call at a trap house.
A cop finds a dead dude with a broken face and a satchel of ****.
When his detective buddy says "ey whats the cause of death?"
He picks up the **** and goes "Blunt force trauma."
His partner looks at him like "srsly?"
He just laughs.
hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha laughed sooooo hard when I wrote this.
I am a comedian or something?

10 words that describe da world.
Empty theatre, no sound.
Spotlight on Marley.
Smoke rises to da ceiling.
The room fills witta rasta feelin'

Dis is no baldhead.
Dis is Marley, the great.
Dreads as soft as silk.
Riffs creamy like milk.

I wanna watch fo' de rest of me life.
Face 'gainst guitar as he wails.
He paints da skies wit his sound.
Catches me wit a reggae trap, I'm bound.

Feels like just yesterday.
He was on dis Earth.
I feel his watch, from above.
Flying tru da sky, like a reggae dove.

Sun Is Shining
Forever Loving Jah
Get up, Stand up
Stir It Up
Redemption Song

He wanted what he all did... One love... Just one...

**Plus, massive bluntz
We miss you very much. Spread the Love. Spread the kush.
Rollin fat kush ****
Red lights on zig zags
****** haze got me high

Puff puff and pass it
Spark it and blast it
****** haze free my mind
Short but sweet, I really liked writing this.
*Changed the title, had a better plan for it
Chains on my heart, squeezing
Chains on my legs, chaffing
Chains on my mind, breaking
Chains on my soul, crushing

Babylon is my prison
Shared with my reggae crew
The keepers all bald
My visitor: you

My poems bring freedom and fat reggae beats
A ***** island boy, I walk these streets
On my street, I see baldheads: curse those neats!
They can pay big rent, mines late 2 weeks

I get home and water my tall herb bush
Its heavenly branches provide me with kush
I pack up the bowl, sip smoke from the chalice
I feel close to  JAH  he erases my malice

My chains are broken, dust in the breeze
The only way to stay free, smoke more trees
My liberated spirit rises up as I cry
United with JAH we Touch the Sky
My spiritual journey.
Deepest and most humble gratitude to all my reggae writing friends.
They bring joy and light to my mind
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