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Change your way of thinking
Just be happy
Choose to think happy thoughts
Take care of yourself

It's not so easy
I can't will myself into a better life
I don't choose to relive these nightmares
The darkness is a vortex of never ending pain

Don't be so negative
Do things that make you happy
Don't re-traumatize yourself
Find comfort in friends

I can't find happiness
I see things through a permanent lens
My inability to trust
And my self-hatred; I despise all the lies

Trust in people
Let yourself heal
Take things one step at a time
Things will get better

I've been hurt too many times
There is no healing; there is no way out
How many more years of suffering
Until I can prove to you it will never get better?

You don't listen
I'm tired of trying to help
You will forever be alone with your pain
You're a joke
A remnant of a marriage
Bound for devastation
You are just a *******
A waste of rotting flesh
Never meant to see the light of day
You will never live
You will never be a part of my family
You're dead to me
Long lost in this horrid monstrosity
You'll never see my children
They'll never know your love
For you are nothing to me
Just a joke
An overly emotional brat
Manipulating people into believing your "pain"
You'll never know what I had to go through
To get away from you
Don't blame me for your misery
Of missing me
You've known all along
I've hated you and still do
I asked her why she abandoned me, and this is what she told me after ignoring me for years, and for no reason other than living with my mom
When you try so hard
To get it right
To appease what they want
And not start a fight

But you can't go on
Or let things go
Because you care too much
And you feel so low

What can you do?
Listen and take it all in?
Or cry it all out
And commit your sin?
Still cries
Whispers of misfortune
"It'll be okay"
He promises so lovingly
"What's mine...
Will always be yours"
I don't want...
To be like this...
I just want to have equality
We're the same aren't we?
Why am I treated less?
I want to be you
Not this... brokenhearted
He kisses me gently
And warms my hands
"I give you
All that I have
Because nothing in this world
Means anything to me
Compared to your smile"
I go out and try to say
Just one little thing
But you turn your face and hide your eyes
Because you don't want me
I ask you one more question
But you shun me
And that's when all things die
Because you think I'm unworthy

Why do I even try
To make a single person smile
I am just "cruel and selfish"
Sorry I don't make that way
You believe every lie
That demon tells you I despise
All your cries because your mother died
I understand why
But whispers in your ear
Tells you I'm your end
I'm sorry, but I'm not

Please get out of my face
You're not the one I want
Please end your illful ways
You're not the one who's right
All you hear are dark white little lies
But they tear, bit by bit
And cascade through your mind

Please go away
Please don't betray
I don't want it this way
All I wanted was to be there for you
You believe I'd be happier without that demon
I must agree, but not to your face
Because you would be better and happier
Without that demon in your face
Leave him alone.

I guess the only way
To protect the innocence that remains
Is to hide behind a wall of despair
And keep it locked away
Listen here little one
Nothing bad will ever come
For I am here
And I do not fear
There is no need to run

I know you are afraid
You may think that they'd
Take away your rights
And you'll die in all the fights
But what they do will be undone

This isn't a war
They do indeed implore
Equality and protection
Has turned into defection
Bite the hand that feeds one

Things at last will settle down
Or fear we all drown
We must trust in one another
We are all sister and brother
Let's hope our country is not overrun
There is nothing I can compare
His radiant gaze... looking up at me
There is nothing more pure
The warmth, his touch, our happiness combined
What can I make of this?
I don't want to be anywhere
Except in his arms
Not a day goes by
Without wishing I were with him
Lost and presumed dead...
Perhaps in Heaven, I'll see him again
I'm blessed to see his smiles live on
Our daughter, Ophelia
The same eyes, the same smile
I love her all the more
This is not what I meant to give you
This is not what I thought we'd be
When I laid in bed
I would dream of us
Among the stars
With your soft kindred spirit
Dancing with mine
I've always wanted
Just to be your only one
I want your innocence
You soft lips
I want to be with you
Beyond the stars
You are my only love
My sweet redeemer
I'm so sorry
My love
I have made you horribly sick
Please don't leave me
I know it can get better
Please, feel my heart beat
Let it beat for you
My love
It's been long time
Long ways
But I'm happy
To see your face
Oh how I've dreamed
Your hand against my
Ever beating heart
Breathing, breathing
I want to feel your heart beat
I want to be with you
I want to hold your hand
I want to breathe in
Your every loving breath
There is no one
No one
Who could ever be like you
I don't want
A world
Without you
To my husband
My eyesight has betrayed me
Shown me visions of darkness
I have only hoped
But lost joy made me heartless
A waking thought
Of beauty and happiness
Has only left me
Feeling sorriness
Inspired by Edgar Allen Poe
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