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ketashia Sep 9
I look back at my poetry
The ones about sunshine
And fresh breezes
To remind myself
That at some point
I was truly happy
ketashia Sep 9
My voice seems
Among the chorus
Because no one can hear just one voice
My voice
When everyone is screaming too
  Sep 8 ketashia
Let me build a magical world
Out of that madness of yours.
If you can just let me.
ketashia Sep 8
I used to long independence and responsibly
I wanted to be an adult and go to college and do what I wanted
Now I long freedom
I long the carefree idiocy
The childhood that was like one long daydream
I guess I just never realized
The two were mutually exclusive
ketashia Jun 8
Never work at McDonald's
Or you'll come home every night smelling of grease
Never work at McDonald's
Or you'll fall in love with your manager
The one with 3 kids and a wife
Never work at McDonald's
Or you'll get yelled at for things out of your control
Never work at McDonald's
Unless you are ready to put you job above your education
Never work at McDonald's
Just dont
I'm ranting sorrryyyyy
ketashia Jun 7
There's are things
Things not even the smartest man can explain
Things that you'd have to see to believe
Things that go against every law of nature is humans have laid down
These things are indeed
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