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your behavior is ******, she writes to him,
you're a boar, without a cure,

my good ant Anna often asks me,
how the hail i except you,

she says you belong to that banned of men
that effect a woman's life badly

she also suspects you of elicit affairs
goes on to ad you are to me not fare
and we too don't make a good pare

its about time we go our own weigh
since we don't feet each other at all.

i'm sorry though
i had to pain you this heartful later

but bitter swoon than letter.

p.s. thank god i mate the man who scares and laughs me more than you.
 Jul 2015
Musfiq us shaleheen
One day you were waiting
your soul singing,
behind an open window,
in front of a large meadow

For the days long
there you made a love song
that blew me so long
grew our love so strong

where never seen any sad,
even days were not at all bad

If I did a little late
that I never forget,
sometimes you made a huff
but between us there was no gap

O, the days have gone
If I do not make any wrong
yet the little robin sings the spring's song,
which I bought through my lifelong

But your silhouette,
doesn't go a little far off yet

With a mystic fate
there a pair of pigeons set
yet trying to mate
just before the last breath
@Musfiq us shaleheen
 Jun 2015
Danielle Favorite
I whispered your name into the inner
twisting curl of a conch shell, hoping
an echo from saltier waves would carry
it through shadow-rimmed currents until it
flowed softly along the shore, like my breath
settling across your neck
 Feb 2015
in the coming months the frost will pass
leaving green blades visible and new formed dirt paths
daisies and orchids will rise beneath heaven's light
but you, the wallflower, will wilt like its still winter, crippled in dismal fright
the fear of remaining alone
the fear of not knowing when you will become like the proud flowers that stand vibrant and grown
but as spring turns to summer and the clouds disappear
the wind will pick up, and send another wallflower's pedals through the air
so poor wallflower, do not fret
your roots have the strength of 1000 roses
the kind of beauty that could be carved into statuette  
you will survive when there is no rain
because you understand loneliness and unprecedented pain
so stay calm, oh wavering friend
water will still seep through your timid veins
and your brilliance will shine, even if its tangled in your inhibited chains
Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed!
 Feb 2015
martin challis
Neither this nor that
A perfect in-between

Spirit breath
Cosmic stance

The compression of a universe
Into one indivisible point

An expansion of a universe
into all points

A noun for oneness
Unanimous stillness

The experience
Of now

MChallis © 2015
A rework for review
 Dec 2014

Within the raindrops calling,
to believe this message true
Now drenching from the skies above,
my every dream of you

To carry me along my way,
wherever I may go
Clouds may gather overhead,
still I love you so

The sun has gone to hiding,
I stand here unafraid
For love shall paint this dreary view
and bring it back today

No matter what the weather
I dance among the rain
As hours turn to minutes,
to hold you close again

I splash amongst the puddles
which form along the street
I swim in the affection of
this love you send to me

Now shouting to the heavens
between the drops above
Bring upon me what you will
for I have found her love

Lightning bolts nor thunder
shall my heart deter
Living for each moment
I now spend with her

So bring your scattered showers,
your wind so laced with chill
For her love lives within my heart
and it forever will
 Nov 2014
Amitav Radiance
Our eyes see the surface
mesmerized by the gleam  
Whereas the story unfolds
under the surface
Patience will help traverse
the path between
In her steamy neglected darkness, a passion buried in her bottomless pit
to have what others have, with life being the paradox of the soul
he has forsaken her, and the God given right to live with the temptation
to love. She lost her soul when his words fell to earth with no name to be named.
A walk down the lonely path for one, as she wants to escape her life.
She walks under the stars pulling her veil over her head, trying to grasp hold of a vehement hunger and to give her yearning as he bashed her with words of hate, devious that she has no discerning.
With the lowest of whispers, she cried why, why, why???
She dreams of hope in this strange new world, of a promise he had made unto her, remembering the lies, the promise of love and adventure and promises of a life together when he gave her nothing but abuse..
As the hours, months and years went by, she quit trying and realized she didn't want to die.
So she ran....
Ran with fear.....

Debbie Brooks 2014
Dedicated to all the women out there that are fearful for their lives.
 Oct 2014
Petal pie
It fascinates to ponder on
what lights a person's spark
What invokes an individual
To create a work of art
Would a sunrise inspire
poetic masterpiece
Or a mere brain ****?

Would the changing seasons
Bring writers blocks and wrongs
Or the falling leaf in the equinox
Make you wanna write songs?

To some a leaping cute spring lamb
Might give poetic joy in its wake
For others they forsee its beauty
On a top notch dining plate!
 Sep 2014
Frustrated Poet
Man and woman, though different
Are equal in the eyes of God.
inexplicable though true but still
Unacceptable for some perhaps

Man is the highest of all creations
Woman is the most sublime of all Ideals.
God made for a man a throne,
for a woman an altar.
the throne exalts,
The altar sanctifies.

Man is the brain.
woman is the heart.
The brain fabricates light while
The heart produces love.
light fecunds,
Love resuscitates.

Man is the code.
Woman is the gospel.
The code corrects
As the gospel perfects.

Man is the genius while
Woman is the angel.
The genius is undefinable
And the angel is immeasurable.

Man is strong in reason
but woman is invincible in her tears.
Reason convinces the most stubborn
Just as tears soften the hardest of mortals.

Man is the ocean
And the woman is the lake.
The ocean has it's pearls that adorn;
The lake has its poems that dazzle.

**Man stands where the earth ends;
And woman where heaven begins.
This was made by my mom when she was in college. She asked me to post this. Im so proud. Love you mama! ❤
 Aug 2014
I looked inside her head
Thought I'd see carousels, glitter *****
Unicorns juggling golden orbs
Glinting diamonds, chandeliered halls

But there was only sawdust, bits of straw
Knotted string, plasticene and beetles wings

Expectation is a foolish thing
 Aug 2014
Amitav Radiance
It was an aimless saunter
Among the twilight phase
Calm crepuscular hours
Light and dark playing
Readying for the night
And here I am amidst all
Aimless saunter towards the horizon
 Aug 2014

Feel the collapse of the long winded losers
Drained of the passion your smirk stood to steal
Chained in a prison of little use answers
Merely a rock or a hammer reveal

Damp now the floor on the footprints of acid
Claiming a prize in the soil below
Putrid decisions are spit forth as matter
Nothing so big that your eyes wouldn’t know

Echoes of pain ring the doorway with shadows
Sad this existence of life over death
Tearing my skin with your nails painted ruby
Pushing the edge of my last smoke filled breath

Mocking the screams as the blade enters slowly
One of the many you wear on your belt
Kiss me goodbye so my taste may remember
Every incision my heart it has felt
I was introduced to a Jill Tracy song by a friend, "Haunted by the thought of you" and it inspired this poem. Not so much the lyrics but the feeling the melody presented to my mind.
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