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 Apr 2017
Leia R
i want to share everything
that i am with you
from the love that i give
to the taste of my mouth
i want my love to consume us both
 Nov 2016
Leia R
i try to tell myself that i'll be okay
but i know that i'll never be okay
if i never get to be with you

i wrote this just for you. too bad you'll never see it
 Nov 2016
Leia R
she is a universe
undiscovered and pure
with lips the colour of a champagne supernova
and eyes like shooting stars

 Nov 2016
Leia R
i'm no good at being myself but i'm even worse at being without you

 May 2016
i usually make jokes at myself
because to some people
celibacy is funny
and what better way to cover up insecurity
yes i could have *** i guess
but i'm stuck in a comfortable place
where i've put it just out of reach
and i haven't allowed my muscles to stretch
yes i could have *** i guess
girls and boys alike have expressed interest
but whenever i get close
i plan a carefully elusive escape
a "coincidental" blockade
i may have put it there myself
but forgive me for being picky
not everyone has the skill of hurling themselves
please, don't call me a tease
i just have to sniff around before i know what i want
and usually, i've discovered
i don't
there's much more to this than this poem's worth
 Sep 2014
Turquoise Mist
You can't hold her
When you grip tight
She will
Like sand
Falling through the tiny cracks
In between each finger
You can try
But every time
Your hand will end up
White knuckles
Snatching up
The air
Nothing else
For she
Holds herself together
Pieces of string
Globs of glue
Strips of duct tape
Hastily slapped on
Her two hands
Pull and
Cover and
Push away

There is no room
 Jul 2014
his body fits so well on top of mine.

his shoulders are freckled blades of beauty.
the muscles in his arms move and stretch as he reaches down to stroke my face.
his back is a smooth slate of speckled marble,
carved carefully.

I look up into his eyes.

they're oceans flooding my mind.
they drown my soul in wonder.
the oceans roll back into his head
as he leans down onto my body.
he breathes warm, sweet air onto my neck.

it's finished.
he pauses.

at that moment, we are a complete puzzle, because his body fits so well on top of mine.
I love you.
 Jul 2014
rained-on parade
You fell in love with me.

I just hope you jumped.
Not slipped.
 Jun 2014
Megan Grace
If you're reading this
if you're   seeing this
if you're hearing this
just  know   that  this
is  about that   t i m e
(the        last        time)
you grabbed my face
with  both   hands  in
the    stockroom   and
kissed me.  Just know
that t h i s is about the
first night  I fell asleep
in  that bed with your
nose pressed  into my
n e c k       and  how  I
haven't    slept    since.
Just    k n o w    this  is
about how the curve of
your     bottom    lip    is
imprinted   in  the   back
of my dreams on the rare
nights  that  I  do,   about
how  I  like to   r u n   my
fingers  on  my    forearm
because if I     f l e x     it a
certain way it feels a little
like    yours.    Just   know
that this is about the parts
of me I let   you  have and
how I don't   w a n t  them
back,  about  how  I  really
have been  trying to move
on but it's  g o t t e n     me
nowhere  except  dead end
roads or  t r a i l s  that stop
with  me  not  being able to
sleep in my   bed   anymore
because  I  shared  it     with
someone  who  wasn't  you.
This is about how I am still
in    love    with   you,   will
always be in love with you,
cannot  figure   out  how  to
stop being in love with you.
If     you're      reading    this
if   you're   s e e i n g       this
if     you're       hearing    this
I  miss  you.  C o m e    back.
 Jun 2014
I can only imagine your body on mine.
Our heat in that stuffy apartment.
You're perfect.
I'm an amateur.
You make it so easy..

My daydreams are getting out of control... Forgive me.
 Jun 2014
maybe at that time,
we were nothing
but lost stars.
something's wrong with me.
 Jun 2014
I want to like someone so much,

That I could draw them from memory.

I want to adore someone so much,
I want to love someone so much,

*That I could pinpoint their profile in the stars.
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