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Katie Apr 2015
nippy noodles
ice cold
tall glass of water
Katie Jan 2015
All I seem to preach lately is..
and positivity and good vibes and kind words and laughter
so why doesn't that show in anything I write?
Katie Sep 2014
This poem might ****.
from the bottom of my heart.
I got excited when I realized this was ten words  (10 W) so technically I'm a poet right since that's like a thing.
Katie Jan 2015
I think we need to **** up in order to grow.
maybe even on a daily basis.
do I sound like a cynic now?
Katie Sep 2014
I miss getting way too ******
in chefs corner
and i miss giving way too many ***** about school spirit
hey remember when you shouted "HORSE RADISH SAUCE" in chefs corner for no reason.
Katie Sep 2014
I wanna
mind ****
the ****
out of
your mind
but where is MY mind?
Katie Apr 2015
where  I can say ****
without feeling Muck
and I can also eat greasy hotdogs
I can be covered in grease.. and nasty ****
and my boss...
is like...
hey, that's cool because you're here to ******* WORK
not to look good, or impress your suitemate
I don't know why I said suitemate.
that doesn't make sense.
who's a poet and doesn't know it?
this guuuurl
Katie Sep 2014
do not eat cold eggs.
you will not like it.
Katie Oct 2014
got that ****** itch
can be quite a *****
unwashed hair
just don't care
I gotz mad rhymes
just call me KT rhymes
Katie Jan 2015
Which feelings surpass other feelings
for being the feeling that feels the worst?
inexplicable sadness
is that even a feeling?
Daily goal: stop worrying about it.
seriously stop it
there isn't any point.
you have nothing to prove to anyone.
not even to yourself.
Katie Sep 2014
"I just can't even"
no you really ******* can
I pinky promise
that is is more than possible
for you to finish
your ******* sentence
and I can barely finish a poem
Katie Sep 2015
This poem is called I think oreos might be better then ***
Even though that's not what the titled said
smooth and crunchy
chewy too
grind your teeth back and forth
eat that oreo
munch munch munch
Katie Sep 2014
it's been a circus blur
a whirlwind of uncertainty
smothers me with unfamiliarity
vintage friends have become foreign territory
been burning incense for some clarity
just hoping to find a little prosperity
Katie Sep 2014
No, maybe we shouldn't
"just throw a couple pokes"
copper brained.
severely stoopid
#savages #drunk #idiots #******
Katie Jan 2015
"If I **** it up, it's cool. that's art."
~ matt nathanson
Katie Oct 2014
I like
warm hugs and authentic smiles. passionate people
and not looking through files
I like how that rhymed^
I also wanted to end this poem
before I turn it into an obnoxious cliche
files rhymez poem turtles lamp warm hugs authentic purple
Katie Oct 2014
don't mind spending my saturday nights in solitude
gives me this sense of gratitude
just knowing my own company is plentitude
feeling proud of my renewed *attitude
Katie Sep 2014
Wednesday is a ******* stupid word
stupid ******* wednesday
I've accidentally made another 10W

— The End —