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 Sep 14 Z
 Sep 14 Z
Emotions are like
a piece of paper.
After you hurt someone,
like when you crinkle
a piece of paper,
even when you apologize
they still have marks.
Words never leave someone,
no matter how much you try
to fix what you did.
Never hurt someone else
because they'll never fully recover.
Always be kind💜
 Sep 3 Z
Today is tomorrow's yesterday
Today is yesterday's tomorrow
My half life in past and in future
I don't know much about today,
the very same day,
what about now.
Different versions of today.
 Sep 3 Z
 Sep 3 Z
Every darkness ends to a light,
whether the darkness
is visible to the eyes or not;
 Sep 3 Z
 Sep 3 Z
to me
is the constant feeling
of losing something
I don't even
 Sep 3 Z
 Sep 3 Z
I never told a lie to you
that I love you
I told a lie to myself
that you love me..
 Sep 3 Z
your words..
 Sep 3 Z
your words are keepsafe
they are for me
and they are beautiful to me
your words are as beautiful as stars that shine brightly
and as beauty as sunset
you words remind me recollection
I appreciate that
I value them, make me calm down
I framed them
and put on my mind's shelf
every day I read them
your words are like the water and quench my thirsty
your words are memento..
 Aug 12 Z
 Aug 12 Z
I cry
Just remember
That is not common

You gave me a reason

Love me for me
Not what you
Want me to be

Before i stop crying
Emotional support is what we need in any kind of relationship
 Aug 12 Z
Anastasia Red
 Aug 12 Z
Anastasia Red
If everything will come to an end
My past self will come back
I dont want it to happen
But its happening
I dont want to be colder
I dont want to be a numb
Please help me. Save me
Make me stay
 Aug 12 Z
The hardest thing I’ve ever had to do?

It wasn’t letting you go.

That was difficult though, to swallow my pride and wear a smile to hide the fact I’m not okay.

Oh no, the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do? Was finally admit to myself the truth.

It was admitting that you were never mine to begin with.
 Jul 26 Z
na ikaw ang inuna kahit ako ang iyong huli.
sinta, maaari bang masimulan nating muli?
parang tangang ikaw ang pinili
hinayaang makulong sa iyong tali

lahat ng aking alinlangan ay isinantabi
pinagkatiwala ang buong sarili
akala ko'y hindi ako nagkamali
ngunit nagsabi ka ng "sandali,"

"sandali, hindi ako lilisan
ngunit sandali, ako pala'y nalilito minsan
sandali. makinig ka muna. sandali lang.
hindi yata kita napupusuan."

hindi mo naman kasalanan
na ang sakit ay hindi man lang maibsan
hindi mo naman kasalanan
na madali akong palitan

hindi mo naman kasalanan
na hindi ako ang nakatuluyan
hinding-hindi mo rin kasalanan
na hindi ako kawalan

hindi mo kasalanan, mahal
na ang boses ko'y garalgal
at kapag ako'y hinihingal
kapag sinisigaw ang aking pagmamahal

at paghihintayin pa kita ng matagal
pahihintulutan kang maging pagal
ang usad sa akin ay laging mabagal
kaya hinding-hindi ka susugal

hindi mo kasalanan
ang aking mga kasalanan.
kaya't ako'y iyo nang iwan
sa sarili **** tahanan.
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