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It happened so quickly, one slip and fall.
Careening through the air i see can see my demise.
I met my watery grave as I heard Death's call.
Ruined and worthless, I say my goodbyes.
I get thrown away soggy and dead,
and I welcome my fate, forever soggy, wet bread.
Note to self: Don't wet your bread.
i needed her
                                                                ­             so i bought her...

she was so beautiful, so moist
                                                ­                             but i ground her up...

if the police found her i be thrown in jail
                                                                ­             so i rolled her up...

but i loved her a i couldnt leave her like that
                                                                ­             so i burned her...

how could i let the smoke of her go to waste
                                               ­                              so i inhaled...

i loved her so much
                                                                ­             my *****...
she was da best ***** i evar smoked... may she rest in smoke

— The End —