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Katie Oct 2014
got that ****** itch
can be quite a *****
unwashed hair
just don't care
I gotz mad rhymes
just call me KT rhymes
Katie Oct 2014
I like
warm hugs and authentic smiles. passionate people
and not looking through files
I like how that rhymed^
I also wanted to end this poem
before I turn it into an obnoxious cliche
files rhymez poem turtles lamp warm hugs authentic purple
Katie Oct 2014
don't mind spending my saturday nights in solitude
gives me this sense of gratitude
just knowing my own company is plentitude
feeling proud of my renewed *attitude
Katie Sep 2014
it's been a circus blur
a whirlwind of uncertainty
smothers me with unfamiliarity
vintage friends have become foreign territory
been burning incense for some clarity
just hoping to find a little prosperity
  Sep 2014 Katie
Xander King
I don't believe in love at first sight,
I believe in lust a first sight.
You cant see my soul in a passing glance.
Midnight thoughts.
  Sep 2014 Katie
Joe Cole
I saw the old man circling the tree trunk
Weather beaten skin, bent gnarled hands
and piercing blue eyes

He seemed to study every knot and crack
in that ancient timber

Then without a word turned and picked up hammer and chisel

The wood chips then began to fly and like confetti on the ground lie soon in heaps some ankle high

Occasionally he would stand back and look but never once a rest he took

Mallet strokes both hard and soft some from under some aloft fell there with unerring skill always busy never still

Long into the night he worked now by the light of an oil lamp and so the tree stump 'neath his hand then became a work of art

At long last he stood and turned to me and said three words " that'll do lad"

I approached to see just what he'd done and there I saw the perfect rose every petal and leaf in place the slender stems in the breeze did sway

With no plan or picture he had made the start
And created the perfect work of art.

So what is creativity? Well that's your next challenge.

No love poems because they've been done a million times. This time something unique
I decided to repost this after reading it, was going to change a few things but decided that its fine as it is
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