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Blunt Blastah Mastah
Livin on the Zion streets    Just a reggae boy down on his luck. I was lost until I found myself in JAH. Join me on my journey to enlightenment through ...
Moist Man
Trinidad, Mexico    My passion for poetry is like an eager young grasshopper, ready to spring into the world.
The Cry Of a Jar of Jelly
SeaLand    If the world was a jar of jelly, I would be bread, soaked in water and beaten with a burlap sack filled with beans.
iraq    haul dead pig carouses of the finest quality and and potassium by day, love reggae by night
Jamaica, ON    Reggae is like a river. It flows forever, then evaporates into the heavens.
Jamaica Mon    I'm just a reefer lightin' island boi, trying to find his way in life. Live on mi bradaas.
Raggae tonic
Raggae town    Unlike me fada and he fada befo him, I am not jus a boy of da reggae ocean, I am a poet
Reggae Mon Offishal
The Reggae Jungle    Deep in da heart of da reggae jungle the reggae mon begins to rumble... the jungle my home poems my art the keyboard my canvas ...

— The End —