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Anastasia Red Jun 2021
Looking back the time
When you are mine
And I am yours too
All the problems that we've been through
I know for sure that you are the one
The one that I will marry
The one that I wanna grow old with
But then suddenly
All of those are just kept as memories
'Cause we are not together now
Deeply been hurt again and again but still chooses you over every man I met. That is how much I love you.
Anastasia Red Apr 2021
In this time of crisis
Everyone made it all a business
The free help from the community
Politicians also made an entry

Blaming and bashing everywhere
Treating everyone is not totally fair
Its not the covid that scary right now
It's the people advantaging the situation
Like it's some kind of business to negotiate
Anastasia Red Mar 2021
I wanted to be mad
But I can't
It's not madness that I  get
It's all pain
Anastasia Red Mar 2021
Here I am again
Thinking of you
Don't understand what I'm feeling
Just end up being hurt

It's not easy to forget
Cause you've been always my special guest
There's no more memories for us
Our story just ended up
Anastasia Red Mar 2021
As I got to touched you once again
Along with my tears that burst like rain
As I kiss those lips of yours
I know this for sure
That you are not mine anymore

Still thankful of your presence
Even if its just a quick moment
Those hugs of yours that I miss
Together with a goodbye kiss
All about us is game over
Loving a person is easy but forgetting is the hardest part. I wish I never been inlove.
Anastasia Red Feb 2021
Right now, this is all I can do
Missing all the things with you
Letting the time pass by
Like a bubble disappeared in the blue sky
Anastasia Red Jan 2021
What comes after a rain?
It's a beautiful rainbow, right?
But what comes after all this pain?
Happines or just sadness that serves me right

I don't know where to start again
This feelings inside me are making me insane
Should I go through all this pain?
While still waiting you in the vain?
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